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It’s time to come out of hiding and Let My Light Shine”

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I love when Spirit answers my prayers quickly, easily and effortlessly. I write my weekly blog in the middle of the week and didn’t think I had anything exciting to write about. I asked for a “story” that would be inspiring that I could share with all of you. God answered my prayer that same day!

My friend, Kati, and I spent the day playing at the ocean and swimming in the Marriott pool overlooking the ocean. While we were in the pool, we coached each other and had a fun “lively conversation” about saying YES to letting our lights shine. We shared our stories about how we have hidden our light and gifts for so many years. We both knew in our hearts that it was time to “COME OUT OF HIDING.”  We supported and affirmed one another about the adventures and abundance that were rightfully ours and coming our way. Is it time for you to COME OUT OF HIDING and share your gifts with the world?  Several of my friends in Maui are experiencing the same thing and are bringing their gifts into the world. It is time for us to shine because the world needs us more than ever. It is time to SHINE God’s light into the world.

                                                                Marriott pool overlooking the ocean  

                                                                Marriot pool    

I shared something that happened to me many years ago when my family belonged to a Christian community.It was strongly suggested that I keep my gifts to myself because God wanted to raise up my husband with his gifts, first.


Unfortunately, I listened to that advice and didn’t use my gifts because I didn’t know any better and wanted to belong. I also thought the leaders of the community knew better than I did.  God didn’t raise my husband up and I went into hiding and kept my mouth shut. I shudder to think that I allowed this to happen to me and therefore, gave my power away.You may have had similar experiences in your life that weren’t healthy, but they helped you to grow stronger and become the person you  are today. You may have received messages from your parents, your religion or school that weren’t healthy.  I was told that I was conceited so, of course, I wanted to hide my gifts.
I am grateful that I see the truth now and no longer give my power away to anyone. I seek the Spirit within and know my answers are within.I shared with Kati that I was in the process of writing another book with all of my “Divine Downloads” since moving to Maui. Before my first trip to Maui in 2010, God had given me a message in prayer that I just found. Here it is:
“You can be as great as you want to be. It’s up to you. Just say yes to the doors I am opening for you. I have prepared you to step into your greatness and let your light shine. Not for you, but for the world to see me. I am the light and I am in you. So when you shine, I shine. When you hide because of false pride or not feeling good enough, you hide me. I am asking you to let your light shine so others will see me and be drawn to me. I have chosen you to do my work. The world is hungering for me and I need you to be the light in the world. Feel my love Pat, breathe it in, cherish it, let it radiate out. You are my star that is shining brightly. All you need to do is shine and radiate love.” 

I didn’t have a title for for my new book yet, so for the next half hour in the pool, we played with words and a name for the book.  I wanted the word STAR to be in the title because I had a powerful dream many years ago (after telling God that he had chosen the wrong person and I wasn’t writing my book). In the dream, I was climbing up a staircase to heaven to reach a star and then I became the STAR.  Here are some titles we came up with: Touching My Maui Stardom, Starring as my Authentic Self in Maui,  Maui Star Light. Shining Like a Star in Maui, Becoming my Own Star in Maui, Transforming into a Star in Maui or Maui Star.


I would love to hear from you about what you like and I am open to new idea Kati is an amazing artist and has agreed to do the cover with a Goddess touching the STAR. I am very excited. It is my desire and dream for this book to be a best-seller.  I am expanding!

reaching for the star

Hers is the “story” that I attracted into my life aster asking for a story that morning in prayer. What happened next was truly a “Divine Appointment” and a knowing we were on the right track.

After our “pool time” we headed for the ladies room. As we were walking out and laughing and having a good time, this younger woman approached us and said, “Your relationship reminds me of the relationship that I have with my best girlfriend. I ease-dropped a little and overheard you talking in the pool, I hope you don’t mind. My girlfriend is here with me also because we just finished a 10 day wellness retreat at Lumeria (a retreat center in Maui.) May I take your picture because I want to put it on my vision board?”

Of course, we said, “Yes” and were delighted to have our picture taken. She said, “I see how connected you are and your light shines. You have an aura that is very strong.” She asked our ages and then said, “I want the kind of energy that the two of you have when I reach your age. I would love for my mother to have what you have.

We hugged and exchanged email addresses when we left. What a confirmation about letting our light shine because we didn’t have to do anything, but just allowed our light to shine and be ourselves. I thing Kati and I giggled and floated back to our chairs. I love being with Kati because when we are together, our vibration is very high and there is a synergy that just flows out of us.

I returned home later in the afternoon and found an email from JoHanna (the woman we just met.) Here is what she wrote, “If you and Kati are free for dinner tonight, can we take you out and learn from you?” Of course, we were delighted and said, “Yes.” When we arrived at the hotel to meet them, it was like we were old friends and gabbed all the way to the restaurant. When we sat down, we toasted with bubbling champagne and they said, “We are with our FUTURE SELVES.”  What a night we had sharing our stories and learning from one another. To be that young and on the spiritual path of enlightenment was awesome.

Last week I contacted the editor of the monthly magazine Maui Vision to inquire about being a writer for the magazine. I know that Spirit inspired me to do this and gave me the courage to call and introduce myself. He asked me to send him some of my writings, which I did. Today, I received an email from him telling me I was an excellent writer and he wanted to know if I would be interested in writing articles on location. Of course, I said, “YES” because Maui Vision Magazine is the publication serving the conscious living community.

For all of you on the East Coast, I will be offering the same workshop when I return to Rhode Island for Christmas. The date is January 4, 2014. If you would like more information, please send me an email because space is limited. What a great opportunity to start the New Year by “Falling in Love with Your Inner Goddess.”    

                                         I am saying “Yes” to my increase and expansion right now 


                                               “FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR INNER GODDESS”

                                                 Presented by Pat Hastings and Kati Alexandra 

                                                      Maui, HI 

                                                         goddess -kati  



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