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I don’t want you to do anything, I want you to learn how to BE

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I was playing on Google last week and decided to type in Pat Hastings to see what came up. The first thing that came up was a TV show that I was a guest on called Daring to Dream with Suzie Spivey. I hadn’t seen the interview in many years. What a joy it was to watch it again and see what was happening in my life back then. I was amazed how confident I was and how the words just flowed out of me.

It’s hard to believe that I retired from the VA hospital as an Alcohol and Drug therapist in Rhode Island and published my book, Simply a Woman of Faith ten years ago.

After I retired, at the age of 62, I became a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and started a new business as a radio talk show host, an inspirational speaker, a workshop and retreat leader and loved what I was doing.

I followed my heart and moved to Maui seven years ago in January and expected to continue on the same path and doing what I loved. Spirit had other PLANS for me. Isn’t that often the way. You think you are doing one thing and in mid- stream the PLAN changes.  I can hear Spirit saying, “Recalculate, recalculate.” We make plans and God laughs.

I had only been living on Maui for a couple of weeks when I heard Spirit say, “I don’t want you to DO anything, I want you to learn how to BE.” I thought I knew how to BE. I was wrong. I knew how to DO very well, but BEING was something I needed to learn. BEING is about allowing, surrendering and accepting what is. It is the feminine way. I had been a DOER all my life and was out of balance and didn’t know it.

I was used to hearing the small, still voice of God, so I paid attention. I gave it all up; the coaching, speaking and giving retreats. My friend and I facilitated one or two workshops, but that was it. When I landed on Maui, I lived with friends on the ocean and paid $300 a month for rent so I didn’t have to make money to live.

I love being retired, being married to Larry, having fun, going to the pool and beach, going for walks, writing my weekly inspirational blog and doing whatever I wanted.  I know my purpose in life is to love and to remember who I am. It is also to share my journey and be an inspiration to others. Spirit gave me an affirmation many years ago when I was paralyzed with fear and ready to give it all up. In my dream, I was climbing a ladder leading up to the sky. When I reached the top and put my hand out to touch the star, I became the star.  Here is the affirmation I received. “I am a star that shines brightly to lead others to the God within.”

I’m not sure what it is about 7 years, but it took me 7 years to write my book. My book almost died inside of me because I didn’t believe in myself and was filled with fear.  Can you relate? It truly was the grace of God that I was able to move through the fear and publish my book. I am so grateful that I didn’t give up because I wouldn’t be living the life I am living and married to my soulmate.

At the age of 72 and living on Maui for 7 years, the PLAN has changed again. I am trusting that I have learned how to BE and I am now more balanced. I am following my heart and have said YES to Spirit. I am currently enrolled in the Sacred Mystery School to become a Certified Sacred Sexual Educator.

I am on fire and passionate about facilitating and teaching this profound, yet gentle Awakening and Healing AH process to clear trauma from the body. It is pure, sacred and holy and I feel honored to be on my soul’s path.

Although excited and passionate, I am SCARED and all my insecurities are coming to the surface. I am giving a talk this week and will be interviewed on the Gutsy Women Radio show. I am stepping out in faith and trusting as I don’t feel like I have the right words to explain this powerful, profound healing process yet. I am “showing up” and asking Spirit to speak through me and give me the right words.

I am remembering how I have always been given what I need. I am letting go of outcomes and trusting that the women who will benefit from this sacred healing will find me just as I miraculously found Caroline and Amrita.

I know God’s PLAN is good. I stand in my POWER and say YES. I will continue to love my life, face my fears, have fun and BE the best me I can be. I am in the mystery and don’t know what’s in store in this new adventure. All I know is that in this moment, EVERYTHING IS GOOD and in perfect and divine order.


Listening to your heart and following Spirit

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Spirit said, “You must be willing and ready to change directions in your life, especially when you don’t know WHY.” Let me share what happened.

My best friend, Kati, invited me to her birthday party this week.  My pupu was prepared and I was ready to go.  All of a sudden, out of nowhere, I didn’t want to go and felt really uncomfortable about going. I prayed about it and asked Spirit for guidance.  It would be one thing if I didn’t feel good, but I felt fine. How was I going to explain this to her and, of course, I didn’t want to disappoint her? It was so strong that I had to follow my heart and trust I was being led by Spirit.

I called Kati and said, “I won’t be coming to your party tonight and I don’t know why.” I felt stupid, but needed to be totally honest. Of course, she was disappointed, but understood I needed to follow my heart. We were both curious as to why this was happening. When I’ve changed my mind in the past about something I was doing, the next day it would be clear what the reason was. I decided that I wouldn’t beat up on myself and that I would trust Spirit whether the reason was clear or not.

When I prayed about it the next day because I didn’t know why I said no, , Spirit said,

“Most of your life you have put others’ needs first because you needed their love. Today, you are loving yourself first and the love you share now with others is my love.  You followed your heart and risked your friend’s disapproval. I know it was difficult and uncomfortable saying no to her, but you also knew she would understand. It was more important to follow Spirit and your heart than to please Kati. You are going deeper in your trust of me and my guidance.”

This brings to mind what happened when I moved to Maui almost 7 years ago. I had to be willing to change directions because it was my plan to continue coaching, teaching and speaking. That was not God’s plan! I was only here a few weeks and settling in when I heard Spirit clearly say, “I don’t want you to do anything, but I want you to learn how TO BE.”  I knew how TO DO, but I didn’t know how TO BE.  There was resistance at first because I thought I knew how TO BE, but I didn’t

So much has happened since I listened and learned how TO BE.

  • I’ve learned the art of “allowing” and to surrender and go with the flow instead of pushing my way and making things happen. Exhausting!
  • I’ve learned how to TRUST myself and inner guidance, which enables me to RECEIVE the good that the Divine wants to give me.
  • I’ve learned how to say no when I need to and only do what feels right.
  • I’ve learned to love and appreciate all of me, my shadow as well as my light.
  • I’ve learned to give up control and RELAX knowing everything happens for a reason, has a purpose and there are no mistakes.
  • I’ve learned to live in gratitude knowing I am being led to my greatest and highest good.
  • I’ve learned to live in the moment because that is all there is.

I’ve really “settled in” to this peaceful place and enjoy relaxing, playing, swimming, surrendering and BEING. Now I am hearing Spirit say again, “YOU NEED TO CHANGE DIRECTIONS AND FOLLOW YOUR HEART AND SOUL’S CALLING.”  Of course, I will still do the things I love.

I ask for the grace to remember all I’ve learned in this time of BEING and bring these qualities to the new chapter with the Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing trainings and workshops in which I’m involved in.

I’m excited as I am following my heart and soul’s calling. I feel honored, blessed, grateful, expanded and humbled to be doing this powerful sacred healing work with women.

Our first workshop on Maui is called “Awakening to Sacred Sexuality” and is scheduled for January 5th & 6th at the Waleia Healing Center.  L will be assisting Amrita Grace as an apprentice for the Awakening & Healing workshop in Oakland, California in October. I will be attending a week- long Awakening and Healing retreat in Costa Rica with Caroline Muir and Amrita Grace in November. Oh, happy day! I am free and ready to fly with the angels.

Are you following your heart and are you willing to change direction when Spirit guides you?



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