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I needed to hear my mom’s advice so desperately I could taste my own confusion.
Should I quit? Will it ever really matter? What do I do?

I took a break from my writing, wondering if perhaps if I walked away from the project, it would just run away from me. Before she passed away, Mom made me promise her I would finish writing my book. Keeping the promise, however, seemed to suddenly have more obstacles than an Olympic hurdling course. Wasn’t this the meaning of the message?

Cleaning out the remains of my parent’s things in the house is always a readily available task constantly needing to be completed. The cellar has become my cathartic center for distraction, as I dig through the endless supply of items to be sorted. Keep, give away, throw away, or just hold for a future decision.

I wanted an immediate answer. It was so easy when I could just pick up the phone and ask her what to do. She always knew exactly what to say, in precisely the most loving way. I felt lost, alone, and I’d say a bit depressed without her. Mom was my very best friend.

As I continued my archeological dig through the boxes, I noticed a single card slipping through my grasp. “What is this?” I picked up the card, not remembering the moment or circumstance of its original intent, but my eyes were wide when I read the message.

“Deborah, finish your book. It’s going to help a lot of people. They’re waiting for you.” Love, Mom

Wow! It was as if she was right there speaking to me! I could hear her voice in my mind’s eye. Her handwriting so beautiful, so unique, so mom, it lit my spirit into flames of joy.

I needed an answer, a message of encouragement, a comfort to continue my quest for a purposeful future. Who could have anticipated my answer for today would appear in a card of yesterday. Mom’s love is alive and well, and her Hallmark card from heaven remains a fresh reminder that faith, hope, and love, never ever die.

Thank you God for the gift of my mom.

Deb Scott, The Sky is Green and the Grass is Blue: Turning your upside world right side up

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