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How you can experience INNER PEACE & joy

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Inner peace is very important to me and it is something that I pray for every day and have been for many years. I EXPECT peace in my daily life by affirming, “Everything will flow with peace, ease and grace.” I know and accept that everything and every event that I attract into my life are for my highest good. I may not know, at the time, why I‘ve attracted something into my life and I may not like it, and I may even feel angry about it, but I am learning to trust the process, no matter what it looks like on the outside.

When I embrace this “way of life” and attitude of gratitude, I experience inner peace and joy. I believe God knows exactly what I need in the moment to grow and heal. This “way of life” of gratitude for everything takes practice, trust and discipline. It is not always easy and not for the faint of heart. I constantly “go within” to see if I am feeling loving, joyful, and peaceful and aligned with Spirit. I may have to let go of my control and what no longer serves me. It may be old patterns of behaviors that cause me stress or it may be a habit of worrying about the future or the outcome of something I really want.

I often need to take a break from people and activities to reconnect with the peaceful core of my being and Divine peace. It is in the stillness that I hear the small, still voice of God and am guided to do the next right action in my life. It may be as simple as “Call your son or send an email or as big as quit your job or move to Maui.” Without that stillness and quiet time with the God within, I can easily get off track and lose my peace of mind and what Spirit wants me to receive.

There are so many wonderful events and places to go living on Maui and the temptation is to do them all. I lose my peace when I do too much and then I feel out of balance and am irritable. It is my responsibility to set the pace and peace for my daily life and to learn to say no when I need to (especially if I think I may disappointing someone I love). I used to think that was selfish, but I know today it is self-care and loving myself.

Today, I choose to listen to my body and what it needs in the moment. Sometimes “doing nothing” but what I want to do is exactly what I need to do. Sometimes, it is doing something radically different, like exercising more or eating healthier. My body has been speaking to me and I am listening.

My friend, Sandy, gave me a book that really inspired her to “go within” and change her life. It’s called “Younger Next Year for Women” by New York Times Bestselling Authors Chris Crowley & Henry Lodge. The authors write, “Do you want the thirty years after menopause to be good years or not?” They show you how to avoid 70% of the normal problems of aging and eliminate 50% of illness and injury.

What the book has done for me is changed my attitude about getting older. Instead of slowing down, because my back hurts or shoulder hurts, I need to up the antics and stop making excuses for myself or I will run out of gas before I get there. I am in the prime of my life and I want to be as healthy as I can be. I am willing to do whatever I need to do to live a longer and healthier life.

Although I did exercise every week by doing yoga, dancing and walking, it wasn’t consistent and intentional. I am not following everything in the book that the authors recommend yet, but I have been exercising 6 days a week and feeling really good about it. I seem to have more energy to do the things I want to do. I am even looking forward to playing my Zydeco and Cajun music while walking the path on the ocean. I sometimes have to stop and just dance!

Along with reading the “Younger Next Year for Women,” I recently watched Oprah’s interview with Dr. Christine Northrup discussing her new book, “Goddesses Never Age.” She states, “How we decide to get older is a choice, it is not our genes. Getting older is inevitable, but aging is optional. Decline and decay is not inevitable when we get in touch with the ageless, inner divinity within.”

My prayer for all of you is that you experience that “inner peace” and the peace that passes all understanding. It’s yours if you really want it and are willing to “go within” to find it.

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