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Our love was born of trust and faith

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LOVE…. Wait for it. A gentle Love, a tender Love, a passionate Love with big plans, an everyday Love with quiet moments, a Love born of TRUST & FAITH… a together, forever Love.

This card “jumped” out at me and I bought it for Larry for our one year anniversary. It seemed to say it all because our relationship is truly based on love, trust and faith. I waited 15 years to attract this kind of love into my life. While I waited, I learned to trust myself (what I wanted and didn’t want) and to truly love, respect and become my own best friend.  As I look back, I realize I needed that time to be alone to find myself and to know that I could take care of myself. I stopped looking outside for the love that was always inside of me.

Larry and I are called to be “vessels of love” wherever we go in the world. And that means just BEING ourselves and allowing our love to shine forth. That is not hard for me to do since this is the happiest time in my life and my gratitude is through the roof! I love smiling at strangers and welcoming them to the island with a simple Aloha.

Larry celebrated his birthday last Sunday. We went to breakfast with friends and he had his favorite Banana Foster pancakes. Since he had some stressful situations during the week he didn’t want to do anything but relax, which was fine with me.  We had a great day and enjoyed the pace and peace of the day.

One of our favorite restaurants that we love to go to for Mai Tai’s is called “5 Palms.”  It is right on the ocean and has beautiful sunsets. We hadn’t been there for months since in high season it’s very crowded. I said to Larry late in the afternoon, “How about I treat you for your birthday and we go to “5 Palms” for a drink?” He immediately said, “Yes, what a great idea” and off we went.

We chatted with the hostess briefly while we waited for her to seat us.  After we were seated, we looked at one another and knew it wasn’t going to work for us because we were so far apart. We prefer booths where we can be close to one another and hold hands. The hostess was still in the area talking to the wait staff. I immediately got up and said to her, “Could we please get another table because we like to sit close to one another and it’s his birthday today.” She smiled and said, “Let’s see what we can do.”  I think she thought it was cute these “older folks” wanting to sit close to one another. She found us new chairs and we were able to sit next to one another.

We celebrated Larry’s birthday while we enjoyed our drinks and watched the sunset. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the waitress (with the hostess right behind her) coming our way with a dessert and candle on top. We were so touched and grateful by this kind gesture that Larry got up and hugged the hostess as I said, “Namaste” to the waitress. A few minutes later the waitress came over to the table to talk with us. I wish I could remember everything she said, but I can’t. I know she complimented us on our love energy together. She said, “I see a lot of people dining in this restaurant, but I don’t often see the energy that you two have together very often”.

As we were leaving the restaurant, I handed my “Simply a Woman of Faith” card to the waitress. To say the least, we were blown away by her remarks as we are beginning to understand that our combined light and love energy is very powerful.

The next day my friend, Bette, and I met after our yoga class for a visit.  She shared that her friend, Linda, had just arrived from the mainland the night before. In our conversation Bette said, “I would like to take her to an Al-Anon meeting since her therapist suggested she attend”. I texted another friend who attended meetings regularly and she told me when and where the next meeting was going to be. It was the next day at 12 noon.

I attended 12 step Al-Anon meetings for many years and I still practice the spiritual tools that I learned in my daily life. I love the program, even though I hadn’t attended a meeting in several years and had no desire to. I could have given the information to Bette and be done with it, but something inside prompted me to say, “If you would like, I will go with you both to the meeting”.

Even though I didn’t understand why it was so strong that I attended the meeting, I trusted my intuition that I was meant to go the next day with Bette and Linda. The meeting had just started when we walked in and there were about 20 people sitting around the table. There was an empty chair at one end of the table that I was drawn to sit in while Bette and Linda sat on the opposite side.  When I turned to look at the women next to me, I almost gasped because it was the hostess from the restaurant. We looked at one another with our mouths opened as I said, “Vera” and she said, “Pat.”  We both knew this was no accident or coincidence, but since the meeting had started, we couldn’t talk to each other until the end.

After the meeting, Vera shared with me that she moved to Maui with her partner 3 months ago and last week was her first time at this meeting. I said, “I now know why I came to the meeting today.”  She asked if she could call me since she needed new friends to support her. Of course, I said “yes” and gave her my card.

Can we ever doubt that God cares about us and is leading and guiding us? All we have to do is ask for help, trust, believe and allow Spirit to arrange the events and people to come into our lives for our highest good. And, of course, trusting and following our intuition is essential.

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