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The MASTER PLAN is Unfolding

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Last week I wrote in my blog that the JOURNEY of faith is about letting go of anything that is no longer useful in our lives so the new can come.  I received an email from a woman thanking me for those words because it confirmed what she had just done, in letting go of negative people in her life.

My friends, Mary and Dave, invited me to come on their boat with them this weekend. Mary is a special friend and healer who often “finds” things that have symbolic meaning to me. She said, “Pat, they just come to me, and I know God wants me to buy this for you.”

So it wasn’t surprising when she handed me the small package on the boat and explained the story.  She said, “Pat, I went shopping for a birthday present for my friend. While looking for a gift for her, I spotted this card that read JOURNEY  – Enjoy the adventure. On the card was a beautiful stone bracelet. I immediately thought of you and your JOURNEY of faith and knew I had to buy it for you. When I picked it up to look closer at it, I was shocked when I the saw the turtle on it.”



Turtles are very significant to me because they know when to go within and when it is time to stick their heads out, take a risk and move forward.  Several years ago, I made a dream book for myself, and put a picture of a turtle swimming in the ocean in Maui, in it. Little did I know that my dream would come true and I would one day swim with the turtles and live on the ocean in Maui. It is beyond my wildest dreams to think that I am now moving there to live full time.

I thanked my friend, Mary, for giving me the bracelet and the special message of “Enjoy the Adventure” on it.  I thanked God for inviting me on this adventure of faith and all the good that is unfolding in my life.  I love spending time with Mary and when we are together the signs keep “showing up.”  She said to me, “Pat, God will never lead you where He/She will not keep you.”  Just as she said the words, we hear the song over the radio playing “Spirit in the sky – you have a friend in Jesus.”  Of course, we sang along and almost jumped out of our seats. When the song finished, for some reason, I turned my head around in the boat, and my eyes spotted a huge white boat behind us that’s name was MASTER PLAN!  Was God speaking or what?

master plan
God does have a MASTER PLAN for me and for you. Will you trust that plan? Are you ready to step out in faith and follow your heart’s desire and dreams? Yes, it takes great courage to follow the will of God, but for me there is no other way.  It just takes a little faith and God will multiply what you have. I love the adventure of life and the surprises God has in store for me. A friend called today and read me today’s reading from the Daily Bread about letting go and letting God. After she finished the reading, she said, “You can’t even imagine what God has planned for you.”

About an hour before my friend called to read that to me this morning, I had watched Joel Olsteen on TV. His message confirmed what Mary and I talked about on the boat. He said, “God will never ask you to do something that He will not give you the way.” I knew God was speaking to my heart and that there was no need for fear or doubt about the MASTER PLAN that I am choosing to follow. At the closing of his show, Joel said, “Put your dreams in God’s hands, give God what you have, and He will multiply it. God will take you to places you’ve never dreamed about.” I am banking on that!

What I have found is that God always gives me signs along the way that help me feel confident and trust that I can put my dreams in God’s hands.  A few months ago while I was in Maui, I was taking my daily walk and heard the small still voice of God say, “Your cake is baked.” I said, “Thank you God, for whatever that means.” I wanted to believe that it meant that my cake was baked and I was ready to meet my soul mate, which I believe God has planned for me. I didn’t think much about it until I was having a conversation with a friend a few weeks later. She shared that her therapist told her that life is like a cake and we must put in all the ingredients before it goes in the oven to bake and then is ready to be eaten. I hadn’t said anything to her up to this point about “my cake being baked” but I felt like this was a confirmation.  Wow, my cake is baked!

A few weeks later, I received an email about how to attract your soul mate. The writer wrote that we must love ourselves and love what we were doing, before we will attract our soul mate. I had heard this all before and felt that is exactly what I am doing in my life. What really resonated with me was when she wrote, “When your soul mate comes, it will be like icing on the cake.” I smiled knowing that my cake is baked, cooled off and ready to be eaten. I am waiting for the icing and I know it will be delicious!

Just recently, my friend from Maui sent me an email and shared what was happening with her “Life Cake.” Here is what she wrote: “My “Life Cake” is still in process. The ingredients have been gathered and I am in the mixing stage, working with the batter. Some family and friends are asking for a slice of the cake, and want to know what kind it is, and how does the frosting taste…and I haven’t even gotten it into the oven yet! The oven is preheating and my sleeves are rolled up and I’m measuring, cracking eggs and wiping any worry away on my apron. It’s a “leap of faith cake” and only God has the secret recipe; I am merely a channel. I know that Maui is a magical place, and Spirit is alive and well and swirling around me with messages and symbolism if we are willing to “sit still” and listen.”

What about you? Has your cake been baked? Or, are you like my friend who is still in the mixing stage? It is not a bad thing to be in the mixing stage because you are being prepared for the next chapter in your life and you will know deep within when it is time for your cake to be baked. Do not rush it, but be patient and trust that all is well and you are in God’s hands.

I am so grateful for those who write me and help me see things that I’ve missed. My friend, Jane, wrote,  “Isn’t it a JOY when others clean off our spiritual and actual glasses and give us the vision. A PHD in faith means that the P represents Peace, the letter H represents Hope and the letter D represents Deliverance. Of course, your initials are placed in PHD for good reason as well.” Every day I do my best to maintain a consciousness of peace and hope, knowing that my life is unfolding with ease and grace and there is nothing to be afraid of.  For me, deliverance means being delivered from fear, separation, lack, feeling not good enough and needing to control. It means knowing that I am never separated from the Power of God. I am within God and God is within me. God and I are ONE.
Today I cleaned out the bookshelf next to my bed and found an old journal. As I started to read the entry of January 18, the day I left for Maui for 6 months, I was amazed at what I wrote and what God’s message was to me. Here it is: “Pat, have fun and see your life as an adventure story and enjoy the process. You have said YES to follow your heart into the unknown. I am blessing you beyond your wildest dreams. This is just the beginning of what is to come.”

Even though my house hasn’t sold and I haven’t had one person look at it yet, and even though there is no “apparent evidence” that my house is going to sell, I KNOW that God is working behind the scenes and He/She has me covered.  I have let go of the timing and how it will happen and just stay peaceful. I continue to believe and “act as if” all is well, because it is. Isn’t that what faith is about, believing when we cannot see?   I am stepping into the unknown, spreading my wings to fly and leaving for Maui September 5 whether my house is sold or not. It’s all in God’s Hands.


Sometimes I resist change and other times I feel an inner stirring to initiate change and start a new adventure. I may have satisfactory employment of or a comfortable lifestyle, yet feel called to something more. Spirit calls me to expansion, inviting me to step out in faith and act courageously. I pray, listen to my inner guidance, and then put feed under my prayers. The positive action I take sends a clear message to Spirit. I am saying “Yes” to my increase and expansion right now. I am not discouraged if I hit a roadblock. I fully trust that God goes with me wherever I go, showing me the way through any challenge. I am faith-filled, strong  and courageous, living a life of adventure.

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