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Pat, I need prayer now!

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Praying for things that you want gives you an opportunity to affirm your worthiness.  If you don’t love yourself, you will find all kinds of excuses not to ask for what you want or to DEFLECT your good when it comes. This is also called self-sabotage.  Asking God for what you want is an affirmation that you desire and deserve good in your life.

If you love, honor, value and appreciate yourself, you will know that you deserve to ask God for health, peace of mind, happiness, success, healthy relationships, wealth and love. You will be open to all things good that come into your life and support your well-being.

I would like to share a story about a friend who called me and asked for prayer this morning.  Larry and I spend time together in the morning discussing the plans for the day and expressing our gratitude for our many blessings.  Larry had just finished sharing a dream that he had that night (which he will share in his part of the blog) and we were talking about the importance of asking God for help when the phone rang.

I know now it was Spirit because I answered the phone on the 2nd ring and I don’t usually answer the phone during my time with Larry in the morning.  I could hear the desperation and panic in my friend’s voice when she said hello. She said, “Pat, I am so glad you answered the phone, I need prayer NOW.”  I said, “OK what’s going on?” She told me that she had to make a phone call in 5 minutes with an important decision about her career and she didn’t know what to do.

I listened and allowed her to share her feelings of anger, being overwhelmed, fear, confusion and panic. When she had vented and calmed down some, we prayed together and we did EFT tapping. We prayed for guidance and clarity.

When we were done, I asked her if she had read our blog from last week about the power of prayer and she said, “Yes, that is what prompted me to call you and ask for prayer.  I said, “I don’t usually answer the phone in the morning.”  She said, “I know you don’t and it is a miracle that you answered the phone today.”   She started to cry and I sensed they were tears of gratitude because she experienced a miracle and knew she was loved and cared for by God.  She said, “I now know there is a bigger picture.”  I encouraged her to see this as an opportunity for her to set her boundaries and stand up for herself, rather than feeling like a victim and blaming others.

I asked her to call and let me know the outcome of the phone call that she was about to make.  When she called me back a little while later, I could hear the strength and confidence in her voice.  She was able to clearly speak her truth and get her needs met.   We both knew it was the POWER OF PRAYER and that she had the courage to ask for help when she needed it.

After our conversation, I asked myself, “Why do we often wait until we are desperate to ask for help from God or another and experience a miracle?” Could it be our pride or that we feel  unworthy? Could it be that we don’t  want to bother another or God? Are we afraid of what others will think of us?  Are we afraid of being judged or rejected?   I am sure there are many reasons why we don’t ask for help when we need it. What are yours?

I recently came across a poem called “I AM THERE” by James Dillet Freeman. “Do you need me? I am there. You cannot see Me, yet I am the light you see by. Only in absolute stillness, beyond self, can you know Me as I am, and then but as a feeling and a faith. Yet I am there. Yet I hear. Yet I answer. When you need me, I am there.”


 During one of our conversations about prayer, I mentioned to Pat that I have difficulty praying to God about someone who is very sick or dying or is going through a difficult time, etc.  I refer to this as a “petition prayer”.

 If I believe that everything we encounter in our lives is for our highest good, then,  asking God to intervene would be asking God to change his/her assessment. Would this mean that I knew what was better for that person than God did?  I will send love and light energy trusting that this will help the person in their predicament, but I won’t ask for them to get well or the difficult times to pass.

I had a couple of incidents last week when I asked God for help.   One was in a dream and the other one was with my part-time job.  In my dream, I had just climbed to the top of a cliff. When I got to the top, I turned around and looked down. I wasn’t sure that I would be able to climb down again.  I started to climb down and noticed a large cloth something like a sheet or bedspread hanging down the side of the cliff, so I grabbed hold of it and used it as leverage to help me climb down.  Suddenly the cloth began to tear.  As I looked up at the edge of the cliff, I noticed a metal cross in the ground.  As the cloth tore away, I grabbed onto the cross and began to pull myself up.  Then to my horror the cross began to bend from my weight.  I was really frightened now and yelled out, “God I could really use some help here.”  Then I noticed a small tree growing near the edge of the cliff.  It was small enough for me to get my hand around it as I pulled myself up to safety.  I’m not sure what dreams mean or what value they have al though this dream helped me to realize how important it is to allow Spirit into our lives to help us through the difficult times.   

I manage a vacation rental here on Maui.  I was working at my desk yesterday paying some bills and working on files.  I had a deposit check from folks who will be staying at the condo in the near future.  I put the check in a special place on my desk so I wouldn’t lose it.  I finished my work and turned off my laptop computer. I collected the material I had been working on and looked at the place where I had placed the check. It was gone.  I looked everywhere and couldn’t find it. This was the worst scenario I could imagine and I wasn’t sure what to do. 

I took a minute to sit down at my desk, collect my thoughts and calm down.  I said, “God I could really use your help.  I don’t know what happened to that check.”  Then a thought came to me immediately. “Look under your laptop.”  Sure enough, the check was there under my computer in the back.  Some folks may think that this was a coincidence.  I think it was asking and being open to receiving a gift from the energy of light and love.  Just like my dream, I was hanging off that cliff and love consciousness had my back.  Love always has our back. All we need to do is ask and be open to receive.  


If you are standing at a crossroads in your life and fear is your only companion and you are not sure which road to take (whether it be confronting an addiction, an abusive relationship, terminal illness, passing of a loved one), is it time for you ask for help? 


Learning to ask for help when you need it and trusting an energy far more powerful than you have ever known is the answer. Take that first step because Love has your back and we are never alone.


“Disappointments are the hooks upon which God hangs his victories.

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“Disappointments are the hooks upon which God hangs his victories. There is a way to deal with disappointments that can make you a winner.  Remove the D and replace it with H. Thus, disappointment becomes “HISAPPOINTMENT.” In other words, remove the incident from the projections of your expectations and imagine that God has caused the situation to turn out this way because He has a bigger and better plan than the one you formulated. Our idea of the way things should be pales in the face of God’s vision for how good it can and will be.”  Dare to Be Yourself – Alan Cohen pg. 179

We’ve all had experiences of being disappointed when things don’t go the way we thought they were going to go.  We need to know how to work through the disappointment and not “stay stuck” or resentful because things didn’t go the way we wanted or expected them to go. It is an opportunity to trust God that whatever is happening is for our good.  I must admit that much of my disappointments have come from “I want what I want and I want it now” attitude. Can you relate?

I love HISAPPOINTMENT because whenever I’m not sure of what is the best path for me, I pray and ask God to either open or close the door. When God closes the door, I trust that there is something bigger and better for me. I have experienced closed doors at the very last minute, and it has always been for my good. This spoke to me because I was feeling very disappointed over something that happened during the week. While I was at church a few weeks ago, I spotted a very nice looking man sitting by himself in the back of the church. I wondered if he was new because I had never seen him before. As we were all walking out, I turned around and he was behind me. I introduced myself and we began talking. He just moved here from the Big Island and he said, “It is my second time here and it was suggested that I come to Unity because I am looking for this GOD THING.” That was all I needed to hear and blurted out, “Would you like to go for coffee or a walk sometime?” His face lit up and he said, “Yes, I would love to do that.” I laughed and said, “I am not usually this forward.”  I gave him my business card with my phone number on it. He said he would call me.

I was really excited and later shared with my girlfriends what happened. I described the feeling that I had when we smiled at one another. I actually had a physical sensation and felt a strong connection with him.  I felt the disappointment as the week went on that I hadn’t heard from him. I worked on letting go and trusting that it was a closed door. I wondered if he was threatened by my profession as a coach and author or worse yet, I thought perhaps he thought I wanted to get together so I could be his life coach.  Good lesson for me to learn for the future. I will not give a man my card that I am interested in!

I looked for him this past Sunday at church, but he wasn’t there. What happened next is really amazing because I received a “God wink.” I stopped to talk to one of the women before going into church. She said, “Pat, I have to tell you what happened when I worked at the new bookstore in the mall on Monday. A man came in and asked for Pat Hastings’ book, “Simply a Woman of Faith”. I said, Oh, I know Pat Hastings, but I don’t think we have her book. I was stunned and asked her, “Was his name John?” She said, “Yes, it was.”

What are the chances of me finding out that the day after we met that he went to the bookstore to find my book?  I felt grateful that I didn’t make up “this connection”  in my head and that perhaps he felt the same connection. I don’t know the reason why God closed the door (that he didn’t call) and I don’t need to know. Perhaps he found the book in another bookstore and the book will help him find this “GOD THING.” I know for sure that I am to pray for him that he finds what he is searching for. I have let go and trust that if we are meant to talk in the future, we will.

There is another opportunity in my life that I am praying about and asking God to open or close the door. I only want God’s will and it is not clear to me yet what that is.  All I know is that it is new territory for me, and that can be scary. But I am trusting divine love and guidance. It seems like God is inviting me to “receive” something that I have wanted for a long time and on a “silver platter.” It almost feels like it is too good to be true, but I know that everything that is good is true. Do I feel deserving and worthy to receive this gift from God? YES, I DO, and if God opens the door, I am going for it with gusto! I will share with you when the door is opened or closed.

I just learned a name for a behavior I once practiced in my life through reading Alan Cohen’s book, “Dare to be Yourself.” It is called a “Planaholic.” It states “our culture is obsessed with planning and much of it is inspired by fear. Heavy scheduling is a way to avoid intimacy. If we are constantly busy, we don’t have to face our feelings and deal with issues in relationships. If you are busy doing, doing, doing out of fear of being, you will never release that magnificent person who is calling to live and breathe and bring unique and precious gifts to the world.”

I am happy to say I am a recovering “Planaholic” and am so grateful for this wonderful shift in consciousness. It is amazing because today I prefer to live my day without plans. It feels so good to be in the flow, spontaneous and follow my intuition all through my day. I wake up and say, “thank you God for the miracles and surprises that will come my way today.” Course in Miracles  states,“The healed mind does not plan.” I lived in my head for such a long time and didn’t trust my intuition. Today, I trust my heart and intuition because I believe God speaks to us through our intuition. If I listened to my head and not my heart, I would not be on this sacred journey to Maui.  When I meet people and they ask me, “What brought you to Maui, I say, MY HEART.”

Since I no longer “do, do, do” and am learning to BE and feel, I am discovering more of myself and living the life of my dreams. It is truly the greatest adventure of my life since I followed my heart and moved to Maui. I am discovering the real me and finding the beauty and magnificence within. God is calling us all to walk this sacred journey of finding the love within. A Course in Miracles states “We are here to discover the blocks to our awareness of love’s presence, so we can release this and let our true loving nature shine forth in full splendor.”

“I Didn’t Expect to end my day in Tears

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Recently I had a delightful day with my friend Ellen, who invited me to a holiday pops concert at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center. I had started my morning in prayer and had written a hundred things I was grateful for, so after such a lovely experience, I didn’t expect to end my day in tears.

Even though I have wonderful friends here in Maui that love me and who I enjoy spending time with, that night, I went to bed feeling a deep sense of loneliness and sadness. These feelings seemed to come out of nowhere. I felt like the energy was drained from me and I cried as I drifted off to sleep. I couldn’t remember my dream but when I woke up, it felt like I was hit by a big wave. As I got out of bed, I heard the words, “Pat, practice what you preach and don’t give up before the miracle.”

That morning I was scheduled for my weekly online conference call with 3 other women. I called my friend Kati to tell her I didn’t want to be on the call because I felt like I had been hit by a wave and was crying. I didn’t want to be vulnerable with the other women who I had just met a few weeks ago. Kati listened and encouraged me to participate in the call and said, “We are not meant to walk alone” but she also gave me permission to do what my heart needed to do. I didn’t want to be a part of the call but I also didn’t want to deny myself love from the other women.  She encouraged me to “be grateful and welcome the wave because there would be a release that would be very powerful.”

I decided to “show up” and reluctantly called into the conference number a few minutes later. What is interesting is that the other 2 women were not able to be on the call that morning, and it was only Kati and I. Kati shared that this is an intense time on our planet and what was happening to me (releasing old karma, beliefs and wounds) is happening world- wide.  There is an intense global purification and everything is coming up to be purified. We are a part of a global shift and we are all feeling the effects of it in different ways.

There is more light being ushered into our solar system than ever before because the sun has changed polarities.  This affects our physical bodies very powerfully as well as our nervous system and brain. The transformation to the “golden age” is happening on our planet right now, and it is tapping our cellular memory and bringing to light any memories that have been tucked away for many years. They are coming up for us to look at them, feel any old emotions that have been repressed or stuck, so that we can release them and heal completely.

We must clear out of our system what no longer serves us by releasing and surrendering it back into the light. This is a time of healing our wounds, the grief, trauma, sadness and the separation from spirit and thinking we are alone. We are invited to allow the sadness, grief to flow through us, so we will be restored to feeling love and knowing our perfection.

After speaking with Kati, I spent the day alone loving myself and doing whatever I needed to do to release these intense feelings that were surfacing. I trusted that this was coming up so it could be released and healed. I didn’t have to know why (or where) these feelings were coming from, I just had to allow myself to feel them and let them run through me. It was very uncomfortable and I didn’t know what to do with myself at times. I slept, cried, prayed and wrote about what I was experiencing. By that evening, the feelings were gone and I felt renewed again.

That night, I picked up a book called, “Finding your way home” by Melody Beattie and was surprised to read a chapter on Healing Emotions that confirmed my experience that day. Here is what she wrote, “Sometimes we go numb for survival’s sake and stop bothering to feel. That may have worked then, but no more. Now, our soul wants to survive. To do that, we need to feel. And feel. And feel. We don’t want our feelings to control us. But they do, until we feel them. Feeling our feelings means we bow to them, we acknowledge them. Stay with it until you can feel the emotional charge, until it resonates within you and your body tells you it is so. Then release the energy. Breathe it out. Let it move through your entire system. Get it out of your field. Be done with it. You may experience unexpected, yet powerful emotions that quickly dissolve. You may experience purging on physical and emotional levels. Try to ride the wave of these changes and remain clear. Trust the process and you will experience an accelerated rhythm of cleansing and purification. After you clear each obstacle, you will be open to new levels of energy and must assimilate and integrate them.”

Stepping into the “Golden Age” on Earth means we are leaving behind old beliefs and feelings that no longer serve us. This cycle is about co-creating on the planet with Mother Earth and each other.  This is what we have been waiting for- seeing unity in all things.  This is a time to be the light and to hold this vision of light in ourselves and others. Sometimes, it is easy for me to see the light in other people, but not always easy to see the light in me.  If I can see the light in another person then I believe that is a reflection of the same light in me, so I must embrace it and claim it as mine.

Today, I am feeling grateful for the wave of energy that brought healing and love to me, enabling me to release old emotions so that I can receive and radiate more light into my life and into the world.

Have you been hit by a wave lately? It may have hit you in your personal relationships, business, health or finances. Don’t be afraid because all is well and in divine order. We must remember this is a time of purification, letting go, surrendering and trusting. It is a time to deepen our relationship with Spirit.

A couple of weeks ago, I received a beautiful plaque from my friend Mary that said, “This Little Light of Mine I’m going to let it shine”. As we approach the special season of Christmas, let us prepare our hearts and minds to receive more of God’s light. Let us all shine our light for the world to see because we are the hands and feet of God and the world needs us now, more than ever.

As I was about to send this out, I received an email that read, “Catch the wave of love, light and unity and then turn around and spread it around.” I am spreading the wave of love, light and unity to you.


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1.   STOP ALL CRITICISM– Criticism never changes a thing.  Refuse to criticize yourself.  Accept yourself exactly as you are knowing that you have everything you need in this moment.

2.   DON’T SCARE YOURSELF – Stop terrorizing yourself with your negative thoughts.  Everything happens to me, “what if mentality.”  Find a mental image that brings you pleasure and switch your scary thoughts to pleasurable thoughts.  Remember the good things that have happened in the past.

3.  SPEND TIME ALONE IN MEDITATION AND PRAYER-  Plug into the Power within on a daily basis. Allow yourself to receive Divine Love.  Journal your feelings and focus on what you want.

4.  BE KIND TO YOUR MIND – Self hatred is only hating your own thoughts. Don’t hate yourself for having the thoughts. Change your thinking and focus on the positive things.  Start a gratitude journal.

5.  PRAISE YOURSELF – Criticism breaks down the inner spirit. Praise builds it up. Praise yourself as much as you can. Tell yourself how well you are doing with every little thing. Stop looking for others to validate you. Use affirmations on a daily basis. Be patient with yourself and treat yourself as you would your best friend. Look into your eyes often and tell yourself the truth of who you are as a child of God.   Believe and trust in yourself.

6.  SUPPORT YOURSELF – Find ways to support yourself. Reach out to friends and allow them to help you.  Ask for help when you need it  – it is  a sign of strength and courage. 

7.  TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY – Learn about nutrition. What kind of fuel does your body need to have optimum energy and vitality?  Exercise. Cherish and revere the temple you live in. 

8.  ACCEPT YOUR GIFTS – Step into your greatness and magnificence. Stop hiding and let your light shine.  Find your passion and live it.



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What channel do you listen to everyday in your head? What are the thoughts that occupy the inner sanctuary of your mind? Do you listen to the “not good enough and not deserving” station or do you tune into the station that says “you are a magnificent creation of God living a life of love, peace and joy?” It’s your choice what channel you listen to. The good news is that you can change the channel anytime you want. What are you waiting for? Doesn’t it feel better when you listen to the truth, rather than the lie?

You have to start by asking yourself the question, what is my truth? What do I believe about myself, my God and the world I live in? Do I know that I am one with God and God is all there is? Do I believe that I am a magnificent child of God, intended to live a live of peace, joy and love? Do I believe that God is my source, that I am safe and never alone?

When you truly know deep in your heart that there is no separation from God, the way you experience life will change. The truth is you are a spiritual being deserving love, peace, abundance, happiness and joy. The truth is life should unfold effortlessly in peace, ease and grace. The truth is that you have everything inside of you and your possibilities are unlimited.

Many people don’t believe this on a soul level. They keep the channel on the “not good enough and undeserving” station and don’t know how to change it. The channel has been playing for so many years and it’s comfortable-even though it doesn’t feel good, it’s familiar. Even now, my “not good enough” channel plays in my head. The good news is that when I become aware of it playing, I’m able to change the station to the truth of who I am.

The lie is when you tell yourself that you are not good enough, don’t do enough and are not deserving of good and God. The lie is that you have to be in control and make things happen around you. The lie is that you have to rush, push, stay busy and the more you do, the better it will be and you will get what you want.

You create your reality by your thoughts. Thoughts are energy. You have the power inside to create whatever you want. When you think positive thoughts and are grateful for what you have, you attract more of that into your life. You trust that you have everything you need in the present moment and that all is well. You know that whatever is going on will pass and things will get better.

Choose to live in the truth and change the channel. Choose to live in love and peace. Practice affirmations on a daily basis. Show up and plug into the Power on a daily basis through prayer and meditation. Your life is unfolding according to a divine plan and all is well.

Steps to change the “Not Good Enough” channel

1. Be aware of it when it’s playing. Notice it as it plays in your head. Are you comparing yourself with others, wanting to be perfect or afraid of not being in control?

2. Don’t shame yourself “I can’t believe this is playing again” “what’s wrong with me?”

3. Be compassionate and loving toward yourself.

5. Admit it first to yourself, to God and another person.

6. By acknowledging it, you break the 3 unspoken rules: don’t talk, trust or feel.

7. Rest – rather than pushing, rushing, staying busy embrace it and don’t run from it.

8. Pray, meditate and ask for God’s healing. Repeat the truth: I am one with God, God is all there is. Pray to heal the belief in separation.

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