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I followed my heart

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When people ask me, “Why did you move to Maui?” I place my hand on my heart and say, “I followed my heart and knew I would meet my soul mate here.” My HEART knew what I needed to grow and expand and to experience more love and joy in my life.

While my heart said yes, my head said, “How can you leave your children and grandchildren? You don’t have enough money. You can’t leave your beautiful home and move 5,000 miles away. Who would take care of you if you get sick?”

It was a battle for quite a while who and what I was going to listen to; my heart or my head. One day my heart said “yes” to moving to Maui and the next day, I was riddled with fear and apprehension.

After praying, meditating, discerning and journaling about it, I finally got the courage to say “yes” to my soul’s calling and I have never regretted it. It was one step at a time and God opened the doors as I stepped out in faith and moved forward. It was quite an adventure of letting go, surrendering, trusting and miracles.

I’m so grateful I listened to my heart, because the heart knows what’s best and is always right! The heart knows its true desires and what it wants and needs to be fulfilled. Following your heart is not for the faint of heart. It can be scary. Do you agree?

Can you remember a time when you followed your heart, rather than your head? What happened? Your head may have said things like: “You are crazy. You can’t do that. What are you thinking?”

I worked with a new coaching client this week who didn’t understand how important it was to listen to her heart. She was divorced, but had moved back in with her ex-husband for the past 4 years. She said, “I’m not happy and don’t want to be there, but I’m afraid of hurting him if I leave.” I encouraged her to journal about how she would be hurting herself if she stayed in a situation where she was miserable.

My client said, “I was speaking to my girlfriend about my situation that my head was saying one thing and my heart was saying another thing. I don’t know who I should listen to.”

She was surprised when I encouraged her to listen to her heart. It was clear what her heart wanted, but her mind was telling her the opposite. She didn’t understand that her heart was telling her the truth and that her intuition was guiding her what to do next for her highest good.

* When you follow your heart, you learn to trust your intuition.
* When you trust your intuition, you are more open to following your heart.
* When you follow your heart, you begin to love yourself.
* You start to believe that you are good enough and that everything that has happened to you, positive or negative, has made you the person you are today.
* When you are honest with yourself and willing to ask yourself, what is truly in your heart, you open yourself up to all kinds of possibilities and miracles.

Are you following your heart or are you stuck in fear and listening to your head? I invite you to go within and ask Spirit to help you follow your heart so you can live your purpose, be fulfilled and happy. It’s your birthright to be happy!

Listening to your heart and following Spirit

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Spirit said, “You must be willing and ready to change directions in your life, especially when you don’t know WHY.” Let me share what happened.

My best friend, Kati, invited me to her birthday party this week.  My pupu was prepared and I was ready to go.  All of a sudden, out of nowhere, I didn’t want to go and felt really uncomfortable about going. I prayed about it and asked Spirit for guidance.  It would be one thing if I didn’t feel good, but I felt fine. How was I going to explain this to her and, of course, I didn’t want to disappoint her? It was so strong that I had to follow my heart and trust I was being led by Spirit.

I called Kati and said, “I won’t be coming to your party tonight and I don’t know why.” I felt stupid, but needed to be totally honest. Of course, she was disappointed, but understood I needed to follow my heart. We were both curious as to why this was happening. When I’ve changed my mind in the past about something I was doing, the next day it would be clear what the reason was. I decided that I wouldn’t beat up on myself and that I would trust Spirit whether the reason was clear or not.

When I prayed about it the next day because I didn’t know why I said no, , Spirit said,

“Most of your life you have put others’ needs first because you needed their love. Today, you are loving yourself first and the love you share now with others is my love.  You followed your heart and risked your friend’s disapproval. I know it was difficult and uncomfortable saying no to her, but you also knew she would understand. It was more important to follow Spirit and your heart than to please Kati. You are going deeper in your trust of me and my guidance.”

This brings to mind what happened when I moved to Maui almost 7 years ago. I had to be willing to change directions because it was my plan to continue coaching, teaching and speaking. That was not God’s plan! I was only here a few weeks and settling in when I heard Spirit clearly say, “I don’t want you to do anything, but I want you to learn how TO BE.”  I knew how TO DO, but I didn’t know how TO BE.  There was resistance at first because I thought I knew how TO BE, but I didn’t

So much has happened since I listened and learned how TO BE.

  • I’ve learned the art of “allowing” and to surrender and go with the flow instead of pushing my way and making things happen. Exhausting!
  • I’ve learned how to TRUST myself and inner guidance, which enables me to RECEIVE the good that the Divine wants to give me.
  • I’ve learned how to say no when I need to and only do what feels right.
  • I’ve learned to love and appreciate all of me, my shadow as well as my light.
  • I’ve learned to give up control and RELAX knowing everything happens for a reason, has a purpose and there are no mistakes.
  • I’ve learned to live in gratitude knowing I am being led to my greatest and highest good.
  • I’ve learned to live in the moment because that is all there is.

I’ve really “settled in” to this peaceful place and enjoy relaxing, playing, swimming, surrendering and BEING. Now I am hearing Spirit say again, “YOU NEED TO CHANGE DIRECTIONS AND FOLLOW YOUR HEART AND SOUL’S CALLING.”  Of course, I will still do the things I love.

I ask for the grace to remember all I’ve learned in this time of BEING and bring these qualities to the new chapter with the Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing trainings and workshops in which I’m involved in.

I’m excited as I am following my heart and soul’s calling. I feel honored, blessed, grateful, expanded and humbled to be doing this powerful sacred healing work with women.

Our first workshop on Maui is called “Awakening to Sacred Sexuality” and is scheduled for January 5th & 6th at the Waleia Healing Center.  L will be assisting Amrita Grace as an apprentice for the Awakening & Healing workshop in Oakland, California in October. I will be attending a week- long Awakening and Healing retreat in Costa Rica with Caroline Muir and Amrita Grace in November. Oh, happy day! I am free and ready to fly with the angels.

Are you following your heart and are you willing to change direction when Spirit guides you?



I lived on the Ocean for 6 months and paid $300 a month

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“For many people, “not knowing” scares them. It means there are places where there is no control. That can be very frightening for those who have had challenging childhoods or lives. However, that fear or doubt can be a portal to a rewarding spiritual life. What if we chose to go into the fear? What if we chose to neither bypass nor judge the fear? What if we chose to acknowledge that Spirit is all things? In that moment, we would understand, at a deep and profound level, that the fear is only energy wanting to be restored to its natural state – wholeness.” Science of Mind pg. 40

As I reflected back on my life after reading this, I know I have walked in faith through my fears one step at a time. There was a time that I was terrified of not being in control and not knowing what was next in my life. Don’t let anyone tell you that this is easy, because it is not, especially if you came from a dysfunctional home.

I was determined to live my life to the fullest and not let my childhood of abuse and parental alcoholism destroy me. I became resilient and was willing to do whatever I needed to do to heal and be healthy. I started therapy, went to workshops, retreats, practiced EFT, rebirthing, did energy healing work and probably read every self-help book on the market. Can you relate? I can truly say today that it was worth every penny and every hour that I put into it. I would not be where I am today, living in paradise, if I hadn’t faced my fears and moved through them. Where is Spirit calling you to move through your fears?

Many of you are new to my weekly blog and don’t know my story and how I was filled with fear and, most importantly, how I overcame it. I would like to share some of the highlights of my experiences over the last several years and how that fear became a portal for a rewarding spiritual life and my dream of living on the ocean in Maui.

I went back to college in my forties, dropped out in my junior year because I was riddled with fear. I didn’t think I could write a 20 page paper, so I quit. Thank God, a few years later, I had the courage to face the fear and went back and earned my bachelor’s degree. I then went on to obtain a master’s degree, while I had a full time job as an Alcohol and Drug therapist and took care of my family at the same time. As part of the master’s program, I had to write 4 papers a month. Believe me, I prayed a lot. It is amazing what we can do when we are following God’s plan, ask for help and believe in ourselves.
It took me 7 years to write my book, “Simply a Woman of Faith.” It took that long because I didn’t believe in myself and kept saying to myself, “I am wasting my time and no one will read it.” Several nights I went to bed and cried myself to sleep because I was so afraid. Fear almost robbed me of becoming an author and speaker and the opportunity to travel and live in Hawaii. I have met so many women who say they want to write a book, know they need to write it and yet it never gets written. This is not to guilt anyone, but to encourage you to trust the process and just begin. We rob ourselves (and the world) when we stay stuck in fear and don’t believe in ourselves. Our stories are important, not only for our own growth and edification but to help and inspire others to live their lives and to know they are not alone.

I divorced my husband of 30 years almost 14 years ago because I wasn’t happy and we weren’t growing and evolving as a couple. That took a lot of courage and strength to ask for a divorce and to live on my own and start a new life. It was the best decision I made because it really forced me to grow; to believe in myself and take care of myself.

I retired from my full time job (at 62) as a therapist of 20 years to start a new career as a spiritual coach, author and speaker. That opened the door to many marvelous opportunities and miracles – especially living in Maui.

My journey to Maui started in 2010 when I was invited to stay with a woman named Ellen (my angel.) Ellen came to the church in which I was speaking at in Rhode Island and afterward, invited me to stay with her in her home in Maui. Ellen and I laugh when we talk about it now, because we didn’t know each other at all and I was coming to stay with her for Thanksgiving for 2 weeks. That was the beginning of a MAJOR life change. I had no idea that I would move to Maui 2 years later.


view from lania In 2011, Ellen invited me to stay in her home while she was traveling for 1 month. It was during that stay that I heard the “small, still voice of God” calling me back to live in Maui for 6 months. After praying about it and talking with family and friends, I made the decision to rent my home in Rhode Island so I could come to live in Maui.

“My plan” was to work and do workshops, speaking engagements and coaching while I was living in Maui. God had another plan and I am so glad I didn’t fight the “Divine Plan” because I have grown so much. I have worked all my life with raising a family, working full time, attending school, etc. that it was difficult at first to just BE – which is what God was inviting me to do. In prayer one day, I heard God say, “I just want to love you, you don’t have to DO anything.” God provided for me in so many ways and one of the miraculous ways I was provided for was to live on the ocean in a beautiful condo with friends for $300 a month. To stay in a hotel in Maui, the average rate for one night is $240. I just figured it out and it would have cost me $7,200 to stay in Maui for a month. I lived there for 6 months! God is good.

When I am pushing to make things go my way and wanting “My Plan” there is no peace in my heart. There is nothing more important than love and peace in my heart. I strive daily to surrender to “God’s Plan” and to listen to the “small, still voice within.” Even if I am afraid and I have been, I allow myself to go into the fear and really feel it, process it and move forward. I know I can trust God that all of my needs will be provided for and doors will open at the perfect and right timing.

While I lived in Maui for 6 months, I heard the “small, still voice of God” inviting me to go back to Rhode Island, put my house up for sale and move to Maui to live permanently. With the grace of God, prayer and meditation, I listened and returned to Rhode Island in July 2012 to put my house on the market. I moved back to Maui in September and found a beautiful ohana to rent. I have met so many wonderful people that I know that I am home. My heart sings as I walk along the ocean every day, smile and say hello to people.

I just received an email from my son, Tim, after he read my last blog where I wrote, “How did I get here?”


“I’ll tell you how- you dreamed it for years! You’ve always talked about living on the ocean. You just thought it was going to be Narragansett, Rhode Island! Little did you know that spirit had much bigger plans for you! It’s funny- that has happened to me before too. I’m thinking “how did this happen”? And then i see an old vision board or the mind movie again- OOooooohhhhhh yeah! I dreamt it!”

What do you want in your life? What fears do you need to face and move through so you can live your dreams? With God, all things are possible. You must see it on the inside first before it manifests on the outside. You must dream it, visualize it, believe it and let it happen. Fear is useless, what is needed is trust.

I am Divinely Guided  – Creative Ideas, Ernest Holmes

Our mind is the Mind of God within us. God has no problems for God is the presence and the power that knows all things. If we but take our problem to that high place in our consciousness, it will disappear as we feel the answer is taking the place of the problem. There is nothing that can keep this from happening except our own thought of doubt or limitation. Today I affirm I am divinely guided and that the Spirit goes before me and paves the way. There is that within which knows what to do and how to do it, and it compels me to act on what it knows. Therefore, I shall do that which I should do, I shall know what I need to know, I shall encounter those new ideas that I need.

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