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Giving myself what I need

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With all the tragedies, fires, hurricanes, shootings that we are witnessing, both personally and collectively in the world, there is a general heightened sensitivity demanding more self- care and self- love than ever before.  My friend, Kati, said, “Consciousness has taken a huge leap and unconsciousness is even more unconscious creating an even greater gap. It requires a very astute presence and self-care now for us on the spiritual path.”

It could be easy to go into fear and panic and think the world is going to hell in a handbag.  It is. But the good news is that this time in history is a powerful time of  AWAKENING for the world to become conscious and for us to remember who we are. We are LOVE and we are all connected.  Spirit is alive and well and doing its job. People are being “shaken up to waken up.”

We are the light that people seek out in traumatic times like we are experiencing. People see our light, love and peace and want it for themselves. When we are aligned with Spirit and living in gratitude, our vibration is high. It is not a time for FEAR, but empowerment and remembering who we are. We need to be able to share the tools and guide others within to their SOURCE, rather than to the outside world for answers. We have the answers within and this is a huge paradigm shift.

We must be willing to do our “inner work” and go deeper than ever before. It is a time for brutal self honesty in our relationships, especially with family and our adult children. Many of my friends are suffering with health challenges, relationship problems, grief, confusion and more.

The last two weeks have been very difficult for me as I had an unexpected emotional experience that knocked me off my feet and shook my faith.  I thought it would never end. One day, it felt like I was back in the land of the living, and the next day or hours later, I was crying and feeling pain in my heart. I stayed with it and didn’t PUSH myself to go faster. I trusted that when the feelings were done moving through me, I would know it. Pushing was a way of life for me at one time, but I cannot do that to my body anymore. I am listening to my body and what it needs.

I don’t know what’s going on and I am living in the mystery and trusting and surrendering to Spirit.  As I keep surrendering and trusting the process, I am letting go of the need to understand what’s going on and what lies ahead.  The past is gone and the future is not here. All I have is this present moment, where there is love and peace.

When I started to write this blog, I thought, “I would not have chosen these weeks of emotional pain and exhaustion.” But then I realized I did choose it because my soul is wise and knows what it needs to grow.

Larry and my friends were concerned because they had never seen me down for so long. My friends called, texted, emailed and asked me if there was anything they could do for me.  They were there for me 100%. I needed to go through this alone, which is new territory for me.

It became very clear to me that I needed to be there for me and give myself 100% self- love and self- care, which I did. I needed to listen to my body and what it needed. I knew thatwhat I was experiencing was deep and powerful and different from anything else I had ever experienced.

I have been practicing trusting, loving myself, saying no, setting boundaries, speaking up for decades.  Through this experience and I can’t explain how, but it feels like something has moved from my head  to my heart and I am more aligned with the truth of who I am. 

Here are some of the gifts that I have received.

  1. I know and trust what I need to do for myself on a deep level.
  2. I am listening to my body and giving it what it needs.
  3. I am not afraid to take care of myself, despite the possibility of hurting someone I love.
  4. I am listening to Spirit for guidance in every decision I make.
  5. I will not do anything that doesn’t feel right and is not aligned with my spirit.
  6. So much of what used to matter, doesn’t matter anymore, like what someone does or doesn’t do.

.What I really appreciated from my friends and especially, Larry, is that I never felt judged or pushed to move through my stuff more quickly. It was always rest and take it easy. I know it was not easy for them to watch me exhausted and physically sick.

They trusted me although they didn’t understand what was going on (and neither did I). I am sure they were tempted to give me advice or what worked for them. I am wondering if the energy of TRUSTING MYSELF was so strong, that they didn’t need to step in and try to rescue or fix me.

My invitation to you, my friends, is to allow yourself to feel your feelings, rather than denying them, avoiding them and thinking they will go away. The world needs YOU more than ever. Are you willing to be honest with yourself and feel your pain so you can move through it and be more aligned with yourself and Spirit than ever before?

We are the LOVE that the world needs,

I spoke up to my doctor

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Once upon a time there was a little girl who really looked good on the outside but inside felt quite differently. On the inside, she wanted to please and impress others because she didn’t love herself. She felt insecure, inadequate and not good enough. She didn’t speak up or hardly ever said no to others when they needed her. She looked outside for her answers and thought others knew what was best for her. She was afraid of authority figures.Today that little girl has grown up and that little girl is a woman who just turned 70 years’ young. That woman is me. I am happy to say I am healing from codependent behaviors and continue to “GROW UP and SPEAK UP.”

Spirit allowed an opportunity this week to show me my growth. I was amazed at what happened and thought to myself, “Where did she come from? I can’t believe that came out of my mouth.” I spoke up to my doctor, which at one time in my life, I would never have done. This is not about what the doctor did or didn’t do and there is no blame. It is about recognizing how I have grown and changed.

Here is what happened: I was summoned for jury duty. I checked to see about parking the afternoon before I was scheduled. I couldn’t understand it and asked Larry to read it. I was aghast when he came out and said, “Pat, this is in Honolulu.” We live in Maui and the only way to get there would be by plane. The summons read if you don’t show up you could receive a fine of $1000 or be put in jail. I called immediately but the office was closed because of Martin Luther King Day. My only saving grace was that I was instructed to call after 5:00 p.m.the day before and see if the date was rescheduled.

In the meantime, I prayed and asked for help and guidance. The idea came to me to contact my holistic doctor and ask for a letter to be excused because of my ongoing back issues. He agreed to write the letter for the date the summons was originally scheduled.

Because the jury date was rescheduled when I called, I needed to call the doctor and ask for a note for the new date. When I went to his office to pick up the note, I could sense he was not happy about having to write another letter.

He said, “I am charging you $25 for writing the letter because it caused me so much aggravation with the phone calls and emails. I sent him one email and called once.

I immediately and calmly said, “Oh is that how you decide what fee to charge your patients because of how much aggravation it causes you?” I am sure he was surprised that I spoke up and became defensive and went on about how much he charges an hour, etc.

When he left the office I asked his secretary, “Does he always speak to patients like that?” She was apologetic and said, “He was in the hospital for 4 days and has not recovered fully. He has had a hard day and is exhausted.” My heart softened with compassion and love. As I was leaving the office, he came out and I said, “I send you love.”

I had to return to his office the next day to pick up some supplements. When he saw me he said, “Thank you for your patience yesterday and thanks for the love and prayers.”

Some of you may be thinking, “Why would you go back to him when he spoke to you like that?” My ego would like to rant and rave, feel indignant, hold a grudge and not go back.

I have choices. I can love or judge and live in fear. Today I am choosing to love and since he has been a good doctor and was willing to write the letter in the first place, I am in gratitude because I don’t have to go to jury duty!

That little girl has grown up and has learned to SPEAK UP and not feel guilty. I felt really proud of myself for the woman I have become.


Pat and I are learning that being in a loving committed relationship at times can be challenging.  We’ve learned in some ways that we are very much alike and in some ways we are very different. We can experience the same situation and walk away from it with entirely different perspectives of what we saw, heard or experienced.

Our saving grace is that we are committed to talking about everything.  I think our communication skills are top notch.  I’m sure you have all been in relationships before and have learned how important communication is. Sometimes it’s very difficult for one or the other in the relationship to support open communication.  

I know as a male I have been in a place in the past where all I wanted to know is “What do you want or need, just let me know and I’ll try to obtain it for you, I don’t need to waste time talking about it.”  Not to surprising those relationships didn’t last.  

I’ve always thought that I was a fairly generous person. I don’t mind spending money doing some things and going places.  My main criteria for spending money is that I receive “VALUE” for it. This is one area where good communication comes in.  Pat and I sometimes have different perspectives on what constitutes VALUE and we need to negotiate so we both feel respected and loved.

For example, Pat wanted to do the Hawaii Cruise, from her perspective it was a terrific idea and had a lot of VALUE. I balked at the idea because I had done the cruise 12 years ago and didn’t see any VALUE in taking it again.  While talking about it over time I was able to see it from a different perspective.  I started to look at it as a”STAYCATION” and from that perspective it had value for me.  (A STAYCATION is something we Mauians do just for something different and it’s usually staying at one of the Resorts on island for a few days.)

When Pat shared her experience with her doctor my reaction was WOW I would never have said that to him.  From my perspective, the fact that he wrote the letter would have had such VALUE to me he could have said anything he wanted too and I could have cared less. Different perspectives that’s all. I’m proud that Pat had the courage to speak up when she felt it was necessary. We encourage each other to always be true to ourselves.

Perhaps we can all be more willing to listen to what our loved ones have to say, allow them the flexibility to experience life differently than the way we do and value another’s perspective.

Eckhart Tolle offers: If I had lived her past and suffered her pain, and was at the same level of consciousness, I would be thinking and acting exactly the same way that she is.

For those who read our offerings I hope you can find something of “VALUE” in it.

I’m amazed at what happens when I get out of the way

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Mother Maui welcomed me with open arms. After experiencing the “cold snap” in Rhode Island, the warm sunshine felt so good on my face and I couldn’t wait to take my shoes off and walk the beach. 


I jumped back into my life head first as I prepared for the workshop, “Radical Abundance:  Creating the Life You Want.”  It was held at Kaunoa Senior Center in Maui.  What a wonderful group of women showed up – the oldest at the ripe age of 97. Her name was Pat and what an amazing spirit and attitude she had.  I want to be like her when I grow up. She danced and shared her light with all of us.

I am continually amazed what happens “when I get out of the way” and let Spirit have its way. Of course, I planned a schedule for the day, but I am always open to listen to Spirit when a change is needed. While in prayer and meditation the morning of the workshop, I sensed God wanted me to do the forgiveness meditation and exercise that I had done in other workshops. This was not a part of “MY PLAN” but I listened and put it into the schedule for the day. As I reflect on the day and the comments from the women after the workshop, this was the most powerful part of the day. 

When the forgiveness exercise was completed, I wanted to play a song called, “Be Gentle with Myself” but couldn’t get the tape recorder to get to that song (number 5) so I just started with the first song.  When the exercise was over, we all stood in a circle holding hands and lo and behold, “Be Gentle with Myself” started playing. I couldn’t have planned it better. What a lesson in trusting and letting go of my plans. The workshop was a great success and I have another one scheduled in a few months.

I love to see what happens when I listen to the voice of Spirit and not question the “WHY” I am led to do something.  A couple of days before I traveled to Rhode Island I went to my bank to withdraw some money. The tellers at the back are so friendly and always comment on the jewelry I am wearing. This one particular day, I got into a conversation with Diane and she told me she worked with the youth in her church. I was led to tell her about my book, “Simply a Woman of Faith.” She said, I would love to read it.”  I told her I had a book in the car and wanted to know if she wanted to buy one.  She said, “I will have to pray about it.” I said, “Okay.” As I walked to my car, I heard God say, “Give her your book as a gift.” I grabbed a book from the car and walked back into the bank to give her the book.  I said, “God wants you to have the book as a gift.” She was so touched and thanked me profusely.

A few days ago, I went back to my bank to deposit some checks. When I walked in, Diane got so excited and said, “I knew you would be back. I wanted to call you, but I decided to wait because you were going to the mainland.  I loved your book and have told everybody about you and your book.  In fact, my minister wants to meet you. When I finished your book, I gave the book to Juanita, the teller next to me and she loved it too and is going to send it to her son.  She was so touched because her mother died a few years ago and her mother’s name was also “Honey.”  Juanita was off that day.

I shared in last week’s blog how my mother “showed up” for me on New Year’s Day when I received the “HONEY” packets from Starbucks.  I heard God say, “I want you to go to the bank and give one of the “HONEY” packets to Juanita tomorrow.  I didn’t question it and said, “Okay God, I will do that.”

When I walked into the bank, Juanita spotted me immediately and quickly came from behind the counter to greet me and give me a big hug. She had tears in her eyes and said, “I loved your book and am sending it to my son to read.  I have to tell you what happened because you are not going to believe this. I started to read your book immediately when Diane gave it to me at the bank.  On my lunch hour that same day, I went to the Salvation Army to browse around. I went to the book section and there staring me in the face was a brand new copy of your book for one dollar.” My jaw dropped open and I had “chicken skin” as they call it in Maui. What are the odds of her finding my book at that perfect and right time when she needed it? I call it a “Godincidence.”

After she told me the story, I smiled and said, “I have a gift for you from God.” Now her jaw dropped open as the tears flowed down her cheeks when I handed her the HONEY packet. She was visibly shaken up and touched by the gesture.  As I left she said, “You made my day and I feel so lifted up. I know my mother came to me today.”

I have learned to listen to that “small still voice of God” within or intuition. Whatever you may call it, it doesn’t matter, what is important is that you trust it and follow the guidance.  It does take practice and a willingness to get out of your comfort zone and letting go of worrying what others will think of you.

It is such a joy to experience daily miracles and see what unfolds when I step out in faith and let go of my plans.  I guess that is why I am called, “Simply a Woman of Faith.”

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