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She wanted to die

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When I drove into the parking lot at the Shops of Wailea with our dog, Kobi, I noticed a group of about 25 young people sitting in a circle on the grass outside the shops. I wondered what they were doing there?

Kobi and I did our daily walk around the shops, waving to many of the shopkeepers as we passed.  After our walk, we sat in a comfortable chair under the palm trees right in the middle of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Tiffany stores to relax and people watch. I love to just sit and BE, smile, and send out love to the people walking by me.

I’m not sure why or how, but I feel incredible peace and the presence of God strongly when I’m there. There is so much wealth and opulence surrounding me with the people shopping in the high-end shops. Instead of comparing and feeling jealous that I didn’t have an expensive Gucci pocketbook, I felt this “wealth” of love bubbling up inside of me that is always available and doesn’t cost a penny. Things may satisfy us for the moment, but cannot give us the love that we all seek.

As we were sitting there and enjoying the peace, a young man about 16 approached us and asked if he could pet Kobi. I said, “No, Kobi gets nervous with strangers.” He was respectful and kept his distance. He asked me my name and I said, “I’m Pat with the hat.” His name was Gabe. He shared that he was from Colorado and here on Maui with a group of people for ministry.  I asked, “What kind of ministry?” He politely said, “We are here to share the ministry of Jesus.”

I smiled and said, “Jesus has been my best friend for over 45 years.” We chatted for a while and then he asked if he could give me a word. I said, “Yes.” He said, “The lord is proud of you and so is your family and children for the heritage you are leaving them.” The words touched my heart as I teared up and thanked him for his message. I wonder if he was disappointed or relieved that I was so easy and he didn’t get to “evangelize” me?

In my book, “Simply a Woman of Faith” I share a message that I was led to give a woman many years ago that saved her life. Here is what happened:

What a thrill it was to walk across the stage and receive my bachelor’s degree at the age of 44. I felt grateful for God’s love and presence in my life. I wanted to celebrate my graduation and planned a weekend getaway to the ocean for the weekend. I asked Spirit to lead me to someone who needed to hear that they were loved.

As the weekend was coming to an end, I felt disappointed that I hadn’t meant anyone to share God’s love with.  I drove out to the ocean one more time hoping God would lead me to someone. As I drove my car along the ocean road, I clearly and loudly heard, “PULL OVER HERE.”

I quickly turned off the road and parked in the parking lot. I eagerly walked to the ocean; sensing God was at work. There were many people and children sitting on the rocks, playing ball and enjoying the sunshine and warm summer breeze.

I said, “Okay God, now what? Is there someone here who needs to know your love?”

YES! I heard quietly in my spirit. As I scanned the area, I noticed a woman sitting by herself on the rocks at the edge of the ocean. She looked immersed in her own thoughts. Deep in my heart, I knew she was the one that Spirit was leading me to.

 I thought, “What do I say? What will she think of me? Am I nuts? Maybe this is all in my head and I should just go back to my car.” I couldn’t; I felt compelled, propelled to follow through even though I felt afraid and didn’t trust myself or God. My heart pounded. I nervously walked over, stuck out my hand, and introduced myself. I didn’t waste any time, because I knew if I did, I may have chickened out.

Her name was Susan. I said, “Susan, God wants you to know that He loves you very much.” Her jaw dropped. I could see that my words had taken her off guard. Yet, nothing came out of her mouth. The color drained from her face, as she stared at me in shock and disbelief. Tears rolled slowly down her cheeks. Then the flood gates opened as she sobbed uncontrollably and her body shook. I wasn’t expecting this kind of raw emotion and didn’t know what to do to comfort her.

I prayed, “God I need help. What do I do now?”  

I gently put my hand on her shoulder and silently prayed. I realized I didn’t have to do anything but just be present with her. It seemed like an eternity before she got herself together and calmed down. As she looked into my eyes, the words came tumbling out, as if we knew each other for years.

She said, “I want to die. I wanted to kill myself at the very moment you arrived.” I gasped, trying to keep my cool, and nervously asked her. “Why? What happened?” She said, “My husband cheated on me and left me for another woman. I don’t know how I can go on without him. I was so distraught that I missed a couple of weeks of work. My boss called me into the office yesterday and fired me. I’m better off dead.”

I said, “I’m sorry for your pain Susan. God sent me here today to tell you He loves you and wants to help you.” Her body relaxed and her face lightened as she intently listened to my words. She said, “I thought God abandoned me too and that I was being punished for something. I desperately needed to hear that God loves me and I’m not alone. Thank you, Pat, for coming into my life today.”

We sat and talked for a long time about God’s love and how He had helped her in the past. We thanked God together, both knowing our meeting was divinely appointed. We kept in contact for a few years and Susan went back to school and became a kindergarten teacher, something she had always wanted to do.

We are all connected and ONE. We need one another to speak the truth, especially when we are suffering and feel alone. The still, small voice of God is in all of us. It takes courage and conviction to share God’s love with one another. I’m grateful that Gabe had the courage to come up to me to tell me that God and my family were proud of me. I’m grateful that I had the courage to speak to Susan and share God’s love.

What does detachment look like?

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How do you know when you are “attached” to something or someone? When you have an expectation and are attached to a certain outcome and it doesn’t happen, you can experience disappointment, anger, hurt, sadness, confusion, etc. When you are “attached” to an outcome or a person, you tend to worry, obsess, ruminate, and try to fix, advise or rescue. Your mind is like a blender and you can’t shut it off. You want to control what’s going on because you think it needs to be changed and you have the answers. Can you relate?

When you “detach” from someone or something, you may experience disappointment at first when things don’t turn out the way you hoped or wanted. You know you have detached when you feel peaceful, a sense of lightness and rightness that things will turn out the way they are meant to. There is a freedom to own what’s yours and allow others to own theirs. When you practice detaching, there is an element of trust, surrender, and acceptance.

Detachment is not easy or for the faint of heart! It’s taken me years to learn and practice. It doesn’t mean I’m disinterested, not caring or that I don’t love the person or situation I’m detaching from. It’s not about caring less; it’s caring more about my own serenity. Detaching means I’m choosing to take care of myself and not willing to risk my own well-being.  It means I stop giving my power away and depend on what others do, say, feel or act to determine my peace and well-being. When I detach and don’t give advice, fix or rescue a loved one, I’m communicating to them that I trust their decisions and journey. It’s also respecting the person that their answers are inside of them.

Here is an example of detachment and a closed door.

Last year our friend, Kerry, nominated us to be interviewed and have our story and picture on the cover of a monthly magazine called Neighbors of Wailea and Makena. Every month they feature a person or family to share their story of how they got to Maui and how they support the community.

We were really excited when they contacted us to tell us that they were interested in writing our story, but we never heard from them again. We saw it as a closed door. Of course, we were disappointed that they didn’t follow up and choose us. Because we were both “detached” from the outcome, we let it go and assumed it wasn’t meant to be. If we had been “attached” to the outcome, we would have been angry and tried to push to have it written.

Last week, out of the blue, I received an email from the publisher of the magazine stating that we were nominated to be featured in the magazine and they wanted to write our story. They asked, “Will you accept the nomination?”  We were very surprised to hear from them a year later. At first, we were reluctant and thought, “What do we have to offer that would be of interest to our community?” We are retired and live a contemplative, peaceful life.

 As Larry and I went within to ask for guidance, it was clear that Spirit was inviting us to share our story of love, so we accepted the nomination. Although we are excited about this adventure, we are detached from the outcome and feel peaceful that whoever is meant to read it will read it. If our story can inspire one person to not give up on finding true love, it will be worth it. God’s timing is always perfect. It was a closed door a year ago and now the door was open for us to share our story in the magazine. I have had many open and closed doors on my path. It’s always reassuring to know that Spirit will close the door if it’s not for my highest good or the right timing.

Over 45 years ago, this little book called, “How God Guides Us by Don Basham came into my hands and changed my life. My spirituality is based on the principles of open and closed doors. When I don’t know if something is God’s will or my will, I pray, “God, open or close the door.” The author writes, “Closed doors are a valid part of guidance, when God closes a door, it’s because there is another plan, a better plan. If He closes one door, He’ll open another-according to His timing, not mine. I keep moving in faith, even in the face of closed doors.”

I may be guided to do one thing and then when I get there, God has something else in mind. He doesn’t tell me his full plan ahead of time, which is probably good. Guidance comes when I move in faith, not when I sit in doubt. I step out in faith, trusting that if I make a mistake, God will correct it and get me back on the right track for my life.

Here is an example of a closed door many years ago at the very last minute:

I could no longer afford the high monthly mortgage payments because of my impending divorce. If I re-mortgaged, I could get a lower interest rate and could then afford to stay living in my home. My soon-to-be ex-husband agreed to sign the necessary papers for me to re-mortgage.

On the morning of the closing, my ex called and said, “Sorry, but I changed my mind and will not sign the papers.” I couldn’t speak at first and was in shock. Then I screamed, “You have to sign them. I won’t be able to keep the house if I don’t re-mortgage now.”

I couldn’t talk him out of it, no matter what I said. I called the bank and asked if I could sign the papers without my husband’s signature. The answer was NO because his name was still on the house. Much to my dismay, the closing was canceled.

I was devastated and said to God, “I don’t understand, I trusted you were guiding me. Did I hear you wrong? Why did you allow me to go through all of this to close the door at the last minute? I want to believe you closed the door for a reason, but I’m having a hard time trusting now.”

A week later, to my surprise, I received a letter from the mortgage company informing me that the interest rate had gone down (on its own) because it was an adjustable mortgage. The payment was now the same as if I had re-mortgaged. I even saved a few thousand dollars in the process. God closed the door (through my ex-husband’s, last-minute postponement) to save me money.

When I walk in faith and trust, God always provides in His way and His timing. My faith is strengthened each and every time when I’m willing to wait, trust Spirit and His perfect timing. Nothing is impossible with God. Better yet, EVERYTHING is possible with God.

I was triggered

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“The spiritual life is a lot like gardening. We till and cultivate the garden of our heart, planting seeds of presence, openness, and the ability to respect whatever arises. We water each one so the things which are beautiful in us can blossom.” Jack Kornfield

We must pull up the ROOTS if we don’t want weeds growing in our “inner garden.” Your mind is like a garden, your thoughts are the seeds, the harvest can either be flowers or weeds.” Your choice.

When I get triggered like I did this week, I see it as an opportunity to recognize what weeds are growing in my garden. It’s also a gift if I’m willing to dig deep and get to the ROOT of the problem and pull out the weeds.

Rather than blaming, judging, shaming the person who triggered me or withdrawing and being resentful, I eventuallytook responsibility for my behaviors and reactions.

I was triggered by what one of my sons said to me. I immediately REACTED and said what was on my mind and it wasn’t pretty! At the moment, I didn’t see it as a gift or opportunity. I felt hurt, angry, saddened, and judged by my son. My ego was alive and well as I told myself a “story” about our relationship that wasn’t true.

 I journaled and allowed myself to feel it all, without judging myself or my feelings. I knew that allowing myself to really go into the sadness and anger would enable me to release it and EXPAND. I shared it with Larry and that helped get it up and out. He was loving and compassionate and didn’t try to fix me.

The next morning, I spent time alone to go within. I felt a lot of pain as tears flowed down my cheeks. I wanted to get to the ROOT of the problem. As a child, I could never PLEASE my mother and didn’t feel good enough no matter how hard I tried.

Whenever we are triggered by what someone does or says to us, it can be an indication that there is something inside of us that needs healing and transformation. I reacted strongly to my son’s remark and projected this unhealed pain still inside of me on him.  Rather than looking outside and expecting my son to give me what I needed or wanted, I knew I needed to give it to myself. I am the only one that can heal deep mother wounds, no matter how many years it takes.


I was given the opportunity to give myself the love, understanding, respect, compassion, and appreciation that I wanted from my son. Of course, it’s human nature to want all of the above from our children, but I cannot control what others do or don’t do.

After getting to the ROOT and pulling out the weeds (negative thoughts), I felt free and alive. I have never done this before, but I called my son and said, “Thank you for triggering me yesterday.” He was surprised and wasn’t even sure what I was talking about at first. We laughed and he said, “Your welcome mom, anytime.” I took responsibility for my reaction and being triggered.

A message from Spirit:

Dear Patricia, you are a miracle how you have grown and transformed your life. I’m so proud of you for your positive attitude, your faith, and how you are a vessel of love. Nothing and no one can take that away from you. Don’t let the remark from your son take your peace and power away. He loves you. Let it go. You just keep loving and living your life the way you do. All is well.

Thank you, Spirit for the willingness and grace to DIG deep and free myself from beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve me. I am choosing flowers rather than weeds in my garden. How about you? What are you choosing?

I am worthy and deserving to receive

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For those of you who have been reading my weekly blogs, you know I have been hearing the small, still voice of God for over 40 years. There have been many miracles I’ve shared in my book, “Simply a Woman of Faith” by listening and following Spirits guidance.

We all have the voice of God inside of us, but we often don’t trust it and think it’s our voice. It takes courage, practice, and a willingness to step out in faith when we don’t understand something we are guided to do. Can you relate?

I received money for my birthday from family and friends and wanted to buy a new 13 iPhone at the Verizon store. There was a big promotion going on for a new phone and iPad. They didn’t have the color phone I wanted in stock and it had to be ordered. I accepted that it would take 2 weeks to get it.

It was a bit overwhelming purchasing a new phone by myself and the manager, Kelly, was so helpful in guiding me to the right phone. I said, “If I were your mother, what would you advise?”

I’m not sure how or why I told him I was an alcohol and drug therapist for 20 years, but I did. He opened up and shared he was clean and sober for 7 years. We became fast friends as we both had the same Higher Power. I shared my family didn’t live here and were from Rhode Island. He smiled and said, “Now you have family here.”

As I was walking out of the store, I changed my mind and decided I wanted a pink phone instead of a blue one. They only had one black phone in stock and would also have to wait for a pink one.

 A few hours later, I received a call from Kelly telling me they just received a shipment and there was 1 pink 13 iPhone available. Was I interested? You bet I was and dropped everything to go to the store. It felt like a confirmation that I was to buy the phone.

I have an old iPad that works just fine so I didn’t need a new one. Kelly advised me to buy a new iPad because it was a great promotion. I prayed and asked God for guidance. I heard Spirit say, “I want you to buy it.” After some deliberation, I walked out of the store with a new phone and iPad.

Instead of being excited after my purchases, I felt stressed and questioned myself if I had really heard God’s voice to buy the iPad. I’m frugal and don’t usually buy new things for myself. Before going to bed, I tried to order a cover for the iPad on Amazon, but it wouldn’t go through.

Here is the message I received from Spirit that night before going to bed. 

“I’m a bit stressed Spirit. Did I do the right thing at Verizon by buying a new iPad when I didn’t need it?”

Message: You asked me to guide you and I did. You heard my voice to buy the iPad. Now ego is working hard to discredit my voice and is playing tricks. You feel guilty about spending the money and afraid you made a mistake. This is not of me. I want you to have this. You don’t understand why in this moment.

“Can I trust you God that it was your voice? Do I don’t feel worthy or deserving to buy a new iPad when the old one works fine?”

Yes, you can trust my voice. This was a big purchase and you are not used to spending this kind of money on yourself. Rest in me and stop trying to figure it out in your head. I want to give you a gift and you are having a hard time receiving it because you don’t feel worthy.

I had to go back to Verizon the next day as my contacts weren’t loaded into the iPad and stopped at a yard sale on the way there. I couldn’t believe it when I spotted the beautiful iPad cover that read “I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me.”  I walked to my car to get my new iPad hoping it would fit. Needless to say, it fit perfectly! God is good and faithful.

I was stunned and had tears in my eyes as I shared with the 2 women my struggle of buying the iPad the day before. They wouldn’t take the money for it when I went to pay for it. I also bought a water bottle that read YOU ARE WORTHY.

After I got in my car, I was very emotional and sobbed in gratitude because it was a confirmation that I had heard the voice of God and listened. I couldn’t wait to show it to Kelly when I arrived at Verizon. His face lit up and he said, “This is my favorite scripture that saved me when I got sober.”

We are truly all connected and ONE.

How God provides

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You relax on the plane, even though you don’t know the pilot.

You relax on a ship, even though you don’t know the captain.

You relax on a bus, even though you don’t know the driver.

           Why don’t you relax in life, knowing that God is in control?

The bottom line is that we want to control people, places, experiences, and things. We may even be addicted to control. We think our plan is better than God’s and we don’t trust God has our back and a better plan. We don’t want to accept what’s going on, and consequently, we struggle needlessly.

When we are concerned about a loved one and get caught up in obsessing, fixing, controlling, or worrying, we are not trusting the process and their journey. We have no idea what lessons God is teaching them.

Personally, I didn’t change and seek therapy until I was in enough pain and said, “Enough is enough.” The pain woke me up to a better way of living and I learned to forgive and take responsibility for my life, rather than blaming someone or something for my pain.

We often struggle, push and try to make things happen the way we want them to and think they should be. Closed doors are there for a reason, often to protect us from something that doesn’t serve our highest good in the present or the future. If we want peace, we are invited to let go and let God.

For many years, when I didn’t know what my next step was, I would say, “God, please close the door or open it if I am meant to do something, have something or move forward.” Doors have been closed in my face at the very last minute and it has always worked out for my good, although I didn’t see it at the moment.

Doors have opened up when I felt afraid, doubtful, and even paralyzed. But I trusted if the door was open, it was meant for me to walk through. It has always worked, and often better than I had expected.

Several years ago, before Larry and I were married, I moved into our present home that has a beautiful view overlooking the ocean. The door was opened, I followed my heart and took a BIG step in faith. My rent doubled and went from $1200 a month to $2500.  I trusted God would provide and HE did. Every month my rent was paid, often miraculously.  

I practice open and closed doors in BIG things and LITTLE things. Here is what happened this week. I went on the Facebook marketplace to look for an Echo Dot ALEXA for Larry when I’m away visiting family in Rhode Island. Do you ever walk into a room and can’t remember what you went in there for? Larry and I support one another and laugh about our memory lapses.

I found an ALEXA on the marketplace for $35 and offered him $25. He said he would take $30. It felt like a closed door and I was at peace with it, especially since Larry didn’t think he needed an ALEXA to help him remember things.

The very next day, I checked the marketplace again and there were two Echo Dot ALEXA’S and one Google Home for sale and she was asking $30 for all three. WOW, what a deal. I called her immediately to see if they were still available.

Not only were they still available, but she also offered to meet me at the beach and bring them over the next day. We laughed because it felt like a “drug deal” giving her money on the beach for my new devices.

We have them set up in the kitchen, bedroom, and den! We are having fun asking ALEXA about all kinds of things. Larry says, “Thank you ALEXA.” I’m at peace and relaxed leaving Larry for 3 weeks when I visit family in the hands of ALEXA.  

More importantly, I trust we are both in the hands of God knowing that God is in control and will protect us both while we are apart.

How did I get here?

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I am so blessed and grateful to be retired for almost 13 years and living on Maui for 10 ½ years. I still ponder, “How did I get here?” My son, Tim, reminds me that I said I wanted to live on the water for as long as he can remember. I never dreamed it would be in beautiful Maui. God had a plan that was bigger and better than I could have ever imagined.

I have been writing my weekly blog for the last 13 years after “Simply a Woman of Faith” was published. It is truly a joy for me to share and inspire all of you who have followed my amazing journey. Thank you for reading the blogs and commenting on them when they resonate with you.

I didn’t remember that at the bottom of the blogs there is a DONATE button. Most people have probably never seen it as it has never been used. 

I received an email this week from a former client and friend commenting on last week’s blog. She wrote, “WOW I loved the blog, and did you know your donate button is not working?”

I wrote back and thanked her for her response and said, “No, I didn’t know it wasn’t working and if she or anyone else wanted to donate they could go to my PayPal page at

I didn’t expect anything and was shocked the next day when I opened my emails and received $500 from her through PayPal. I felt so loved and provided for as the tears rolled down my cheeks.

We had been having problems with the starter of our car and hoped it was a just a small thing. I was waiting for the car to be serviced when I saw the email and received the money from PayPal.

I was still in kind of a “daze” when the serviceman approached me with the bill 10 minutes after receiving $500 in PayPal. He said, “Mrs. Burns the starter for your car is going and you will need a new starter.” I couldn’t believe it when I saw that the bill was a little over $500.

WOW, God’s timing is always perfect. My former client whom I haven’t seen or talked to in a few years had no idea that we would need money to pay for the starter, but God knew. I have no idea what prompted her at this time, other than listening to the voice of Spirit to donate at this particular time.

This reminded me of something that happened to me about 40 years ago when I listened to the small, still voice of God within. Some of you have already heard the blouse story, but it’s worth retelling.

My ex-husband had been unemployed for a year, and we had 4 children under the age of 10. I had to swallow my pride when I applied for food stamps and welfare.

I had some time to kill as I waited to pick up the children from school. I decided to go to the local boutique to browse, even though I didn’t have any money to buy anything.

I spotted the clearance sale sign at the back of the store and walked over to the clothing rack. The BLOUSE jumped out at me and I fell in love with it. As I was reluctantly placing it back on the rack, I heard the small, still voice of God say, “Buy it and I will provide.”

The blouse was $10 and I had $10 in my wallet that was for milk and bread on my way home. Could I trust this was the voice of Spirit and not just my imagination? Miracles happened when I listened to God in the past. I bought the blouse and didn’t buy milk and bread on my way home.

I grabbed the mail when I returned home. There was a letter in the mailbox with no return address. Inside was a crisp $10 bill tucked inside a note card that read:

                                 TO PAT, FROM THE SON OF A CARPENTER

To this day, I have no idea who sent the money. It was from someone who heard the voice of Spirit and listened. God is faithful and provides. We are all connected and ONE.

She truly was an angel

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I called Kristie on Friday to see how things were going and asked, “What do you need? I’m going to yard sales tomorrow.” Kristie bought an unfurnished condo and is moving to Maui in 10 days. She said, “There were many hurdles that I had to overcome, but I’m at peace and excited to make my dream come true for me and my children.”

Kristie is the woman I met on the “path” in February who I wrote about in my blog. It was Kristie’s dream and heart’s desire to move to Maui with her 3 children. She is truly a woman of faith and prayed only for God’s will. Although we only talked for 15 minutes on the path, we connected deeply and I knew, as a woman of faith, that I was to encourage her and share my story. We met the next day on the path and I gifted her with my book, Simply a Woman of Faith. I have supported her through telephone calls and texts until now.

Kristie and her children are coming here with NOTHING but their suitcases. The rest of their belongings may not get here for a week to 10 days. She sold most of her belongings, including furniture and kitchen stuff.

I asked Spirit to guide me to what Kristie needed when I got in my car to go “sailing.” It was Kristie’s faith and trust in God to provide for her and her willingness to receive that enabled me to experience a divine encounter and be a vessel of Love.  What a gift I received because I asked and God answered.

I almost missed the yard sale sign and almost didn’t turn around until I heard Spirit say, “Turn around.” When I walked into the yard sale, the first thing my eyes spotted were signs like LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED, FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS and SPARKLE (Larry’s nick name for me.) I knew I was at the right place. Following your dreams is what Kristie is doing and I did 10 years ago by moving to Maui.

I started a “pile” as the prices were just right. Kristie mentioned that she would like white plates. Of course, the first thing I spotted were white plates so I bought all 6.  I bought several things including towels, sheets, a lamp, and a plastic chest with drawers.

I shared Kristie’s story of moving to Maui alone with 3 kids with the woman holding the yard sale. We both had the chills. I told her I would be writing a blog about how God provided through her generosity. She said, “I have more clearing to do, I will call you.”

To say I was flying high and filled with gratitude about how God answered prayer and provided for Kristie would be an understatement. Jami and I were now on first name basis. I wanted to give back to her and went home to get our book, “It’s Never Too Late for Love.”

When I returned a couple of hours later to give her our book, she was thrilled and said she couldn’t wait to read it. She said, “Look around Pat and make a pile. I want Kristie to have whatever she needs.” OMG! She gave me a beautiful blue set of dishes and bowels, blankets, quilt, curtain rod and curtains, shower curtain and rod, kitchen towels and other goodies for the family. My car was filled to the brim. I came home and happily washed everything and folded.

Jami was truly an angel. It was like the perfect storm, but instead of it being a storm it was the perfect divine encounter.  Jami sold her house and needed to downsize and Kristie was moving into her home and needed everything. It truly was a divine set-up.

This story reminded me of what happened when I moved into our present home that was completely furnished 8 years ago. Prior to moving here, I lived in a 3 room ohana that was also furnished. I was “homeless” for a month while waiting for tenants to move out. Thankfully, friends opened their homes and hearts to me. A friend offered to store “my stuff” in a spare bedroom that she wasn’t using until I could sell it or give it away. I trusted God that I was being taken care of and provided for.

I received a call from my friend, Ellen, that a friend of hers had just been accepted into senior housing and she didn’t have anything. Ellen said, “I know you are moving; do you have anything you can contribute?” I sure did, a whole room of furniture and household goods. I was thrilled to give it to her friend and the friend was thrilled to receive it.

We are all connected. We are all ONE. We are always provided for. God is faithful. I feel so blessed and grateful to serve and be a vessel of love.

My heart is overflowing with joy

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I am very emotional these days. My heart is overflowing with gratitude and joy with how family and friends have supported our book launch, bought our book, and shared it on social media and with friends. It has been amazing how people want to help us and spread the love.

As I walked the path this morning, I heard Spirit say, “Your YES is blessed.” The truth is I didn’t want to write this book, even though in the last chapter of Simply a Woman of Faith I wrote, “I will have to write another book to share about how I meet my soulmate.” Here we are thirteen years later, and “It’s Never Too Late for Love” has been birthed. 

Larry and I started writing together 3 years ago and then life happened – like marriage- and we put it aside. During the pandemic, I took an online program called Courage with the author, Kute Blackson. We did a meditation on death and   asked the question, “If I was to die tomorrow, what would I regret?” Immediately, I heard, “I would regret that I didn’t finish the book with Larry.”

As I said, I didn’t want to write another book because it’s a lot of work and I like my retired care-free life. I said to God, “If this is your will, put it on Larry’s heart to finish the book.” We hadn’t discussed it in years, and I thought it was a good way to get out of writing a book.  A week went by and Larry didn’t bring it up and I was very relieved.

I decided to share with Larry how I had asked God to put it on his heart if it was God’s will to finish the book. He looked surprised and said, “That’s interesting because a week ago I started to think about the possibility of finishing the book, but I didn’t say anything to you!”

You know when you KNOW God is speaking to you and you better listen! It truly was a moment of SURRENDER and TRUST. We had no idea what we were doing but we kept “showing up” and asking for guidance. We worked diligently on the book every day and the rest is history.

Now that the book has been birthed, we are asking Spirit for the next divine steps on how to market it. Any suggestions are welcome.  Reviews for the book are crucial so we would appreciate a review on Amazon after you read the book. We know in our hearts that our book will be a vehicle of hope and inspiration for a world in dire need of hope and Love consciousness.  

Right before I started to write this blog, I received an email from a friend with another blog that confirmed we are on the right path. I love how we are always guided and get what we need to move forward. Here is a part of what it said:
“Your surrendered life will awaken others. You are an awakener of others. As they witness what I am doing in your life, many will see and trust me. They will be drawn into a deeper place with me because of your surrender and your obedience to my call.  Do not be passive in this hour but passionate to pursue all that I hold in store for you. Never underestimate the power of your surrendered life.   Many will tell you to stay where you are, to stay in the safety of what you’ve known, to fear stepping out of the boat to walk on the water. Keep your eyes on me and step out in faith. I’ve got you. Your story will ignite passionate faith in the hearts of others.”     Brian Simmons and Gretchen Rodriquez
What is God asking you to do? I encourage you to say YES because your YES will be blessed, as mine has. You don’t need to know HOW you just need to take the next step and you will be guided every step of the way.  Don’t allow fear to stop you from moving forward with your gifts in the world. The world needs you more than ever now.  I’m grateful that I had the courage and grace to say YES to God. I pray that you do too!

I had the Surprise of my Life

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I love surprises, but it’s not easy to surprise me because I’m intuitive and pick up on things easily.  With that said, I want to share the biggest “surprise birthday gift” I received this week.

I was really looking forward to celebrating my birthday with Larry at our favorite restaurant, Sea House, in Lahaina. That morning, in prayer, I asked to be open to surprises. God answered that prayer BIG TIME.

We planned on leaving the house at 11 a.m. since the restaurant was an hour away.  A couple of hours before leaving, Larry came to me and said, “I just got a phone call from, Sue, and she needs a ride home from the airport.  Her plane arrives at 11 a.m.  Her ride just cancelled, do you mind if we go to the airport first, pick her up, drive her home and then we can go to the restaurant?”

Although I wasn’t crazy about the idea, I knew it was important to Larry and he really wanted to help his friend out who was quite stressed about not having a ride home. I said, “Sure, we can do that.” I am so grateful I listened to my heart and was willing to change our plans to help someone else out.

When we pulled into the airport terminal, I was looking for Sue.  When Larry pulled over to the curb, I said, “What are you doing? I don’t see Sue here.”

The next thing I knew there was a man that I didn’t recognize coming up to the door of our car. I said, “Who is this man and what is he doing here?” The next thing I knew he was opening the car door. When he took off his hat and sunglasses, I saw that it was my son, Timmy, who is from Boise Idaho.  

I was in complete shock and couldn’t move or talk at first. I couldn’t believe my eyes that my son was standing in front of me wishing me a happy birthday. I can’t remember what I said other than OMG and then the tears flowed. Larry said he has never seen me like this. It was the best surprise birthday present ever.

As we were pulling away from the terminal, I noticed 3 women sitting on benches that had witnessed the surprise visit and they had BIG smiles on their faces. What a touching moment for all of us.

Tim called Larry a few weeks ago to tell him he was coming to surprise me for my birthday.  Larry did a great job of keeping it a secret and coming up with the idea about his friend, Sue, needing a ride.

What a joy it has been having him stay with us for a few days. We snorkeled and kayaked and relaxed together. I knew Tim loved me, but actions speak louder than words. He was so attentive and kind to his “mamma.”

As the wave was breaking and we came out of the ocean from kayaking, he stood in front of me to protect me from getting hit.  He always offered me his arm wherever we walked. I felt so cared for and loved.

We don’t have air conditioning and it has been very hot here on Maui this summer. Tim and I went to Home Depot and he bought us a portable air-conditioner and then installed it the next day. He said, “It is an early Christmas present.”

I feel so loved, blessed and grateful. Thank you family and friends for the surprises; flowers, cards, calls, gifts and lunches. God is so good!

Larry celebrated his 80th birthday

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Larry celebrated his 80th birthday with 35 friends and family at our home on Sunday. What a beautiful day of love and joy. The love just FLOWED. When asked by a friend, “What have you learned that is most important and what wisdom do you want to share with us?” Larry smiled and simply said, “ALL THERE IS IS LOVE.”

My prayer for Larry was that his heart be open to receive the love that others wanted to shower on him for his birthday. It is not always easy to receive.

For many years, I unconsciously “blocked” love (even though I wanted it) because I didn’t feel deserving, worthy, or good enough. I didn’t think I could live up to what others said about me and I didn’t want others to think I was conceited. I worked hard at letting go of these erroneous beliefs that were running my life and not allowing me to receive love from others.

My intention for the birthday party was that it FLOW with peace, ease and grace. And that it did as I felt peaceful and relaxed. In the past, I always felt stressed before a party or company because I wanted everything to be perfect. I drove myself crazy and everyone around me.

One of the reasons I felt so peaceful was that I’ve learned to ask for HELP. I remember an incident years ago with my ex-husband. We were having company, and he was laying on the couch reading the paper, while I was racing around the house trying to get ready. I felt angry and resentful that he wasn’t helping and I was doing everything. I finally snapped and said something to him. I will never forget his remark, “Why didn’t you ask me for help?”

I never thought to ask him for help. The lesson for me was that I expected him to read my mind.  Of course, we could say he should have known and perhaps he could have been more aware, but he wasn’t. Expecting someone to read my mind and know what I need is setting myself up for trouble.

Why is it hard to ask for help?

  • We don’t want to be rejected
  • We don’t want to bother others
  • We may be afraid of what will be asked of us
  • We think we should know what to do

Because I’ve learned to say NO when I want to and YES when I want to, my friends also say no and yes and are honest with me when I ask for help

I asked a friend to come over a couple of days before the party and we discussed everything, as well as set up tables and figure out where the food was going to be placed. It was such a blessing to not have to do it all by myself. Our Friends delivered chairs and table and let us borrow their coolers. Another friend surprised us with 35 beautiful favors that everyone loved.  We felt so loved.

The day of the birthday party was truly amazing.  Everyone mingled and shared the love with one another. We were so grateful as our friends helped in so many ways without even being asked.

Larry was truly celebrated and honored as the LOVE flowed. It will be a day neither one of us will ever forget. All we can say is thank you for loving us the way you did and thank you for allowing us to love you and for being present in our lives.


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