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The truth about aging

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I received a quote from a friend this week that stirred something within me. We are all growing older and with the grace of God, we will age gracefully, peacefully, and joyfully.

“Speak to your children as if they were the wisest, kindest, most beautiful, and magical humans on the earth, for what they BELIEVE they will BECOME.”

What came to me when I read it is that we first have to BELIEVE and speak it to ourselves before we can BECOME it and speak it to our children. I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t taught how to love, appreciate, trust, or believe in myself.

I went even deeper. I thought about what it would be like if our children spoke to us as if we were the wisest, kindest, most beautiful, and magical humans on the earth.  Wouldn’t it be great, instead of the “ageism” beliefs that we don’t have anything to offer as we age and feel devalued by a society that favors the youth?  

We need to teach our children (and everyone) how to treat us and what we need as we age. At every age, we want love, respect, patience, kindness, understanding and to be heard, but need this especially as we age. Our children need to know we will repeat ourselves and forget what we were talking about or even the date without being shamed or corrected.

A friend of mine sent me a book called, “Don’t Call Me Old I’m Just Awakening” by Marsha Sinetar. The book has expanded my perspective of “old age.” Rather than “old age”, she calls it “advanced age.”

Sinetar writes, “We want to be treated like an adult. And I think sometimes our children don’t mean to treat us like children. I think they just want to keep us alive as long as possible. Sometimes our love and concern can manifest in ways that are frustrating or even demeaning to our parents.”

I didn’t realize that prior to reading the book, I was slowly buying into some of the cultural beliefs about aging: older people are frail, dependent, out of touch with what’s going on in the world, “over the hill” and don’t have anything to offer any more. There are some cultures that “honor” the elderly for their wisdom and life experiences, but unfortunately, it is not so in the west.

These “ageism” beliefs are farthest from the truth. I needed to change my thinking and not lose confidence at this crucial time in my life. With God, I can expect favorable results and remain healthy, independent, creative, and productive through life.

To age successfully, we must focus on meaning, purpose, and the intention to live life to the fullest, using our gifts and wisdom to serve the world. The key to aging is to not mourn what’s lost but to CELEBRATE the time we have left. My motto is to live my life to the fullest, for I am not promised tomorrow.

The truth about aging is that every year we grow inwardly stronger and can reclaim and celebrate the wisdom and spiritual intelligence that only comes with age. When we commune with God and understand our ONENESS, we know we are LOVE and loved.

Sinetar writes. “Who and how we were when younger is who and how we will be when older if we develop our SOVEREIGNTY and spiritual hardiness born of our union with Divine Love. How we live our lives can reflect how we die.”  As I age, I require more solitude and quiet time. I love reading, relaxing and just BEING.

I was guided to write a list of 30 practices to continue living my life to the fullest and aging with peace, ease, and grace. Here are the top 7.

·        I will continue to deepen my relationship with Divine Love/Source/God by going within for my answers through meditation, prayer, and journaling.

·        I will continue to do what I enjoy that gives me pleasure and makes me happy and joyful like writing, walking, playing, reading, sitting on my swing and going to the ocean.

·        I will delete negativity, drama, and talking about problems. I will focus on the good, rather than what’s missing.

·        I will keep my vibration high in gratitude and love so I may shine my light wherever I go.

·        I will accept “what is” as if I had chosen it.

·        I will choose love instead of fear and listen to the Spirit within instead of the egoic voice.

·        I will feel all of my feelings instead of a spiritual bypass.

I encourage you to go within and celebrate where you are in life and to know it gets better and better each day with Divine Love.

To know the truth of who I am

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I was dumbfounded when the first thing my 3-year-old grandson said on the phone was, “Why did you move away grandma?” I have no idea what I said.

Since the phone call, I have pondered this question for myself. I moved away:

  • To follow my heart and to do God’s will
  • To be an inspiration for others to follow their heart
  • To come home to myself and to the God within
  • To experience peace that passes all understanding
  • To know the truth of who I am. I am LOVE
  • To experience profound and true love with my husband
  • To heal and transform childhood trauma and abuse
  • To experience daily miracles and deeper forgiveness

Although my grandson could never understand this at his age, I’m living proof to my children and grandchildren that following your heart always brings you home to yourself and to the God within. Someday, they will remember that their grandmother had the courage, strength, and grace to live her dream and a life that was purposeful and fulfilling. There is not a better legacy that I could leave them.

As I think about all that has transpired these past 14 years since I wrote my first book, “Simply a Woman of Faith“, I am amazed and grateful at how far I have come. I remember a dream that I had while in the process of writing the book (which took me 7 years to write because I didn’t believe anyone would read it). I went to bed crying hysterically with fear about writing a book. I kept saying to God, “I can’t do it, I don’t know what I’m doing, you’ve chosen the wrong person.”  

I had a vivid dream that night that touched me deeply. I was walking up a staircase that was leading to heaven. When I reached the top, there was a beautiful star. I reached out my hand to touch the star and I became the star. An affirmation was born that I still repeat to myself. “I am a star that shines brightly to lead others to the God within.”

A couple of weeks ago, I met a mother and daughter while swimming at the Marriott pool. As we started to talk, Linda and Elizabeth shared they were together to grieve the death of their mother and grandmother a few months prior. It was so beautiful seeing them together and the love they had for one another.  

Elizabeth (the granddaughter) turned to me and said, “What is your story?” I love to share my story with whoever will listen. Of course, I started with how I moved to Maui by myself and knew that I would meet my soulmate. I also shared that we had just published our book, “It’s Never Too Late for Love.” They asked, “How can we get your books?” I met them the next day and they each bought a copy of both books.  

I received a text this week from Elizabeth. Here is what she wrote:

“I am currently on page 35 of your book “Simply a Woman of Faith” and I am just blown away by the work that God has done in your life. It’s incredible how God opens doors just when we think adversity has won. You have truly inspired me to listen more to God’s voice and lean more on Him rather than my own understanding, just as it says in proverbs. I am making more time now to read your book as part of my morning routine and I love how it makes me feel to make God a priority first thing in the morning. Your light shined when we met you and it continues to do so. Linda wants to order 6 books for her church group friends. May God continue to use you and bless you.”

I’m grateful and my heart sings that God has used me as His instrument to help and inspire others to go within and deepen their relationship to Spirit. I’m grateful I had the courage to face my fears and didn’t allow fear to rob me and keep me stuck.

“I am a star that shines brightly to lead others to the God within.”

We celebrated our 4 year anniversary

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About 6 months ago I said to Larry, “I would love for us to get a small dog, what do you think?” He said, “I know who would end up doing all the work.” He was probably right and dropped it. I wasn’t even sure our landlord would approve.

I have learned that when I make a suggestion or have an idea to do something different with Larry, he needs to sit with it and think about it. I don’t push, nag, drop hints because I know if it’s meant to be, it will be.

Last week we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. The week before our anniversary, when I came home from my walk, Larry called me into the computer room and said, “Look what I found on line. I was thinking of surprising you for our anniversary. I decided to show you to see what you thought.”

 It was the cutest little white Maltese dog. I couldn’t believe that it was still available since small dogs on Maui are in high demand. Larry filled out the application and waited for a call from the agency. The woman called the next day and said, “There are 2 dogs and they have to stay together. They were both 11 years old and one was partly blind and deaf.” It didn’t sound like a fit.

I was so touched that Larry wanted to surprise me with a dog for our anniversary. I had no idea he was even thinking about it.  I started to affirm, “The perfect and right dog is here now.” I felt relaxed, peaceful, detached and knew that the dog would show up.

Larry was chatting with his son and told him we were thinking of adopting a dog and he suggested looking on Craigslist. A couple of days later, Larry sends me an email with a picture of a dog while on my walk. “What do you think of this small dog?” 

He wasn’t exactly what I was thinking of, but he looked adorable. I was open and said, “Yes, I would like to see him.” Larry called the number in the ad and we made an appointment for the next day. We met the owner and “Rosko” in an empty parking lot in town. We were both kind of nervous and felt like we were adopting a baby. It’s a big commitment and responsibility that we would take seriously. It had been several decades that we had dogs.

As soon as Rosko jumped out of the car, we both fell in love. I could feel Larry’s enthusiasm when he said, “He’s the perfect size for us.” He’s 13 pounds, 11 years old, in perfect health and loves walks, people and other dogs. When I picked him up to hold him, he licked me with my mask on. Rosko’s owner is moving to China and has to rehome him.

We often have to wait and be patient for our prayers to be answered. I had to wait 15 years to meet my beloved, Larry. God’s timing is never early, never late, but always right on time.

It’s been less than 2 weeks since Larry had the “divine idea” to adopt a small dog. I asked Rosko’s owner, “How long has the ad been on Craigslist?” She said, “It’s been on awhile and I wasn’t in a rush. I wanted to find the right home for Rosko. There have been many inquiries, but they didn’t work out.”

God saved Rosko for us and the timing was perfect. My intention and prayer, “The right and perfect dog is here NOW” was answered. We are very excited to welcome Rosko into our family. It feels like a match made in heaven. Here’s the process that worked for me.

* Ask for what you want

* Believe you will receive it

* Affirm what you want (the perfect dog is here now)

* Wait for God’s timing – never late, never early

* Be patient or try to make things happen

* Detach from outcome

* Trust in God’s divine plan and timing

She truly was an angel

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I called Kristie on Friday to see how things were going and asked, “What do you need? I’m going to yard sales tomorrow.” Kristie bought an unfurnished condo and is moving to Maui in 10 days. She said, “There were many hurdles that I had to overcome, but I’m at peace and excited to make my dream come true for me and my children.”

Kristie is the woman I met on the “path” in February who I wrote about in my blog. It was Kristie’s dream and heart’s desire to move to Maui with her 3 children. She is truly a woman of faith and prayed only for God’s will. Although we only talked for 15 minutes on the path, we connected deeply and I knew, as a woman of faith, that I was to encourage her and share my story. We met the next day on the path and I gifted her with my book, Simply a Woman of Faith. I have supported her through telephone calls and texts until now.

Kristie and her children are coming here with NOTHING but their suitcases. The rest of their belongings may not get here for a week to 10 days. She sold most of her belongings, including furniture and kitchen stuff.

I asked Spirit to guide me to what Kristie needed when I got in my car to go “sailing.” It was Kristie’s faith and trust in God to provide for her and her willingness to receive that enabled me to experience a divine encounter and be a vessel of Love.  What a gift I received because I asked and God answered.

I almost missed the yard sale sign and almost didn’t turn around until I heard Spirit say, “Turn around.” When I walked into the yard sale, the first thing my eyes spotted were signs like LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED, FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS and SPARKLE (Larry’s nick name for me.) I knew I was at the right place. Following your dreams is what Kristie is doing and I did 10 years ago by moving to Maui.

I started a “pile” as the prices were just right. Kristie mentioned that she would like white plates. Of course, the first thing I spotted were white plates so I bought all 6.  I bought several things including towels, sheets, a lamp, and a plastic chest with drawers.

I shared Kristie’s story of moving to Maui alone with 3 kids with the woman holding the yard sale. We both had the chills. I told her I would be writing a blog about how God provided through her generosity. She said, “I have more clearing to do, I will call you.”

To say I was flying high and filled with gratitude about how God answered prayer and provided for Kristie would be an understatement. Jami and I were now on first name basis. I wanted to give back to her and went home to get our book, “It’s Never Too Late for Love.”

When I returned a couple of hours later to give her our book, she was thrilled and said she couldn’t wait to read it. She said, “Look around Pat and make a pile. I want Kristie to have whatever she needs.” OMG! She gave me a beautiful blue set of dishes and bowels, blankets, quilt, curtain rod and curtains, shower curtain and rod, kitchen towels and other goodies for the family. My car was filled to the brim. I came home and happily washed everything and folded.

Jami was truly an angel. It was like the perfect storm, but instead of it being a storm it was the perfect divine encounter.  Jami sold her house and needed to downsize and Kristie was moving into her home and needed everything. It truly was a divine set-up.

This story reminded me of what happened when I moved into our present home that was completely furnished 8 years ago. Prior to moving here, I lived in a 3 room ohana that was also furnished. I was “homeless” for a month while waiting for tenants to move out. Thankfully, friends opened their homes and hearts to me. A friend offered to store “my stuff” in a spare bedroom that she wasn’t using until I could sell it or give it away. I trusted God that I was being taken care of and provided for.

I received a call from my friend, Ellen, that a friend of hers had just been accepted into senior housing and she didn’t have anything. Ellen said, “I know you are moving; do you have anything you can contribute?” I sure did, a whole room of furniture and household goods. I was thrilled to give it to her friend and the friend was thrilled to receive it.

We are all connected. We are all ONE. We are always provided for. God is faithful. I feel so blessed and grateful to serve and be a vessel of love.

My mother shows up

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I hope everyone had a nice Mother’s Day. Even though my 4 children and I are scattered all over the globe, and I am 5,000 miles away across the ocean, we connected through phone calls and zoom. Since we are still in quarantine, we stayed at home and I had a peaceful, quiet Mother’s Day. I am very grateful for my children and grandchildren and the love and happiness they bring me.

Mother’s Day can be a difficult day for many of us. We may not all have children, but we all have mothers who have birthed us into the world. We may or may not know our biological mothers. Some of our mothers have gone to the other side and we miss them terribly. Some of us have chosen not to have children. Some of us cannot have children and that causes pain in our hearts. Some of us have mothers that are alive, but we don’t have a nurturing relationship with them. Some of us are blessed to have and have had loving relationships with our moms.

It’s not surprising that Mother’s Day may be difficult for so many women and they feel relieved when the day is over. My mother died in 1968 at the age of 44 on New Year’s Day and I was only 20 years old. My children never got to meet their grandmother, nor was she there when I got married.

Because of her alcoholism and illness, we didn’t have a loving, nurturing relationship. We started to have a relationship a year before she died when she went to Alcoholics Anonymous and got sober. Consequently, there were many Mother’s days that I cried and wished she was still alive. I’m grateful that with the grace of God, I have been able to forgive her and often feel her presence in my life, like I did this Mother’s Day. The best gift I have given to my children has been to do my inner work of healing and forgiveness so I don’t pass on the dysfunction to the next generation.

I love how Spirit gives me what I need when I need it, even when I don’t ask.  The day before Mother’s Day, I asked Larry to get a box down from the top shelf of my closet. I was looking for my old picture/affirmation book that I prayed with daily when I was writing Simply a Woman of Faith. I thought looking at the affirmation book would give me inspiration while writing our new book.

I didn’t find what I was looking for in the box. Instead, I found the brown, soft cuddly teddy bearthat was tucked away in the bottom of the box. Memories flooded in as I held the teddy bear close to my heart as tears flowed down my cheeks.

Several years ago, I was really missing my mom and asked to feel her presence.

I was in a gift shop on New Year’s Day when I heard the small, still voice of God say: “I have a special gift for you today, be open.”  As I walked around the gift shop, I prayed to be led. I didn’t find anything and wondered if I really heard the voice of God or was it my imagination?

I was about to leave the gift store, but decided to take one more look and walked down the baby aisle. I picked up this soft, cuddly brown teddy bear and held it close to my face. When I turned it over, I saw the manufacturer’s tag on the back. HONEY was in big red letters. My mother’s name was HONEY. Here was my gift from my mother. She shows up when I need her the most. That happened about 30 years ago.

Here was my mom “showing up” again for me on Mother’s Day 53 years after her death. I went to bed this past Saturday night with my HONEY cuddly teddy bear close to my heart. I don’t think I will put her back in the box again. I will keep her near as I need to feel my mother’s love and presence every day.

My mother is helping me with my journey to be a vessel of love and to be the best mom, wife and friend I can be. You weren’t able to be there for me growing up, but you are here for me now. Thank you, mom.

How to attract your Soulmate

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Have you ever dreamed about writing a book?  Have others said to you, “You should write a book?” Many people said that to me and my response was always, “Maybe someday- when I retire.” My dream of writing a book almost died inside of me.  I’m so grateful God didn’t give up on me as my book was published in 2007 and people are still reading it and I’m still reaping the fruits of it.

What keeps you from writing your book? For me it was FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real). It took me 7 years to write, “Simply A Woman of Faith” because I was filled with fear and didn’t believe in myself.

Every time I went on a retreat, I would hear the small, still voice of God say, “I want you to finish the book.” I would write for a while and then stop because I thought I was wasting my time and no one would read it.  At one point, I stopped writing for a whole year and said to God, “I’m not doing it, you have chosen the wrong person” I was done, but God wasn’t done with me!

There were so many miracles of how God provided for me while writing the book. My son, Tim, said to me, “Mom, you have to change your yard sale mentality when it comes to looking for a coach and editor. Several people within a short time recommended Lisa Tener. I called her and felt an immediate heart connection with her.

The money “showed up” as Spirit promised to hire Lisa. I mysteriously found $2300 in my bank account and I had no idea how it got there. I received an award of $500 at work in my pay check, that I was not suppose to receive.  

I created an “Intention Book” with all of my intentions and dreams and prayed with it daily.

  • To complete and publish my book by 2007                          DONE
  • Be an Inspirational speaker and win a speech contest     DONE
  • To meet my soulmate and get married                                 DONE

I am amazed as to where I am today because I said YES to God and kept “showing up.” With the grace of God, I have had many wonderful, fulfilling experiences and still do because I faced my fear and was transformed into the woman I am today.

Here are some highlights of the last 13 years of writing and publishing my book.

  • I led a women’s retreat in Bermuda for, with all expenses paid.
  • I led a personal retreat for 6 women on a cruise ship to Bermuda.
  • I was selected to be a speaker on the Holistic Norwegian cruise line in 2012.
  • I had a radio show called “Finding the God of your own understanding.”
  • I led workshops and retreats for women.
  • I moved to Maui and lived on the ocean for $300 a month for 6 months.
  • I currently live in a million- dollar home overlooking the ocean.
  • I was on staff as a spiritual coach in the Sacred Feminine Mystery School.
  • I met my soulmate, Larry, and we were married almost 3 years ago.

These are the affirmations that I wrote 10 years ago about meeting my soulmate.

  • I love spending time with my soulmate and enjoying our delicious, passionate, playful and romantic relationship
  • I am enjoying the sacred, holy space that my soulmate and I have created in our home together.
  • I am totally fulfilled and excited about my divine relationship with my soulmate, who is spiritual, healthy, and in love with the adventure of life and out journey together.
  • I am overflowing with joy and happiness that my soulmate and I have found each other, are happily married and adore and love one another.

I continue to “show up” and say YES. I don’t know what’s next and that’s fine with me. I live in the moment and trust divine timing and order.

Larry’s reaction when I shared I have feelings for you

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When I shared with Larry 5 years ago “I have feelings for you” after 2 years of being best friends, he was very surprised and answered, “Let’s see what happens.” Not exactly what I wanted to hear!

To be fair to him, I had made it very clear that I wasn’t interested in a romantic relationship and he accepted that. We often joked with one another and said, “We don’t want to mess up our relationship by going to the next level.”

It took about a week for us to go to the next level! We had already built the foundation of trust so it was easy to move forward. We have a lot in common and are compatible and we are very different in some areas. I guess that’s what makes it interesting, fun and sometimes challenging.

For example: I’m very expressive and get excited easily when a new opportunity comes or something good happens. I’m out there shouting from the roof tops to whomever will listen. Larry, on the other hand, is kind of laid back with an attitude of “Let’s see what happens.”

I know this about him and have accepted our differences. There is no right or wrong way, it’s just the way we have learned to process things. It’s not that he’s not excited and happy for me, because he’s very supportive of whatever I want to do in my life.

I asked Larry about where his “Let’s see what happens” attitude comes from. He said, “I guess I’m conservative and “Let’s see what happens” makes sense to me. I don’t count my chickens before they hatch and it protects me from disappointment.”

Here is what happened this week and how we worked through it.

I shared in last week’s blog that I had been on “Divine Pause” for the last 9 months. I prayed, waited, trusted, and surrendered my life to God. I trusted I would be guided and doors would open at the perfect and right time. 

I also shared I was invited by Amrita Grace (Co-founder and director) to teach at the Divine Feminine Mystery School in November about Codependency-a subject that I am passionate about. She is recommending me as the Spiritual, Sexual Life Coach for the women if they want coaching while going through the program.

I’m over the top excited and said, “YES” when Amrita invited me to be on the staff at the school. I am honored and humbled for this opportunity to share my gifts and my own healing with the women going through the certification program.

Of course, I shared it with Larry when Amrita invited me to be on staff at the school. Larry responded calmly with “Let’s see what happens.” I felt disappointed because this is not what I wanted to hear. Instead of walking off in a huff and being angry with him, I simply asked him, “Could you please put aside for a moment your “Let’s see what happens” attitude and congratulate me and be happy for me?”

He quickly responded with a big smile, hug and congratulations. We both laughed and I felt heard and valued. I am learning to ask for what I want and need. I don’t always get it, but sometimes I do.

I attract everything into my life for my highest good

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I believe I attract everything and every experience into my life for my highest good. It may be to help me remember the truth of who I am (there is no separation and we are all ONE and connected) or to release an old belief that no longer serves me, but hurts me and keeps me “stuck in the muck.”

Whenever I follow my heart, whether that be moving 6000 miles away from my friends and family or getting a divorce after 30 years of marriage, there is a good possibility I may be judged and will disappoint a loved one. It may not be something big like moving, it may be saying no or setting a boundary. Our loved ones may experience feelings of hurt, anger, resentment or even abandonment.

If I want to be happy, peaceful, live the life of my dreams and most importantly do God’s will, I must be willing to deal with others’ disappointments and possible disapproval. It takes a great deal of courage and strength to follow your heart, knowing it may disappoint and anger loved ones, consciously or unconsciously.

I have personally experienced withdrawal, avoidance and being ignored by others. This is painful when a loved one withdraws, and I don’t know why they are withdrawing or ignoring me (and they won’t tell me why). They may have buried their feelings of hurt, anger or abandonment and it may come out sideways. Until they are ready to share their pain and release it, there is not much I can do, but to send love.

Many years ago, when my son and family moved to Florida and I wouldn’t see them often, especially holidays, I had to give myself permission to feel the disappointment, sadness and anger.  I remember standing at the edge of the ocean, screaming and getting my anger out.

 At first, I judged my feelings and felt guilty that I was angry.  After all, they were doing what was right for them, even though I wasn’t happy with it. Once I was able to identify my feelings and give myself permission to feel, my peace returned and I was able to send them love and even be happy for them.

For many years, when I was ignored, forgotten or a loved one withdrew from me and didn’t give me the attention I craved, I automatically thought I DID SOMETHING WRONG and it was my fault.  There was always a story I made up in my mind as I tried to figure out what I did to hurt them. I often found out that it had nothing to do with me and I was taking it personally. Can you relate?

I lost my peace and power this week when an old belief that no longer served me reared its head. I spent a lot of time by myself in prayer and meditation, as well as writing and exploring where the belief came from. The old belief originated as a child when I felt responsible for my mother and her alcoholism. I unconsciously felt guilty and wrong that I couldn’t fix her or make her better. The search for love from outside of ourselves is a sign of arrested emotional development. We strive to be the best in order to be noticed and found worthy of attention and love.

Intellectually, I know that I’m not responsible for others’ feelings or behaviors. What they do or don’t do is their business, not mine. It is another story emotionally when I’ve been hurt or ignored, like I was this week. I had the opportunity to work through it and release the old belief of feeling responsible for others’ feelings and behaviors.

The first step of healing is to become aware of what’s going on within. Guilt is usually an indicator for me that I’m taking responsibility for another’s behaviors and feelings. The belief is REVEALED to be HEALED and RELEASED because it no longer serves me.

The truth is I am responsible for myself; my behaviors, feelings, attitudes and actions. I cannot control or change another person, no matter how much I love them.

What is important is that I keep my side of the street clean. If I’ve hurt someone unintentionally, I make amends, as well as let go of judgement, blame, resentment and anger. I choose love, I send love and surrender to a Power greater than myself.  I will continue to follow my heart and do God’s will.

I needed to relax and integrate

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Mary, Herbie and I had a wonderful relaxing mini-vacation on Oahu last week. I walked the beach every morning and sat watching the waves for 4 hours, while reading a good book. I don’t usually do this here on Maui because I have my daily routine and there is always something to get done at home or in the community. I look forward to taking my  “Pat Day” every Sunday by going to the pool, eating lunch out and relaxing and just BEING.

I believe I always get what I need, even when I don’t know I need it  It’s been my experience over the years that when I’m in the middle of something that is intense, like raising kids, working full time and getting a Masters degree all at the same time, I have the energy to just keep going until I complete what I’m doing. I guess that is a good thing.

I didn’t realize how much my body needed to relax, integrate and do nothing until I reflected on the last 6 months and everything I’ve accomplished. Since last July, I’ve traveled 5 times to the mainland and to Costa Rica in November. I graduated from the Sacred Feminine Mystery School and became a Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator and Licensed Teacher of Awakening and Healing. I had the privilege and honor to facilitate over 25 sacred healing sessions with women, as well as facilitate a Women’s Sacred Sexuality Retreat weekend on Maui in January. Whew, that’s a lot of stuff!

I feel so grateful and blessed for my own healing and that I’m following my heart and soul’s calling by facilitating this sacred healing with women.The Awakening and Healing self-healing practice is for clearing trauma, shame and blocks that have left energetic imprints in our bodies. I believe all women would benefit from this profound work, whether sexually abused or not.

I’m grateful for the “technical” support I received from Mary this week. I knew i needed lots of help and welcomed it with wide open arms.

She helped me with my new website “www.Sacred Awakening and Healing.

Mary also made a short video of our home on Maui overlooking the ocean. Have you always wanted to visit Maui? Now you can. You can tour the beautiful island, go to the beach and receive sacred Sexuality sessions in our home. Please contact me for details.

How do you know it’s God’s voice?

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Over the years people have asked me, “How do you know when God is guiding you and it’s not just your own will or voice?

About 40 years ago, I was led to a small book titled, “How God Guides Us” by Don Basham and it changed my life. I have been living by this principle for all these years and it has never failed me. When I don’t know if something is God’s will or my will, I simply pray, “God, open or close the door.”

Basham writes, “Closed doors are a viral part of guidance. When God closes a door, it’s because there is another plan, a better plan. If He closes the door, He’ll open another, according to His timing, not mine. I keep moving in faith, even in the face of closed door.”

Guidance comes when we move in faith, not when we sit in doubt. We step out in faith, trusting that if we make a mistake, God will correct it and get us back on the right track.  I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way, but I have always been protected and led back to where I need to be.

When I’m fearful about moving forward and not sure if I’m on the right path, I pray, “God close the door.” This makes me feel safe because I know one way or the other the door will be closed. I may not like it, but I trust there will be something better.

I stepped out in faith when I left my family, friends, home, community, and moved to Maui 7 years ago. I trusted God would close the door if it wasn’t meant to be. I just kept moving ahead and doors kept opening at the perfect and right time.

I am so grateful that I had the courage and willingness to follow my heart and my dream. I would not be living on the ocean with my beloved husband, Larry, if I hadn’t trusted God was leading me.

I shared in last week’s blog that my daughter, Mary, and grandson, Herbie, are staying with us for 6 weeks. We are excited to have them with us and are really enjoying one another’s company.

Several months ago, Mary found a B&B upcountry that had a beautiful pool and several hiking trails nearby. She decided to rent it for 10 days in the middle of her stay with us. Last month, she was notified that they had to remove the kitchen due to new laws just passed in Maui county. They offered to return her deposit if she wanted to cancel. Mary loves to cook and decided to cancel the B&B. Closed door!

Another door opened 2 weeks ago when Mary’s girlfriend told her that she and her family were vacationing in Oahu the same time as Mary was in Maui.  Mary decided to rent a lovely cottage in Oahu and invited grandma to join them. It is 1 block away from her friend’s house and it has a heated pool and a two- minute walk to the ocean.

I love how when one door closes, another one opens. Oh happy day, a fun trip to another Hawaiian island with Mary and Herbie.

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