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I recently had an experience with a family member that I had to practice what I preach. Unfortunately, I was into the “Blame Game.” I know better, right? 

I dug into my “spiritual tool box” and searched for the tool I needed to feel better and bring myself back to center. I clearly needed to practice DETACHMENT. How did I know I needed to detach? Easy, my mind was like a blender and I couldn’t stop thinking about what my family member said and did. It felt like I was about to explode and of course, I thought I was right! I took a walk to clear my head and breathe. I kept repeating to myself detach, detach, detach over and over again. I didn’t know what else to do to bring myself back to peace. It worked and relief came.

When I judge and make someone else wrong (and me right) I am in trouble because I am living in victim consciousness.When I am in victim consciousness, I’m not willing to take responsibility that my soul attracted this situation or person that I’m blaming and judging, so that I can heal limiting beliefs I have that are not true about who I am. Through God’s grace, I became willing to see the perfection in what I had attracted into my life and was willing to stop blaming and judging my family member.  Rather than coming from a place of anger, blame and judgment, I was able to come from a place of love. I was then able to forgive myself and my family member for what I had “perceived” as their wrong doing.

Detachment is a powerful tool that I practice when I get out of balance and lose my peace. I choose to love and not live in victim consciousness. It is a choice. What are you choosing today? Are you living in victim consciousness or are you coming from a place of love?   


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