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Larry and I are writing a book

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God was so patient “waiting” for me to say YES to His plan. It took me seven years to write my book, Simply a Woman of Faith. It took me that long because it wasn’t God’s timing and I wasn’t ready “until I was ready.” There was a lot of inner work and healing needed before I had the courage to make a commitment to myself and God that no matter what, or how afraid I felt, I would do it.

There were all kinds of signs and synchronicities once I said YES to writing the book. I found money in my bank account that I didn’t know was there. I received an award at work that I didn’t expect to receive. I had all the money I needed to hire a coach and editor. I had no idea of what I was doing, but I kept trusting and putting one step in front of the other.

My book was published twelve years ago. I wouldn’t be living my dream, living on Maui in a home overlooking the ocean and married to my soul mate if I hadn’t said YES to God’s plan. The last chapter of my book I share about my desire to meet my soul mate. I had no idea that I would move to Maui and meet Larry there.

Many people have said to me over the years, “You really need to write another book and share your Love story.” Larry and I started writing together three years ago and for whatever reason, we put it down. It reminded me of when I put down writing Simply a Woman of Faith for one year and said to God, “I’m not doing it, you have chosen the wrong person.” I’m so grateful God had other plans for me!

About a month ago. I felt a “nudge” from Spirit to finish writing our book again. I asked God for a sign and said, “If this is your will, put it on Larry’s heart to finish the book.” I waited patiently for Larry to say he was getting a nudge about our book. I felt relieved when he said nothing and figured it wasn’t God’s will.

I received an email this week from a woman who has been reading my blogs for years. She simply wrote, “I feel a compilation of your “blogs” are your second book. I’ll purchase your first copy. You are indeed the Queen of Encounters, the Magical Mystery Woman, and the Brave Heart of Love.”

I felt something stirring inside of me again. I allowed it to marinate as I prayed and asked God for direction and discernment. I only wanted God’s will and I was willing and ready to follow the plan. I prayed and meditated and asked for a dream. That night, I had a dream that was very significant and knew in my heart that it was time to finish the book.

I hadn’t shared any of this with Larry because I didn’t want him to feel pressured. I felt completely detached from the outcome and knew I would finish the book whether he said “yes” or “no.”

The morning after my dream, I looked into the mirror and said to myself, “You are beautiful.” I then looked at a card that has been on my wall for about 3 or 4 years. It read, YOU ARE BRILLIANT AND BEAUTIFUL. I was stunned because I had never seen the BRILLIANT part of it.

I have a family member who I think is BRILLIANT and have been telling them that for years. I never saw it in myself until I was walking on the beach this week. I heard Spirit say, “YOU ARE BRILLIANT.” I got it for the first time in my life. I am BRILLIANT because I freed myself from growing up with 2 alcoholic parents and multiple sexual abusers. I felt empowered and free.

I have not only talked the talk, but I have walked it and was willing to do whatever I needed to set myself free. During this time of cocooning, I have done deep inner work clearing away what no longer served me and have forgiven others and myself.

Larry and I spend “sacred time” together on Sunday mornings and I decided to tell him about the “nudge” I was getting from Spirit about finishing the book.  I said, “I’m not attached to you writing, I would love you to be a part of it, but I will do it either way.”  

He agreed to pray about it to see if it was God’s will. He then shared, “I started to think about finishing our book about a month ago, but I didn’t say anything to you.” Interesting because that is when I asked Spirit to put it on Larry’s heart. Perhaps, I didn’t ask Spirit for him to tell me about it! When Spirit wants you to do something, He is relentless and doesn’t give up until you get it!

God’s timing is perfect always. We get exactly what we need when we need it if we trust and believe. It is God’s will for Larry and I to finish our book. It is time and we are both excited and READY. IT IS TIME. 

What has God been nudging you to do? God will give you everything you need when you say YES to His plan.

Never give up on your dreams

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I love to reflect and remember where I’ve been and how I’ve arrived at where I am today. I don’t know what’s ahead, and that’s probably a good thing. I practice living one day at a time and take inspired action and steps to move forward when I am led. I try to live in the moment where Love is. I trust God’s perfect and divine timing for everything in my life.

My heart is full of gratitude (and beyond my wildest dreams) this Easter as I think about all that has happened this past 4 years after I had my “Awakening,” Four years ago, Larry joined me for the Easter Sunday celebration at Unity Church. I was so touched when he gave me a beautiful white flower lei right before the service. I remember during the service praying, “God, open my heart if Larry is my soul mate.” I had just begun to have some romantic stirrings towards him after being best friends for 2 years. I believe it was that prayer that awakened me to the reality of love right before my eyes.

I know it wasn’t God’s timing until that very moment that my heart was opened and I was awakened. Although Larry and I were best friends and had built our relationship on trust and respect, we each had some inner work to do before we moved to the next level. We both had to be ready to receive the most incredible relationship that Spirit had promised. It is my belief that God places the desires of your heart in your heart. Do you believe that? Here is what I did to attract my soul mate:

  • I knew what I wanted and ASKED for it
  • I PRAYED for divine guidance
  • I SURRENDERED to God’s will and let go and let God
  • I TRUSTED in God’s perfect timing
  • I LOVED and TRUSTED myself and my intuition
  • I LIVED my life to the fullest doing what I loved.

I knew in my heart that I would meet my soul mate when I moved to Maui. It truly was stepping out in faith and the grace of God to pick up and leave family and friends and move 5,000 miles away.

At the same time of my “Awakening” and opening my heart to the possibility of a romantic relationship with Larry, I stepped out in faith and moved into my dream home overlooking the ocean and doubled my rent! That was a BIG step in faith as I went from $1200 a month to $2500 a month. As I think about it, I know I followed my heart path because my head said, “Are you crazy” Where the hell are you going to get that money?” I am grateful I followed my heart. I know my family and friends were a bit nervous as to where the money was going to come from. It was truly amazing how the money came in every month and I paid my rent on time.

The way Spirit guides me is through open and closed doors. If I am not sure if it’s the right path for me, I ask Spirit to open or close the door. As I am walking in faith, it always works and there have been many times when the door was closed!

I lived alone in my dream house for one year before Larry moved in. Larry and I have lived in the house together now for 3 years. We love it so much and cannot believe where the time has gone. We have no idea how long we will be here so we try to enjoy every minute of living here.

As most of you know, Larry and I were married last May, which was the desire of my heart. I love being married to Larry and he truly is an answer to my prayers. We love and support one another and encourage each other to be vessels of love wherever we can. We enjoy being retired and doing whatever we want when we want to. Life is good and we are grateful.

Never give up on your dreams. Keep believing and trusting in God’s timing. God has placed your desires in your heart and will answer your prayers in divine timing. If it happened to me, it can and will happen to you.



God’s Timing is Perfect

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Many years ago, we had a clock on our kitchen wall that read “God’s Timing is Perfect.” It’s my belief that God is never late or early, but always right on time.  If I really believe this, then why do I sometimes get anxious, impatient and complain that things are not going fast enough or that my prayers are not being answered.  It’s because I am human and I forget that it’s about progress, not perfection.  When I become aware that I’m feeling impatient and thinking things are not going fast enough, I can choose to change my thinking and remind myself that “God’s Timing is Perfect.”

There is always going to be something in our lives that we are waiting for.  It may be a new job, a new relationship, the courage to get a divorce, improved health, increased finances, to be married, and the list goes on and on.  What are you waiting for in your life?

It’s really important to look at how we wait. Do we wait with peace, ease and grace, trusting that what we desire will show up for our highest good at the perfect time and place? As I was cleaning out a box of papers in my office, I came across something that spoke to my heart.  It read “By waiting and by calm, I shall be saved. In quiet and trust, lies my strength.”  In quiet and trust means my mind is quiet and I am not obsessing about the future and what I want to happen in my life. I am content in the present moment and trusting God’s divine plan for my life.

Learning to wait on God is essential to our well-being and spiritual growth.  One of the keys is to be grateful and to focus on what we do have, rather than what’s missing.  What I have learned to do over the years is to express gratitude for what I do have and to give thanks in advance for the good I desire and all that God has planned for me. I open my heart to receive.  For example, I give thanks for my coaching clients and give thanks in advance for the new clients that are coming. I give thanks for my beautiful, peaceful home and give thanks in advance for my new house on the water.

During a very low point in my life while I was writing Simply a Woman of Faith, God spoke to me.  At that time, I often cried myself to sleep and wanted to give up on writing. I was sure I was wasting my time and no one would read the book.  One day I went to work and opened a magazine and the words on the page jumped out at me. “God has a plan that will make all of your dreams come true.” In the four years since my book was published,  so many miracles have happened. I can now look back and clearly see the divine timing in it all. Doors have opened and opportunities have presented themselves that I never would have imagined.

God has a plan for your life. His Timing is Perfect. Are you willing to wait and trust in divine timing?  It’s your choice to wait in peace, ease and grace and to be grateful for what you do have.


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