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“I laughed & said “This feels like a drug deal”

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In gratitude for all of you who read my weekly inspirational blogs, I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. It is truly my delight and pleasure to share how God “shows up” in my life each week and all the lessons and blessings I receive. I continue to learn and practice the importance of being willing to ask and receive.  Is there an area in your life that you have been refusing or unwilling to receive?  We can receive everything if we choose it and allow it to “show up” with peace, ease and grace or as the saying goes, being at the right place at the right time. The Universe desires to give us everything we need.

Little did I know that “showing up” and saying YES to that request to speak at United Church in May of 2010, would open doors for me to live my dream life in Maui. I said YES to Ellen (who I had just met after my talk) when she invited me to stay with her in Maui for 2 weeks at Thanksgiving. I just kept saying YES and stepping out in faith (despite my fears) each step of the way. Of course, I couldn’t see the whole picture ahead of me and, thank God, I couldn’t see it because it would have seemed impossible – even for a woman of faith. 

I love how the universe works and brings things full circle.  I received a phone call from my friend Ruth this week informing me that she will be arriving in Maui for a couple of months the beginning of January. Ruth is the woman who invited me to speak at her church in 2010. I said, “If it wasn’t for you inviting me to speak at the church, I may not be living in Maui.”

As we discussed her plans, we realized we were both arriving in Maui on the same day and at the same time. I am going to Rhode Island for the holidays and returning on January 6th.  My friend will pick me up at the airport and, of course, we will give Ruth a ride to her hotel. I am looking forward to showing her around Maui and who knows she might fall in love with the place and move here too. She will be attending my retreat on January 4in Rhode Island.   

Here is an example of what “showed up” for me when I asked and was willing to receive. When I hurt my back a few weeks ago, my friend, Kati, let me borrow her yoga ball and it worked beautifully. I used it in the morning and at night and I know it helped my back to heal more quickly. I returned it to Kati last Thursday as she needed to use it herself.  I prayed and asked God to provide another one for me when I went “yard sailing” on Saturday.  At the first yard sale that I went to, a woman said, “I have one but I cannot sell it until December when I move.”  Thank you very much, but I need it now.

On Sunday, when I was returning from church, I spotted a yard sale very close to my home. I perused the yard sale quickly, but didn’t see a yoga ball, so I asked the two women that were sitting together, “I am looking for a yoga ball, would you happen to have one?”  “Yes, I have one, but I didn’t bring it with me responded one of the women.” “Where do you live,” I asked. “I live in North Kihei, but I would be happy to bring it here tomorrow.”

I proceeded to tell her that I hurt my back and how the yoga ball had helped me. She said, “You can have it for free. It is brand new and sitting in my closet.” I was more than willing to pay for it and thanked her for her generosity.  I gave her my number and she said, “I will call you and bring it to you tomorrow.”  Sure enough, she called on Monday and we agreed to meet where the yard sale was held. I got there first and parked my car.  A few minutes later, she pulled up behind me and I got out of the car with my book, “Simply a Woman of Faith” in hand. I burst out laughing and said, “This feels like a drug deal” as we exchanged the yoga ball for my book.  She looked at my book, smiled and said, “I could sure use some faith.” I needed the yoga ball and she needed my book. I may never see her again and have no idea how my book will inspire her faith.

A couple of weeks ago, something else “showed up” in my life that is allowing me to live in the flow and in alignment with Spirit in an even greater way. It is called “Access Consciousness.”  I took the training with a couple of friends and am now an “Access Consciousness” practitioner. It has been very powerful and I feel a great shift within myself. I am moving more quickly through things because I don’t have to figure everything out. It has opened me up to limitless possibilities with the question, “How much better can it get than this?”

As I am “recognizing” myself and my inner beauty on a deeper level as a child of the Divine, others are recognizing my inner beauty also. As they recognize my beauty, they are recognizing their own beauty because we are mirrors for one another. Not only do I feel the changes within myself, people (some of whom I don’t know) have noticed and commented about how radiant and beautiful I look.  A friend wrote me an email and said, “You are brightening Maui as you allow yourself to express your full-bloom.” On Saturday I found a beautiful angel at a yard sale called “BEAUTY.” She now sits on my altar for me to remember who I am.

“Access Consciousness” allows you to erase what is creating limitations in your life without having to know how this works, or believe in it. This kind of energy healing provides you with ways to become totally aware and to begin to function as the conscious being that you truly are. Consciousness & Oneness includes everything and judges nothing. It’s the ability to be present in your life in every moment without judgment of you or anyone else. It’s the ability to receive everything, to judge nothing, and to allow the entire Universe to be what it is. If you have no judgment of anything, then you get to look at everything for what it is, not for what you want it to be, not for what it ought to be, but just for what it is. From this space you can transform and change all things and create everything you desire in life – greater than what you currently have and more than what you can imagine.

When we are in the flow or in alignment with Spirit, things “show up” and happen with peace, ease and grace. They happen naturally and without effort. My prayer for you is that you will know your inner beauty and magnificence, that you will know you are loved, and that you trust God in everything. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want and expect that you will receive it in the perfect and right time.


“When you Pray Big, you receive Big”

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pray big

I spotted the “PRAY BIG” sign on the wall when I visited my friend Karen’s “Heaven on Earth” Healing Center on my trip to Rhode Island. I had to take a picture of it because it reminded me of what happened to my ex-husband and I over 35 years ago. We stepped out in faith because we heard God say to us,

“If you take big steps with me, I will take big steps with you.”

I believe that when I PRAY BIG, I will also RECEIVE BIG. I asked myself, “What does it mean to PRAY BIG?” First of all, I think it means that I need to know what I want and I must be willing to ask for it. It means to stop playing small and praying for just enough, whether that be enough money, clients, friends, happiness, peace, health or success. To ask for what I want, I must feel deserving and worthy to experience abundance in every area of my life. I must be willing to RECEIVE all that God wants to give me.
The tricky part of this is to be grateful, accept and love where I am and what I have in the present moment, while looking ahead to the future and what I want to manifest. It is important to know how to let go of the outcome and trust God for everything that is in my life now. I believe that the best is yet to come and Spirit wants us to expand to our fullest potential and grant us our heart’s desires.

Here is the chapter “The Sky God Speaks” from my book, Simply a Woman of Faith.

“My husband complained about his sales job for many years. He hated what he was doing. He felt stuck in a dead end job where there was no satisfaction or fulfillment. I could see the toll it was taking on him as his depression worsened. He didn’t want to do the things he used to enjoy and watched TV all the time.

Every weekend, he’d spend hours scouring the newspaper looking for jobs, but to no avail. He sent out resumes and had some interviews, but nothing ever panned out. I felt powerless to help, but listened and tried my best to be supportive, encouraging him not to give up. I knew something would come along if he kept trying. I wasn’t totally surprised when he asked to speak with me after dinner about something important.

“I’m thinking about going into business for myself,” he nervously blurted out. “Oh. What kind of business?” I asked God,I know he’s going to say a Christian bookstore. “I want to open a Christian bookstore.””I knew you were going to say that,” I answered.”How did you know? We’ve never talked about it before. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, but didn’t have the guts to bring it up to you. I didn’t think you would go for it.” “I don’t know how I knew, I just did.” “What do you think?” he asked. “I’m not sure. I’m not against it, but we don’t know anything about running a bookstore. Where would we get the money? Would you quit your job?” There were so many questions and my mind wouldn’t shut off.

“I don’t know the answers yet, but I’ll do some research and see what I can find out,” he answered.”Okay, I’d like to pray about this and make sure it’s God’s will.”We agreed to pray and discuss it in another week or so. A week later, I could tell by the look in my husband’s eyes and the quivering in his voice that he had something to tell me. I waited anxiously until the children were tucked into bed and he was ready to talk. As we sat next to one another on the big sofa, he grabbed my hand and said, “We have to sell our house if we want to go into business.” It took me off guard and I gasped. “What? You must be kidding.” “No, I’m not. I went to the bank to see about a loan. We’re not eligible. The only way we can finance a business is to sell our house.”

“There must be another way,” I said as the tears rolled down my cheeks. The thought of selling our home and moving when I was pregnant with our fourth child seemed out of the question. I loved our home and that was the last thing I wanted to do.The pain and despair in his eyes prompted me to ask,”Where would we live if we sold our home?” “We would have to find a nice place to rent,” he answered. I wanted to be open and I desperately wanted my husband to be happy and fulfilled, but I didn’t want to move. Every time we broached the subject I kept repeating, “This is such a big step, we have to make sure it’s God.”

I prayed about it daily, but no answers came until we attended our weekly prayer meeting at the church. After the singing and praise, the church got very quiet as we waited to hear the prophetic word. Directly in front of us sat a man we had never seen before. He spoke loud and clearly,  “If you take big steps with me, I will take big steps with you. If you take small steps with me, I will take small steps with you.”

My husband looked over at me as the tears streamed down my cheeks in disbelief. He gently squeezed my hand and smiled at me. We both knew God had spoken and answered our prayers. We couldn’t stop talking about it on our ride home from the prayer meeting. Although we weren’t ready to speak it aloud yet, we both knew deep down what we needed to do.

The next day my husband called the real estate agent and we put our house up for sale. We didn’t know where we would live, but we trusted God would guide us as He promised in the prophecy. We wanted to find a townhouse to rent. I joked with my husband and said, “It wouldn’t surprise me if God was building brand new town houses nearby.”

The next week as I read the newspaper, savoring my flavorful cup of chai, I spotted the full page ad in the middle section of the paper.”Joe, come quick,” I called out. “Look what I found in the newspaper. It looks perfect for us.”


We packed the three children in the car and off we went to the neighboring town. As we drove up the long windy driveway, we couldn’t wait to see what the townhouses looked like. Dozens of people walked in and out of the model townhouses. “How may I help you?” asked the saleswoman who greeted us at the entrance of the model. She smiled as she noticed my obvious big belly and our three young children tagging behind us.

“We’re interested in renting a three bedroom townhouse,”my husband answered. “I’d be glad to show you around. We’ve already rented several of them today. Aren’t they beautiful?” the saleswoman commented.”Very,” I answered. I loved the large rooms and the patio. I imagined our children playing in the small back yard.”When will they be available to occupy?” I asked. “Some are ready now. We’re still building on the other side of the street and they’ll be completed in the Spring.”

My husband and I walked outside to discuss whether to put a deposit down on the townhouse. Even though we just put our house on the market the week before, we thought it would sell quickly and we needed a place to live when it did sell. The timing seemed perfect and we loved the townhouse. We could afford the monthly payment and it was close to everything. We put down a deposit that day with the understanding that when our house sold, we would move in.

As expected, our house sold quickly and amazingly we got almost to the penny what we needed to open the business. Everything ran on schedule and according to plan. Several months later, we moved into our new townhouse.”

As we follow God’s plan for our lives, miracles happen. When we PRAY BIG, we will RECEIVE BIG.  Do you know what you want? Do you feel deserving to receive your heart’s desire?

                                                                     DREAMING BIG


               pat at movies  



The MASTER PLAN is Unfolding

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Last week I wrote in my blog that the JOURNEY of faith is about letting go of anything that is no longer useful in our lives so the new can come.  I received an email from a woman thanking me for those words because it confirmed what she had just done, in letting go of negative people in her life.

My friends, Mary and Dave, invited me to come on their boat with them this weekend. Mary is a special friend and healer who often “finds” things that have symbolic meaning to me. She said, “Pat, they just come to me, and I know God wants me to buy this for you.”

So it wasn’t surprising when she handed me the small package on the boat and explained the story.  She said, “Pat, I went shopping for a birthday present for my friend. While looking for a gift for her, I spotted this card that read JOURNEY  – Enjoy the adventure. On the card was a beautiful stone bracelet. I immediately thought of you and your JOURNEY of faith and knew I had to buy it for you. When I picked it up to look closer at it, I was shocked when I the saw the turtle on it.”



Turtles are very significant to me because they know when to go within and when it is time to stick their heads out, take a risk and move forward.  Several years ago, I made a dream book for myself, and put a picture of a turtle swimming in the ocean in Maui, in it. Little did I know that my dream would come true and I would one day swim with the turtles and live on the ocean in Maui. It is beyond my wildest dreams to think that I am now moving there to live full time.

I thanked my friend, Mary, for giving me the bracelet and the special message of “Enjoy the Adventure” on it.  I thanked God for inviting me on this adventure of faith and all the good that is unfolding in my life.  I love spending time with Mary and when we are together the signs keep “showing up.”  She said to me, “Pat, God will never lead you where He/She will not keep you.”  Just as she said the words, we hear the song over the radio playing “Spirit in the sky – you have a friend in Jesus.”  Of course, we sang along and almost jumped out of our seats. When the song finished, for some reason, I turned my head around in the boat, and my eyes spotted a huge white boat behind us that’s name was MASTER PLAN!  Was God speaking or what?

master plan
God does have a MASTER PLAN for me and for you. Will you trust that plan? Are you ready to step out in faith and follow your heart’s desire and dreams? Yes, it takes great courage to follow the will of God, but for me there is no other way.  It just takes a little faith and God will multiply what you have. I love the adventure of life and the surprises God has in store for me. A friend called today and read me today’s reading from the Daily Bread about letting go and letting God. After she finished the reading, she said, “You can’t even imagine what God has planned for you.”

About an hour before my friend called to read that to me this morning, I had watched Joel Olsteen on TV. His message confirmed what Mary and I talked about on the boat. He said, “God will never ask you to do something that He will not give you the way.” I knew God was speaking to my heart and that there was no need for fear or doubt about the MASTER PLAN that I am choosing to follow. At the closing of his show, Joel said, “Put your dreams in God’s hands, give God what you have, and He will multiply it. God will take you to places you’ve never dreamed about.” I am banking on that!

What I have found is that God always gives me signs along the way that help me feel confident and trust that I can put my dreams in God’s hands.  A few months ago while I was in Maui, I was taking my daily walk and heard the small still voice of God say, “Your cake is baked.” I said, “Thank you God, for whatever that means.” I wanted to believe that it meant that my cake was baked and I was ready to meet my soul mate, which I believe God has planned for me. I didn’t think much about it until I was having a conversation with a friend a few weeks later. She shared that her therapist told her that life is like a cake and we must put in all the ingredients before it goes in the oven to bake and then is ready to be eaten. I hadn’t said anything to her up to this point about “my cake being baked” but I felt like this was a confirmation.  Wow, my cake is baked!

A few weeks later, I received an email about how to attract your soul mate. The writer wrote that we must love ourselves and love what we were doing, before we will attract our soul mate. I had heard this all before and felt that is exactly what I am doing in my life. What really resonated with me was when she wrote, “When your soul mate comes, it will be like icing on the cake.” I smiled knowing that my cake is baked, cooled off and ready to be eaten. I am waiting for the icing and I know it will be delicious!

Just recently, my friend from Maui sent me an email and shared what was happening with her “Life Cake.” Here is what she wrote: “My “Life Cake” is still in process. The ingredients have been gathered and I am in the mixing stage, working with the batter. Some family and friends are asking for a slice of the cake, and want to know what kind it is, and how does the frosting taste…and I haven’t even gotten it into the oven yet! The oven is preheating and my sleeves are rolled up and I’m measuring, cracking eggs and wiping any worry away on my apron. It’s a “leap of faith cake” and only God has the secret recipe; I am merely a channel. I know that Maui is a magical place, and Spirit is alive and well and swirling around me with messages and symbolism if we are willing to “sit still” and listen.”

What about you? Has your cake been baked? Or, are you like my friend who is still in the mixing stage? It is not a bad thing to be in the mixing stage because you are being prepared for the next chapter in your life and you will know deep within when it is time for your cake to be baked. Do not rush it, but be patient and trust that all is well and you are in God’s hands.

I am so grateful for those who write me and help me see things that I’ve missed. My friend, Jane, wrote,  “Isn’t it a JOY when others clean off our spiritual and actual glasses and give us the vision. A PHD in faith means that the P represents Peace, the letter H represents Hope and the letter D represents Deliverance. Of course, your initials are placed in PHD for good reason as well.” Every day I do my best to maintain a consciousness of peace and hope, knowing that my life is unfolding with ease and grace and there is nothing to be afraid of.  For me, deliverance means being delivered from fear, separation, lack, feeling not good enough and needing to control. It means knowing that I am never separated from the Power of God. I am within God and God is within me. God and I are ONE.
Today I cleaned out the bookshelf next to my bed and found an old journal. As I started to read the entry of January 18, the day I left for Maui for 6 months, I was amazed at what I wrote and what God’s message was to me. Here it is: “Pat, have fun and see your life as an adventure story and enjoy the process. You have said YES to follow your heart into the unknown. I am blessing you beyond your wildest dreams. This is just the beginning of what is to come.”

Even though my house hasn’t sold and I haven’t had one person look at it yet, and even though there is no “apparent evidence” that my house is going to sell, I KNOW that God is working behind the scenes and He/She has me covered.  I have let go of the timing and how it will happen and just stay peaceful. I continue to believe and “act as if” all is well, because it is. Isn’t that what faith is about, believing when we cannot see?   I am stepping into the unknown, spreading my wings to fly and leaving for Maui September 5 whether my house is sold or not. It’s all in God’s Hands.


Sometimes I resist change and other times I feel an inner stirring to initiate change and start a new adventure. I may have satisfactory employment of or a comfortable lifestyle, yet feel called to something more. Spirit calls me to expansion, inviting me to step out in faith and act courageously. I pray, listen to my inner guidance, and then put feed under my prayers. The positive action I take sends a clear message to Spirit. I am saying “Yes” to my increase and expansion right now. I am not discouraged if I hit a roadblock. I fully trust that God goes with me wherever I go, showing me the way through any challenge. I am faith-filled, strong  and courageous, living a life of adventure.

I Danced & twirled around my kitchen singing

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I danced and twirled around my kitchen singing, “I did it, I did it!” because I had just bought my plane ticket back to Maui for September 5, 2012. And the good news is that I had frequent flyer miles and had to pay only $30 for it! You might be thinking, “Wouldn’t it have been better to wait for your house to sell first?” That is what my rational mind thought too. It said “You better wait and make sure that you sell your house before you buy a plane ticket back. Don’t jump the gun.”

God had other plans for me and I obeyed! I bought my plane ticket back to Maui after I prayed and meditated about when to buy the ticket. In prayer, I heard the small, still voice of God say, “Do exactly what you did to co-create your 6-month trip to Maui.”  I knew exactly what that meant and if it worked then, it would surely work again.

When I returned home from Maui last September, I knew that I was being led to go back to Maui for 6 more months, which I did last January. I bought my plane ticket to return back to Maui last winter and that was before I had rented my condo and before I even had a place to live in Maui for 6 months.  I just trusted my divine guidance and my daily affirmation was, “Thank you God for the right and perfect person to rent my condo and thank you God for the right and perfect place to live in Maui.” Only ONE person looked at my condo and rented it. Then, when I arrived in Maui on January 17, my beautiful condo on the ocean was waiting for me to rent. Today I know that I only need ONE person to buy my house and that it is already done in the mind of God.

In 12-step programs, they say “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” I have personally experienced this in my own life, and many times I have had to change my behaviors if I wanted a different result. In the case of going back to Maui to live, I am doing the same thing and expecting the same results. I realize it may not happen the same way or look the same way, because HOW all this manifests is up to God. I know and trust that God has the perfect plan and the perfect timing for my house to sell. If I want to stay peaceful, I have to not be attached to the outcome and how I think it should look because I know that “I want what I want when I want it.” I have to let go of my control and trust God’s perfect plan. Sometimes I manifest quickly and sometimes I have to wait. I have been thanking God for my soul mate for several years. I will not give up and trust in the perfect and right timing.


Here are the steps I took to create my good and my ability to live in Maui:
1.     I became clear about what I wanted (writing it down is good).
2.     I asked God/Universe for what I wanted.
3.     I opened my heart to receive what I wanted.
4.     I let go of false beliefs that could be blocking my good (such as not feeling good enough or deserving of all this good).
5.     I visualized the end result and felt like it had already happened.
6.     I affirmed daily “Thank you God for the perfect and right buyer and the right and perfect place to live when I return to Maui.
7.     I let go and let God, by not being attached to the outcome.

“Acting as if” is another technique I use to attract good into my life.  It can be used anywhere, at any time, by anyone, to do anything that he or she really wants to do. It can be used to change one’s attitudes and personality, for behaving and “acting as if” a desirable characteristic is already present stimulates its manifestation.  For example, if I am going into a new situation and feeling some fear, I act as if I am confident and self-assured. I walk with my head up high and stand tall.

Why does “acting as if” work? Psychologists would tell us that it works because it enlists the aid of the subconscious mind, which releases stored-up information and stimulates necessary psychological and physiological processes. When we feel a desire to do or be something we have not done or been before, we are responding to a divine idea pushing toward manifestation.

I am “acting as if” my house is already sold by cleaning out draws, letting go of things I no longer use and selling things on Craig’s list. I see in my mind’s eyes SOLD on the sign in front of my house and I see myself moving out and the house is empty. I imagine myself singing an old song from my past, “Just like you promised you’d come.”

Today my heart rejoices that through God’s grace, I have the courage and strength to follow my heart and God’s invitation to return to Maui to live. How easily it would have been for me to say “It’s too expensive to live there and I could never afford it.” I ask myself, “How often have I blocked the flow of good that is mine because of my fear and negativity.” It took me 7 years to write my book because of fear and not believing in myself, so I know first-hand what it is like to be paralyzed with fear and to stay STUCK.

But the good news is that I am no longer paralyzed with fear. I became willing to do the inner work and whatever I had to do to transform the fear and live in love. When I choose to embrace the power of love, I banish fear. Peace cannot coexist with fear. Peace is present when there is confidence in the power of love. For 6 months while I was in Maui, I opened my heart on a daily basis to receive God’s unconditional love.  My daily intention that I pray as soon as I get out of bed is “My intention is to be peaceful, to love and to serve.”

How often have you blocked God’s infinite good coming into your life because of old messages of lack and scarcity and not believing in yourself? What keeps you from following your heart’s desires? My motto is, “I have only one life to live and I want to live it to the fullest, doing what I love to do, being with people I love to be with, and serving and loving God to the best of my ability.”

We are not promised tomorrow, all we have is today to live it in Love and to have FUN! I am filled with gratitude that I am sharing this powerful journey with all of you so you will be inspired to follow your heart and step out in faith as I have. It really works, try it you might like it!

“I Thought I Lost my Mojo”

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I returned safely to Rhode Island last Wednesday and on Thursday I felt like I was on a mission to get my house ready to put on the market as soon as I could. I called the real estate agent and made an appointment to sign the contract, I contacted my friend Steve to do some painting and got quotes for a new air conditioner unit that had been broken for several years. It all happened with peace, ease and grace and within 4 days everything was accomplished. Steve painted my ceilings on Monday and a new air conditioning unit was installed on Saturday. There is no messing around with this gal! My daily affirmation is “Everything is flowing with peace, ease and grace.” Remember, we get what we EXPECT and I am expecting peace, ease and grace in all my affairs.

My tenant,Carrie Ann, who was renting my house while I was in Maui, found a lovely condo and moved out on Saturday with peace, ease and grace as well. After she moved out, I spent the weekend putting things back in order the way I liked them, and although I love my home, I know in my heart that I no longer belonged here. I felt like I had already let go and was ready to move on.

When I went to bed on Friday night, I felt excited and happy to be back long enough to see my family and friends, but also felt a little sad & out of sorts because I missed the ocean and the Maui aloha spirit. It almost felt like I had lost my mojo. So before I went to bed, I said to God, “I have to do my weekly blog, but I don’t have anything to write about. Please give me a story.” God heard my prayer.

As many of you know from reading my book, Simply a Woman of Faith, I am the “Yard Sale Queen” and always pray for what I need, when I get in the car to go yard sailing.  So this first Saturday home was no different. I knew exactly what I needed and what I wanted to pay for the queen size sheets that were in perfect condition, which I knew I would find at the yard sale. When I walked into the first yard sale which was only a couple of blocks away, I quickly perused the area, but didn’t see any sheets. So I asked the woman, “Do you have any queen size sheets for sale?”  She thought for a moment and then said, “Yes, I do. I didn’t put them out, but they are in the house and I know exactly where they are. We just bought a king size bed and I can no longer use the queen size sheets.” I had visualized paying $5 dollars for the sheets and guess what she wanted for the sheets? Yes, 5 dollars!  Not only were they in perfect condition, but they were right price and the right color.

I left the yard sale thanking God for answering my prayer so quickly. As I drove down the street, I spotted a “lady bug” flag hanging from one of the houses. Tears came to my eyes because lady bugs are one of my symbols that God often speaks to me through. It felt like a “God Wink” and God was saying, “Keep going Pat, you are on the right track and you haven’t lost your mojo.” At the next yard sale, I saw a red cardinal on a shirt that was for sale. Cardinals are another one of my signs. God was certainly “showing up” for me, or my eyes just opened to see the signs all around me. So often we miss the signs because we rush around and miss how God wants to give us a “God Wink.”

My next yard sale find was a practically brand new HUGE brown suitcase with wheels on it that fit the whole trunk of my car. I wasn’t looking for a suitcase, but once I saw it I knew that it was exactly what I needed when I return to Maui with all my “stuff.” And the price was right at 5 dollars. God knows I love bargains and provided for me even when I hadn’t asked specifically for a suitcase.

This story gets even better!  As I drove away from that yard sale, I spotted a sign that read “FREE STUFF” by the curb. I love bargains, but I love FREE STUFF even more. I quickly pulled over and saw a large white bookcase that was in excellent condition. I knocked on the door to make sure it really was FREE.  A man answered the door and said, “Yes, it is free and I have another one upstairs, would you like that one too?”  I quickly answered, “Yes, that would be great.” I knew it would be perfect for my daughter Mary to display her herbs and teas at her shop, Farmacy Herbs. He proceeded to tell me they were in the process of moving and had to have everything out by the next day. I called Mary to see when she could pick the bookcases up and she couldn’t get there until Monday.  To my surprise, John (we were now friends as we realized that our kids played together when they were in grammar school) said to me, “Where do you live?” When I told him where I lived, he said, “I have a truck and will deliver them to your house if you would like.”  Now that is God in action!

Before moving out, Carrie Ann mentioned to me that she needed a desk for her new condo, so that kind of just came out of my mouth and I said, “You don’t have a desk that you want to get rid of, do you?” They looked at one another and said, “Let’s give it to her.” So not only did I get 2 bookcases, but I also got a desk for Carrie Ann.  A few hours later, John delivered THREE bookcases and a desk to my house. Can you imagine that he thanked me for taking his stuff? I was so grateful and wanted to give him something in return. I knew he would be insulted if I offered him money, so I gave him a copy of my book Simply a Woman of Faith for him and his wife Kathleen to read. He was thrilled.

Do you ask for what you need? Do you not want to bother God for the small things in life that you need? Do you feel worthy to ask for what you want? My God wants to supply all of my needs and yours too. God answers specific small prayers like my request for sheets and also anticipates what we need without us even asking for it; like the suitcase, bookcases and desk. I have come to trust that God knows what I need before I even ask.

We need to be open to receive and not be afraid to ask for our needs to be met. Every need is always met, and while your prayers may not be answered immediately, and may even take years to be answered, the important thing is to be patient and continue to believe in God’s perfect timing. Never give up on your dreams because God placed them in your heart and God is faithful.

P.S. God has a sense of humor! I went to a swing dance on Saturday night and counted 8 guys that were wearing Hawaiian shirts – and they didn’t know I was coming! It made me feel right “at home” and reminded me that I got my mojo back!

Science of Mind-A Guide for Spiritual Living, January 2012

God’s only desire for your life is to give you all the good that you can imagine. Your desire for a better life is God-in-you waking up to what’s possible for you. Your unwillingness to settle for less than what you really want is God-in-you knowing Its worth. Your dissatisfaction with old, limited ways of thinking that one group to have power and resources over another is God-in-you knowing that we are all one. I am a conscious co-creator. I am awake and ready to take on my destiny.

“YOU Got it going On”

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After living in Maui since January, I can hardly believe that I will be returning to Rhode Island in 2 weeks (and selling everything so I can move back here to live full time.) I am so excited to see my family and friends that I am counting the days until I get back there. It has been an amazing journey of transformation, love, surrendering, letting go and healing. I have learned so much about myself, my beliefs and what needed to change inside of me in order to be the woman God created me to be and for me to receive more good in my life.

As I walked home from my walk today, the two words that popped out for me were “No push, no rush.” Hmm…..that’s interesting, I thought. That was my way of being. I was always pushing myself to do and be more and rushing through life like I would miss something if I didn’t rush. In fact, I called myself a “Rushaholic” and it exhausted me.  I realize now that these behaviors came from the belief that “I am not good enough and not worthy and deserving of good things.” Over the years, I have worked hard at changing these beliefs that no longer serve me through prayer, meditation, journaling, visualizations and affirmations. Every once in awhile, I catch myself rushing or racing, but much much less than it has ever been. Today, I truly enjoy going with the flow and following my intuition.

God’s timing is perfect and I have been reflecting on how perfectly everything has been orchestrated on my behalf with my housing both here in Maui and in Rhode Island. I am leaving this beautiful condo on the ocean that I am renting with Pat and Bob on June 26 to return to Rhode Island. Pat and Bob will be moving into the new condo they bought on June 30 and then my tenant, Carrie Ann in Rhode Island, is moving out of my condo and settling in her new condo on June 29!  I could not have planned that any better. It is truly amazing what happens, when I let go and let God handle how things work out. I can’t wait to see what will happen when I return to Rhode Island to sell my house. I am already thanking God for the right and perfect person to buy my house and for the right and perfect price.

I plan to buy my return ticket back to Maui for September 5, 2012. My friend, Ellen, is going away for the month of September and has invited me to stay in her condo while I look for a place to rent. I am very excited to see how it will unfold and the beautiful place that is already mine in the mind of God. When I think about leaving this condo on the ocean, each morning when I look out, I say “This is something better, God.”

I would like to share another way I heard God speak to me this week. I encountered the woman who was staying in the condo right next to mine, and she turned and smiled as she walked back into her condo and said, “We just got here 4 hours ago. I can see you have been here awhile, YOU GOT IT GOING ON! ” I smiled and thought, wow, I do got it going on girl, but I didn’t know it was so obvious.  I walked around all day with giddy excitement, saying to myself, “YES, I GOT IT GOING ON!”  And guess what, YOU have it going on too! Just saying this out loud has really shifted my energy and I am now saying it to others and love to see their face light up and smile.

Can you picture that?  Try saying it aloud and see how it feels. Other than feeling sassy and confident, I decided to answer the question “what does this mean to me?” It means that God, my essence and my God-self is shining out and radiating love to the world as I remember who I am and that I am ONE with God.  My prayer was “Thank you God, I feel so blessed, loved and excited about the adventure of the future and all that you have planned for me. I say YES to your divine plan.”

Another thing I have learned about the Divine Plan is that it requires having faith that the right doors will open for me when necessary, and the right doors will close for me as well. This week I had an example of God closing the door in my face, and how it all worked out for the best.  Ellen approached me with the news that her 94-year-old friend, Ester, was selling one of her cars. Her daughter had bought her a new car and had given Ester her 1999 Ford Escort.  Ester was selling it for a great price and even though it was an old “Maui Cruiser,” it seemed to be in decent condition. I called the insurance company and the DMV and got all the information I needed. Believe me, this was not my plan to buy a car before I moved back here, but it seemed like the right thing to do since it came to me and I felt peaceful.  My prayer was, “God, close the door if this is not your divine plan.” I was excited to think I would have a car all set when I moved back to Maui and it seemed like a confirmation that “I really am moving back here.” To my surprise, a few days later, Ester called and said, “I am really sorry but my daughter decided not to sell her car, after all.” I got off the phone a little stunned and disappointed, but very quickly said, “Thank you God for closing the door.”
Then my next thought was that “I will get a car for free.” I really liked that idea and it will be interesting to see how that manifests. I asked myself, “Did I only feel deserving of an old Maui Cruiser?” Perhaps God wants more for me and now I see myself driving a shiny convertible red car!


As I sat on the beach looking into the ocean and feeling very peaceful, I overheard a few words in a conversation behind me. All I heard was “RELAX, it will come to you.” I believe those words were meant for me. I have used this affirmation for years and it seems to apply here, “Everything I need is streaming toward me, I open my hands and receive.”  I believe my soul mate will come to me, the car will come to me, the right place to live when I move back to Maui will come to me, and the right person to buy my house in Rhode Island will come to me. My job is to “show up” do my part and leave the HOW up to God. It works every time.

Daily Word Magazine
I am part of and immersed in the order of life. My breathing is orderly and rhythmic, as is my heartbeat; neither requires my control or direction. I relax into the flow of divine order and allow God to express in and through me, guiding my unfolding. As each new day begins, divine order manifests in all I think and do. Divine order is established in my life, and I am grateful.

Like the eagle, I am meant to soar. I am meant to let go of fear and limitations, to apply the strength and abilities God has given me. I place my faith in God and my spirit soars.

“I am Letting Go of the Need to Know”

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I am practicing letting go of the “need to know” what will happen tomorrow, the next month or next year. Believe me, it is a daily practice to let go of the “need to know” and trust that all is well in the present moment. This is not easy because I feel safe when I think I know what’s coming next, although this is an illusion because no one is guaranteed tomorrow. All I have is this precious present moment to live as I choose – in love or in fear. I have learned from experience that life is short and I don’t get to know when a loved one will leave this earth. I believe that the “need to know” is about wanting to be in control – which stems from fear of the unknown.

For example, I am letting go of the “need to know” where I will live when I return to Maui in September, and when my house will sell in Rhode Island, and when I will meet my soul mate, and if my money will run out or if I get sick, who will take care of me in Maui! In other words, I am doing my part through prayer, meditation, listening to the small still voice within and following my intuition. I am leaving the HOWS up to God and letting go of the outcomes. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have a plan, because I do, but I am surrendering my plan to the divine plan and this is where I find my peace.

The “need to know” kept me paralyzed for 7 years while writing my book. I was afraid to risk and take the next step to move toward my dream of writing my book. But for the grace of God, I faced my fears, published my book and my life has never been the same. I left my job of 20 years as a therapist to start my own spiritual business and now I am moving to Maui to live.

Many people stay stuck in jobs or relationships that are unfulfilling or unhappy because of fear and the “need to know” how it will turn out. The spiritual path is about taking one step at a time and walking in faith while being open to receive more good, and then being available for the gifts that God wants to give. I have learned to just do the next right thing, trusting God will open or close the door for my highest good, as I move in faith. I trust that doing the next right thing is going back to Rhode Island June 27, selling my condo, and letting go of my “stuff” that I have accumulated over the last 33 years.

For me, the spiritual path is about surrendering my will and trusting in a Power greater than myself. That is living in faith. Faith is always the path for me whether it is having faith in God, faith in myself, faith in the universe and that everything is unfolding according to a divine plan. I am using the same “proactive thanksgiving prayer” that I did when I moved to Maui in January, which worked out better than I could have imagined. This is how I pray: “Thank you God for the perfect and right place to live in Maui and thank you God for the perfect and right person to buy my house.” Norman Vincent Peale writes “Do not always ask when you pray, but instead affirm that God’s blessings are being given.” An affirmation that I use is “I am in love with the adventure of life.” I am very excited about my “new life and adventure” and can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. I know I will be sharing many miracle stories.

I would like to share a recent example of “being present” and doing the next right thing. I went to the ocean early in the morning to pray, mediate and go for a swim. As I walked down the beach after my swim, I said a quick prayer, “God, please lead me to someone to talk to.” I went back to my chair and sat down. Within a short time, this young man with a big tattoo on his arm literally plopped down “right next to me on the sand” and started talking to me. I thought it was a little odd (and scary) especially since he had a brown bag with a bottle of beer in it that he was drinking for lunch. I thought to myself, “Okay, God is this you and what do want me to say to him?” He talked about himself for quite a while and told me he was a musician, an artist, a writer and had lived in Maui for 5 years. I silently prayed while we continued the conversation. I asked him what he liked most about Maui and he said, “The temperature and the ocean.” He then asked me, “What do you like the best about Maui?” I said, “The energy and spirituality of the island.” That opened the conversation to a whole new level. I asked him, “Are you connected to a power greater than yourself?” His face lit up and he said, “Yes, I am and I am on a spiritual path.”

Scott and I talked for 1 ½ hours about God, Source, finding your purpose, love, values and the importance of meditation and a daily spiritual practice. I shared with him some of my stories in my book and he got “real quiet” and choked up when I told him my “blouse story” and how God provided for me. I told him I had prayed to be led to talk to someone that morning. He smiled and said, “That’s heavy and rad!” I guess that’s a good thing!

It was so refreshing talking to a young man who wants to make a difference in the world and is on the spiritual path. By the time we left, we were old buddies and we hugged each other and thanked each other for being there and sharing. As he walked away, he kept turning back and saying “thank you and God bless you.” I never know who or what will “show up” and when my prayers will be answered, and I also learned I can’t judge a book by its cover.


Then I decided I needed to be more specific in my prayer! “God, lead me to a man who is spiritual, tall, dark and handsome and my age, not my kids age! I trust that when I meet my soul mate and tell him I prayed and visualized us getting married; he will also think that’s “Rad.” Tonight, while taking my walk on the beach, I saw 5 weddings. I know it will be my turn soon because God is faithful and knows the desires of my heart – because God has placed them there. All I have is this present moment to live my life to the fullest and enjoy what God has given me. I am living my dream. How about you?



I am patient. I am able to live with ambiguity. I am able to allow situations to evolve and alter. I am able to await outcomes. I tolerate quiet periods of non-knowing while solutions emerge and present themselves. I do not force solutions. I expect the successful working-out of difficulties and differences. My heart is wise. It knows when to act and when non-action is the action to take. I trust my patient heart. I trust the power of my containment.


My Faith is Renewed

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I love sharing with you the miracles and magic that I’ve experienced since stepping out in faith and moving to Maui 4 1/2 months ago. Living in paradise is truly a gift from God and I am so grateful, but I am very aware that along with that gift comes a “spiritual responsibility” to let go of anything that is no longer useful and serving my highest good. I truly believe I am letting go of old behaviors and beliefs and a transformation is taken place deep within my spirit. I am becoming the woman God created me to be – free, radiant, loving, strong, abundant, happy, joyful and in love with life.

  lessons are happening quickly and I need to pay attention and listen to the messages I am receiving each day, whether it be through a song, a sign on a car, or from another person. One of the lessons I learned this week (again) was about changing my thinking. As Mother’s Day was approaching, I was anticipating feeling sad and lonely because I wouldn’t be spending the day with my family and I was also concerned about how they would feel, not having dinner and being able to celebrate together.  Even though I had made the choice to follow my heart and move across the Pacific Ocean, this was my first Mother’s Day alone. I was missing my kids and grandkids and feeling very vulnerable, to the point of questioning myself “was this really God’s will for me to move to Maui?”

I realized that if I was “expecting” to feel lonely and sad, that is exactly how my day would unfold. If instead I visualized myself feeling joyful, happy and loved, that is what I would experience. Remember, we get what we expect. I quickly changed my thinking to “I’m open to receiving more of God’s love, Mother Mary’s love, my children’s love and my mother’s love. I visualized my children feeling my love from a distance as I would feel their love across the ocean. I was overjoyed and tears flowed down my cheeks when the flowers arrived on Saturday with a beautiful note that read “Happy Mother’s Day – We all love you, Brian, Timmy, Mary and Jimmy.  I was delighted to talk to each one of my children and 2 grandsons during the day. I had a beautiful mother’s day “as I expected.”

In the morning, I went to Unity Church and cried tears of joy as I listened to the minister talk about his mother’s unconditional love and witnessed a mother and daughter singing a love song to one another. It was so touching as I thought about my own daughter Mary and how amazing she is.  In the afternoon, I went to the ocean, listened to the waves crashing over the rocks, felt the sun and warm breeze on my face and floated down the ocean on my pink tube.  I chatted with a woman in the ocean who told me she lived in Maui in the 70’s when she was young and carefree. I chuckled to myself and thought, “I’m old and carefree and living in Maui.” I asked God to see a turtle and lo and behold I not only saw one turtle but a mother and baby graced me with their presence. The mother turtle even posed for me on the rock (picture below).  I was alone on Mother’s Day, but I didn’t feel alone. I felt peaceful and loved and one with God.

Even though my mother died over 40 years ago, I always miss her on Mother’s Day and long to feel her presence.  Over the years, she has often communicated with me particularly when I hear the song “Honey” by Bobby Goldsboro playing on the radio because her name was “Honey.”   As I drove to the dance on Saturday night, I prayed to either hear that song or see a sign or something with honey on it. I have a CD that I love and listen to every time that I get in the car, but I have never paid any attention to the words. When I began to play it and heard the words “Honey I love you and I don’t want your money” of course, I burst out laughing.  “Honey” never ceases to amaze me how she shows up when I need her.  I felt my mother’s love and knew she was with me.

It is so important to listen to the messages we receive and recently I had another powerful one that I want to share with you.  I love it when my adult children share their wisdom with me and I am able to listen (I don’t always do that.)  I have been sharing with you how I was feeling some anxiety about selling my house, moving to Hawaii full time, and working out the timing of it all. I sent an email to my son Tim and asked for his guidance on a decision I had to make. He immediately responded with his thoughts about what I needed to do.  He could tell that my faith was wavering! At the end of the email he wrote, “Mom, you need to re-read your book!” Hmmm….I was a little taken back and thought that was interesting.

I hadn’t read my book from cover to cover in years. I decided I needed to listen to his wisdom and gave myself the gift of re-reading my book and it was exactly what I needed. I had forgotten how my house sold in 3 days 15 years ago, how God opened doors for buying a house that seemed impossible 30 years ago. I had forgotten how God provided when I asked for money for Bermuda and trusted it would come. It was all there, everything I needed for my faith to be renewed and strengthened. Story after story was a testament of God’s love, answered prayer and how I was provided for every step of the way.

So if you need your faith strengthened and you want to remember how God loves and provides for you, I suggest you purchase my book or if you have the book, re-read it and let the words of God’s love permeate your being, as they did mine.

“I Went To The Mountain & Was Transformed”

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When my friend Pat asked me if I wanted to attend the 3 day sacred retreat in Maui two months ago, I immediately said, “Yes.” After I read the description, I knew in my spirit that I was being called to attend this retreat. This is how it was described: We would be embarking on a pilgrimage into the power and complexity of sacred space in the magical land of Hawaii. There would be time for chanting, meditating, releasing, aligning, dancing, enlightenment, awakening and exploring the nature of the power of the two most important energy vortexes in Hawaii. This pilgrimage to the energy vortexes would help us understand how we could tap into this power source and be a part of the awakening that is taking place in 2012. It sounded awesome and I knew I wanted to be there.

I am so grateful that I listened to my intuition and went on this pilgrimage because it was an experience of a lifetime and I will never be the same. There were many personal messages and healings that I will be integrating into my life over the next few weeks. I met powerful women who have also been called to Maui and are seeking to create community. The high point of the weekend for me was driving up through the clouds to Mt. Haleakala, which is the largest dormant volcano in the world. Haleakala means “house of the sun” and when we reached the top, the sun was very bright and strong. Mt. Haleakala is 10,023 feet above sea level and overlooks all of Maui and we could actually see the Big Island from there.

When we were chanting and standing in a circle at the top of the mountain, the energy was so intense and strong that at one point, I almost fell backward as the energy swirled around me. It was very powerful to kneel in prayer and raise my arms to the heavens, knowing deeply that I am loved and ONE with God. I thought about the disciples and how they must have felt when they were on the mountain top with Jesus and didn’t want to leave the place. I didn’t want to leave either and felt like I was being transformed. Because of this journey, more than ever, I know I am being called to BE here in Maui. Maui has been described as one of the most powerful energy places in the world and my heart expands in humble gratitude that I am here.

Every aspect of this weekend illuminated the power of God and the importance of trusting in divine providence and divine timing in all things. When we arrived at the bed and breakfast on Thursday night, the owner, Sandy, informed us that we didn’t have any reservations. There was a miscommunication and the place was booked for the weekend. Pat and Ellen and I looked at each other knowing that God was in control and trusting it would work out for our highest good. We reminded ourselves to BREATHE! And it did work out for our highest good in more than we could have ever imagined. Sandy graciously called her friends Roslyn and Barry who had a bed and breakfast a short distance away and asked if they had rooms to rent. Yes, they did!

With bags in hand, off we went to our next destination. Our eyes opened wide as we pulled into the circular driveway and sprawling house in the middle of this lush beautiful land. We knew we were being taken care of and that all was well. The house was gorgeous with beautiful rooms, a pool and view of the ocean. Roslyn and Barry were so hospitable and told us that before they moved into the house, they had rented it to a spiritual leader and author Ram Dass for a few years. They also told us the Dali Lama stayed with Ram Dass when he came to Hawaii. Wow, to think I may have been sleeping in the same room as the Dali Lama slept was an awesome thought.

God’s timing is perfect. Two days prior to the retreat, I received an email from a colleague informing me she was going to reimburse me the $250 dollars that I lent her over a year ago for a business opportunity we were both involved in. I sent her several emails over the year requesting to be compensated, but due to her financial status she wasn’t able to pay me the money until now. I had already paid for the retreat when I signed up, but still had to pay for 3 nights for the bed and breakfast. The money came at the perfect and right time and “coincidentally” the bill for the 3 nights came to $260.

Here is another example of how God provides. Last month, I traveled to the Big Island to give a workshop. A couple of days before I went, I received a check in the amount of $332 from the IRS. I couldn’t believe it because it was a refund from 2010 stating that I overpaid them. I wonder how many times that happens. I had a great time touring the Big Island and when I returned, I realized that I had spent almost exactly what I received from the IRS. God is good.

I know that God is my source and provides in ordinary and sometimes miraculous ways. God’s timing is perfect. We are being called to trust our intuition, to go with the flow, live in the NOW, stand in faith and trust in God for everything. It is my belief that God goes before us to pave the way.  Today, the world is being renewed, awakened and enlightened. We are blessed to be a part of the magnificent wave of healing and transformation that is taking place on the earth today.

MY HEART OPENS TO ALLOW MY DEEPEST GOOD – Julia Cameron, author of Artists Way
“Acceptance, openness, allowing are the keys to manifestation. I do not need to will my good. I need to accept my good. I do not need to will my being loved. I need only accept my being loved. I open my heart to accept and allow the good which I desire. I am in God and God is in me. As I yearn for God, I yearn for my own true nature. As I ask God to fulfill me, I ask that I fulfill myself. There is no distance, no need to please or cajole, whimper or manipulate. It is the pleasure of the entire Universe to expand as it desires. My desires are the desires of the Universe. They are fulfilled by the Universe acting through me, toward me.”

F E A R  Old meaning – False Evidence Appearing Real


“I Am Wide Open To Receive”

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It occurred to me that God often communicates with me through my thoughts and feelings or through the signs I see while I am taking my daily walks along the ocean. Sometimes, I see weddings on the beach, see signs on cars and buildings or hear music playing. In other words, I try to be present and pay attention to everything that is all around me because I want to experience more of God in my life. I practice living in the now by feeling the gentle breeze on my face, hearing the cardinal sing its song to me, seeing the palm trees sway back and forth, watching the crashing waves and the turtles bobbing up and down in turtle cove, smelling the aroma of the lily bush and feeling the peace and energy of Maui which pulsates within my being. Am I always in the now and the present moment? No, I’m not, but it is a practice and a discipline that I am cultivating one day at a time.

Today, as I was walking to the Ritz-Carlton I noticed a truck go by with a sign on the back window that read “WIDE OPEN.” I thought about it for a minute and even said to myself “I am wide open.” I was on my way back from my walk and spotted the truck for the second time. Now I really needed to pay attention and go within and see what it meant for me. “Where am I WIDE OPEN,” I asked myself.

The first thing that came to mind was: I am WIDE OPEN to receive more of God’s love, abundance, prosperity, happiness, joy, peace, fun, faith, healing, my soul mate, the right and perfect place to live when I move back to Hawaii in September and the right and perfect person to buy my house in Rhode Island. I have come to love proactive thanksgiving – thanking God for what I want before I receive it. Being WIDE OPEN is a choice, a decision to receive more of the Divine in my life. It is knowing that I am deserving and worthy to receive. When I open my eyes in the morning, I thank God for the blessings that will come my way that day. I consciously choose to be WIDE OPEN to spirit and the day’s unfolding. Before coming to Hawaii two years ago, I wrote out a daily affirmation that allowed me to receive this blessing of Hawaii. It was simply “I am open to receive more of God.”

As the week went on, God continued to reveal to me what being WIDE OPEN really meant to me. Being WIDE OPEN puts me in a state of vulnerability and possibility. When I am open, I am letting go of old ways of seeing and doing things, of old patterns that have blocked my growth and dreams-and that can be scary.  Being WIDE OPEN also means that I accept change, especially when I am transitioning into something new in my life and the old is no longer serving me. It is in this sacred place of “waiting” that my trust in God is deepened and strengthened. I believe that nothing leaves my life unless it is time for it and I am ready and open for new possibilities to come into my life. I am learning to embrace the mystery of “not knowing” what’s next and trusting in God’s love and guidance. Daring to be open to change and being courageous is one way to live the adventure of my life and to live my life to the fullest.

Being WIDE OPEN means that I believe that I attract everything into my life for my highest good – and that includes challenges and problems with other people, especially when it is with someone I love and care about. My initial reaction may be to judge or blame the other person for hurting me. But after processing the situation and taking a big gulp, I choose to trust that the experience is for my highest good and that of the other person. Then the peace comes because I am letting go of blaming, judging and making the other person wrong. In other words, I free myself from Victim Land because I lived there for too many years. I know that whenever I judge/blame someone or make them wrong, I am a victim. Now I choose to live in Freedom Land where there is love and forgiveness and peace.

BEING OPEN means I act “as if” I am prosperous, abundant, happy by going to places that I enjoy, wearing things that make me feel good, treating myself to small gifts, pampering myself, getting a massage and spending time in nature. I smile at people and say Aloha and that makes me happy. I “see myself” dancing to Earth Angel with my soul mate and that always makes my heart skip a beat. Several times in prayer this week, I received this Goddess card: “I am dancing my own dance.” I guess I am learning to dance my own dance first before I dance it with another. Most importantly, I watch my thoughts vigilantly and if thoughts of “not good enough” or unworthiness come up, I immediately change them to the truth of who I am as a child of God. I remember that God is my source and that I am one with God.

Are you WIDE OPEN? If not, why not? Do you feel deserving to receive more of God’s love? You are a beloved child of the universe and the kingdom of God is in you and all around you. You are invited to say YES to all that is your spiritual inheritance and Divine birthright. Step into the sunshine of your life, be WIDE OPEN and LIVE.

I AM IN THE RHYTHM WITH THE FLOW OF LIFE – Julia Cameron, Author of the Artists Way

“I accept divine timing in my life. I surrender control of the tempo of my good’s unfolding. I am both eager and patient as my heart is prepared to receive God’s gifts of love, friendship, creativity, and abundance. I trust good is coming to pass for me in perfect timing for my highest good.”

Affirmation a friend sent me this week:

“I am standing in GRACE in the pure bliss of “not knowing” and the sheer JOY of trusting the Universe.”

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