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“I gave myself a “pep talk” and said, You are a big girl now”

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I opened to this passage in prayer this morning from Alan Cohen’s book, “Wisdom of the Heart.” It really spoke to me and I have been thinking about how I have learned to love myself and give myself what I need. I loved the part that said, IT IS MY OWN LOVE THAT I WANT. How many of us have spent years looking outside of ourselves for love?

“Your relationships are your mirrors: The love you receive – or don’t receive – from others is a reflection of how much you love yourself. When you truly love yourself, you can never be abused. But when you don’t love yourself, nobody on the planet will be able to save you.

 If you feel sad or frustrated that you are not getting the love, appreciation, and acknowledgement that you crave from someone else, GIVE IT TO YOURSELF.  IT’S YOUR OWN LOVE YOU WANT, so why confuse yourself by seeking it from another? When you honor and nurture yourself, your happiness will proceed from within you, and you won’t have to depend on another for it. As you give yourself more love, your relationships will change to reflect your self-honoring.  Another person isn’t a source of your love – YOU ARE. True love is an inside job.”  Wisdom of the Heart, Alan Cohen

How do you give yourself love? Do you look to another hoping they will fill the emptiness and hole inside of you? Do you try to please others, often at the expense of yourself, so they will eventually love you more? Do you have a hard time saying no because you think you will be rejected, not liked, abandoned or someone will be angry with you?  I know what it is like because I did it all.

There are many ways that I have learned to love myself and I would like to share a few of the ways I loved myself this past week.

I will start with feelings – I have learned to invite all of my feelings in, to embrace and accept them, to honor and not judge them.  Most of all, I have learned to trust my feelings and give myself the time to process my feelings and allow them to move through me.  When I first started my spiritual journey several decades ago, I didn’t know what my feelings were, never mind, trust them. I would often ask others, “Would you feel this way if this happened to you?”  I looked outside for permission to feel my feelings. No more.

For example, this week a friend of mine sent me an email and wanted to introduce me to a new healing modality that he had been gifted with.  I said yes without giving it much thought.  But, then I started to feel uncomfortable and I didn’t know why. I didn’t want to disappoint him and back out, but I have learned to trust and honor my feelings and I wasn’t willing to discount my feelings, even though I didn’t have clarity about why I felt uncomfortable.  In the past, I would have said yes to please him and not disappoint him. In other words, I would have been more interested in his feelings than my own.  After all, I would be helping him practice this new healing modality that he had been gifted with and he was offering this to me as a gift. When we spoke on the phone, I was honest with him and told him that I felt uncomfortable and had chosen not to do it. I explained that it had nothing to do with him.

I accept gifts graciously – when it feels right and comfortable.  For example, I was sitting at the pool reading when a woman passed by and said, “I see your bag, are you from Rhode Island?”  I said, “Yes, I am, are you from Rhode Island?” She said, “No, but I went to college in Boston.”  That is how our conversation began and we talked for quite a while. When the waitress walked by and announced, “Happy Hour” she ordered a Mau Tai and said, “I would like to buy a drink for Pat too.” I said, “Thank you, I would love a Mai Tai with you.”  I told her when the drinks came that she would be on my “gratitude list” the next day.  That opened a whole conversation about the importance of gratitude and focusing on what we do have, rather than what is missing.  We just never know when or where we can share universal truths that may help someone.

Another way I have learned to love myself is by speaking up and asking for what I want, even though I might feel nervous.  For example, my landlord, who lives in Canada 6 months out of the year, returned unexpectedly yesterday and informed me that there was going to be some construction going on the property this week.  He said, “I don’t think it will be much of a problem for you.” Well, it was a big problem.  I had to cancel a coaching client because the construction was right outside my window and very loud. I needed to speak to the owner and tell him I would have to leave for the week.  After I ate my dark chocolate (to give me courage) and gave myself a little “pep talk” that I am a big girl now, I walked outside and said, “Doug, I cannot stay here this week with this construction going on and we need to come up with another plan.” He apologized for the inconvenience and asked me to come up with a suitable plan, which I did.

I had just spoken to my friend, Kati, on the phone and explained that I had to leave for a few days.  She invited me to stay in her ohana because she just “happened” to be going out of town. She has a lovely home in walking distance to the ocean.  I took her up on her offer, and off I went.

I believe I attract EVERYTHING into my life for my highest good. My brilliant and magnificent soul knows what it needs to attract and when it needs to attract it. I can choose to see what comes into my life as a challenge or a blessing and opportunity to learn, grow and heal. I chose to see this situation as an opportunity and gift rather than a problem to complain about.

While I was at Kati’s home, I was taking my “prayer walk” on the beach the first morning I arrived. I felt so blessed and was “high” on gratitude. I noticed this woman about my age approaching me with a hat on and thought, “Another hat lady on the beach.”  As she got closer, it looked like she recognized me and wanted to stop and talk. I didn’t recognize her so I took off my sunglasses to see her better. She came right up to me and enthusiastically said, “I have to share something with you.” I got excited and thought, “She has a message from God for me.”  I so enjoy when God gives me a message for someone and I love to receive them for myself.

She then opened her hand to show me a beautiful multi- colored blue shell and said, “I am so excited because I just found this at my feet and it is a confirmation for me.” Being the curious and interested woman that I am, I said, “A confirmation about what?” She said, “It is a confirmation TO BE MYSELF AND TO LET GO because I was just standing here looking in the ocean and dancing and thinking about this.  I said, “You mean to not worry about what others think” and she said, “Yes, exactly.”  Her name was Heidi and we chatted for a little while longer and she told me she lived in Hawaii for 26 years and raised 4 children here.

She could tell “I was getting what she said” and then took my hand and put it on the shell. She looked me in the eyes and gently said, “This is a message for you too.”  I thanked her for sharing her gift with me, as we parted.  I asked myself, “Is it that easy TO BE MYSELF AND TO LET GO?”  It has certainly been my life long journey to know and be myself and to love myself. Was she an angel giving me a simple, but profound message?  I think so.

As I continued my walk on the beach, I asked Spirit for a “confirmation” and started looking for a shell like the one she had found. I heard Spirit gently say to me, “You don’t have to look for your good, it will come to you and you will know  when it comes.” Yes, that is the truth and I will stop looking and just be open to whatever good you bring into my life.  I will continue to “Show up” for life and be grateful for all of my blessings.

Thank you Spirit for taking care of me this week; for Kati opening her home for me to stay, for loving myself and speaking up for what I needed, for meeting my “Angel Heidi” on the beach and receiving the message, TO BE MYSELF AND LET GO.  Thank you that my landlord will be taking off $250 from my rent this month and I had the opportunity to PLAY at the ocean.  Could it get any better than this?

I let go and let God

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September 1 Daily Word  –  Unity

I LET GO AND LET GOD work in me and through me

“Perseverance serves me well when I am determined to achieve a particular goal. The power of my mind and body help me succeed. Nevertheless, I draw on divine discernment to know when to KEEP PUSHING and when to LET THINGS UNFOLD on their own.  I let go and let God work in and through me, guiding me to right actions and outcomes. Sometimes I take the lead, and other times, I allow events to transpire as they will. Surrendering to God opens me up to an inflow of divine ideas, substance and life. I find inner strength that preserves my energy and inspires new ways of accomplishing my goals. By letting go and letting God, I live with ease and grace, accomplishing what is mine to do.”

This reading was very appropriate for me this morning. I am living proof that this works because I have surrendered and have let go of when my house will sell, and because of letting go, I am experiencing peace, ease and grace; I know I could be a “basket case” now with only 4 days left before I leave for Maui and my house not being sold yet.

I feel like I am ready to give birth and am “waiting” for my baby to be born. I remember when I was pregnant with my first child and the last few weeks feeling exhausted.  I couldn’t wait for my baby to be born.  All the wishing, praying and hoping my baby would be born sooner didn’t make a difference. I couldn’t “push” a baby out until it was ready to be born. With the grace of God, I finally relaxed when I realized my baby would be born when it was ready to be born, not when I wanted it to be. I am learning that lesson again about trusting divine timing for my house to be sold. What are you “waiting” for to give birth to in your life? Are you patient with the process or are you pushing to rush it along?

A few days ago, I shared with a friend that I was feeling weary and vulnerable.  As I thought about all the moving I’ve done over the years, I realized that I had a spouse or significant other to help me and movers to pack me up! This move was different because I was doing this by myself and packing up years of my “stuff.” No wonder I was feeling weary because I was in the home stretch. If I wanted peace in my life, which I did, I had to let go, stop pushing and trust divine timing.  To help me with this process, I am drawing on past experiences in my life where I have experienced God not being early or late, but right on time. If God was right on time in the past, I choose to believe the same would happen now because God’s timing is perfect.

A scripture comes to mind that has helped me let go and let God: “By waiting and by calm, I shall be saved, in quiet and trust lies my strength.”  I made it into a mantra and kept repeating it all day long. That night, a friend stopped by to give me a card.  It read: “Good things come to those who WAIT.”  It confirmed what I am living and I know I will frame it.  Waiting can be one of the hardest things to do because we often want what we want when we want it.  It can be very scary when we think we aren’t in control. The truth is that control is an illusion and makes us crazy and stressed.

A woman came to look at my condo last week and my agent told me she loved it and he thought she would be making me an offer. YEA, I was thrilled and beyond grateful. It has been 8 days and I haven’t heard a thing.  It feels like eternity, especially since I only have a few days left before I leave. But I am staying calm and flexing my “patient muscle” to make it stronger. I am trusting God is in control and has me covered.  How else do our faith muscles grow and get stronger? God has never disappointed me and has always been faithful. I know that will continue.

When you receive this email, I will be on the plane flying 6,000 miles to Maui. I am getting excited to see how this will unfold and what God has in store for me. I know it will be as glorious as my daily prayer has been. “I am open to receive more good in my life and I thank you God for the good you have planned.” When I came back to Rhode Island at the end of June to sell my house, I made a decision to enjoy every minute I was here and spend time with family and friends. I have felt so loved and cherished by the kindness and love of my children and friends. I have had many lunches, brunches and dinners out. I have received cards, gifts and emails wishing me the best on my journey. We don’t always know how much others love us because we are always around. I have been so blessed to know at a deep level that I am loved, will be missed, and have made a difference in others’ lives.

My friend, Mary, called on Saturday night and asked, “Can Jerry and I come over for a short visit with you?”  I said, “Sure that would be great.” Although I knew her husband, I hadn’t spent much time with him and he didn’t know my “Story.”  We shared for awhile about my Hawaii adventure and then I asked him how he was doing since he recently lost his job. When he was done sharing, he looked at me and said, “Why are you going to Hawaii?” Where do I begin? I thought. Of course Mary is egging me on, “Pat, tell him how you first got there.” Give me the microphone and I am off and running! I love to share the stories of how God provides for me and the miracles I have experienced. We sat there for 1/2 an hour and I told him one story after another of how God provides. He looked stunned and almost like, is this woman for real? Mary kept saying, “Pat tell him the story when that happened and that happened. The more I shared and remembered God’s love and the stories over the last 35 years, the more exhilarated I felt. I was on a roll and there was no stopping me.

When they were leaving and hugging me goodbye, Mary whispered in my ear, “Thank you Pat, we really needed this tonight.”  When I shut the door and sat down, I realized that it was I who really needed this tonight. Drawing on my life experiences brings me to a place of deep knowing that my God is faithful and only wants my good. I live and dwell in the energy of gratitude knowing all is well and in perfect and right order. I practice living in the moment and appreciate everything I have and do, knowing it is always enough and I am loved. I know that whatever I appreciate, appreciates.

Ernest Holmes, in his book Creative Ideas writes, “Whatever I should know, I shall know. Whatever I should do, I shall do. Whatever belongs to me must come to me. Daily we should practice affirming that our cup is filled and running over, always remembering that what we affirm for ourselves, we must affirm for others. Living and letting live, giving and receiving, loving and being loved, our experience is filled with God’s abundance.  I am living in continued expectancy that every good thing in my experience shall be multiplied. There is neither doubt nor uncertainty in my mind. The past is gone, and I gladly release it and let it go. The present is filled with peace and joy and the future with hope. I am guided into right action and accomplishment of all my good desires. This I accept. This I experience.”

“YOU Got it going On”

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After living in Maui since January, I can hardly believe that I will be returning to Rhode Island in 2 weeks (and selling everything so I can move back here to live full time.) I am so excited to see my family and friends that I am counting the days until I get back there. It has been an amazing journey of transformation, love, surrendering, letting go and healing. I have learned so much about myself, my beliefs and what needed to change inside of me in order to be the woman God created me to be and for me to receive more good in my life.

As I walked home from my walk today, the two words that popped out for me were “No push, no rush.” Hmm…..that’s interesting, I thought. That was my way of being. I was always pushing myself to do and be more and rushing through life like I would miss something if I didn’t rush. In fact, I called myself a “Rushaholic” and it exhausted me.  I realize now that these behaviors came from the belief that “I am not good enough and not worthy and deserving of good things.” Over the years, I have worked hard at changing these beliefs that no longer serve me through prayer, meditation, journaling, visualizations and affirmations. Every once in awhile, I catch myself rushing or racing, but much much less than it has ever been. Today, I truly enjoy going with the flow and following my intuition.

God’s timing is perfect and I have been reflecting on how perfectly everything has been orchestrated on my behalf with my housing both here in Maui and in Rhode Island. I am leaving this beautiful condo on the ocean that I am renting with Pat and Bob on June 26 to return to Rhode Island. Pat and Bob will be moving into the new condo they bought on June 30 and then my tenant, Carrie Ann in Rhode Island, is moving out of my condo and settling in her new condo on June 29!  I could not have planned that any better. It is truly amazing what happens, when I let go and let God handle how things work out. I can’t wait to see what will happen when I return to Rhode Island to sell my house. I am already thanking God for the right and perfect person to buy my house and for the right and perfect price.

I plan to buy my return ticket back to Maui for September 5, 2012. My friend, Ellen, is going away for the month of September and has invited me to stay in her condo while I look for a place to rent. I am very excited to see how it will unfold and the beautiful place that is already mine in the mind of God. When I think about leaving this condo on the ocean, each morning when I look out, I say “This is something better, God.”

I would like to share another way I heard God speak to me this week. I encountered the woman who was staying in the condo right next to mine, and she turned and smiled as she walked back into her condo and said, “We just got here 4 hours ago. I can see you have been here awhile, YOU GOT IT GOING ON! ” I smiled and thought, wow, I do got it going on girl, but I didn’t know it was so obvious.  I walked around all day with giddy excitement, saying to myself, “YES, I GOT IT GOING ON!”  And guess what, YOU have it going on too! Just saying this out loud has really shifted my energy and I am now saying it to others and love to see their face light up and smile.

Can you picture that?  Try saying it aloud and see how it feels. Other than feeling sassy and confident, I decided to answer the question “what does this mean to me?” It means that God, my essence and my God-self is shining out and radiating love to the world as I remember who I am and that I am ONE with God.  My prayer was “Thank you God, I feel so blessed, loved and excited about the adventure of the future and all that you have planned for me. I say YES to your divine plan.”

Another thing I have learned about the Divine Plan is that it requires having faith that the right doors will open for me when necessary, and the right doors will close for me as well. This week I had an example of God closing the door in my face, and how it all worked out for the best.  Ellen approached me with the news that her 94-year-old friend, Ester, was selling one of her cars. Her daughter had bought her a new car and had given Ester her 1999 Ford Escort.  Ester was selling it for a great price and even though it was an old “Maui Cruiser,” it seemed to be in decent condition. I called the insurance company and the DMV and got all the information I needed. Believe me, this was not my plan to buy a car before I moved back here, but it seemed like the right thing to do since it came to me and I felt peaceful.  My prayer was, “God, close the door if this is not your divine plan.” I was excited to think I would have a car all set when I moved back to Maui and it seemed like a confirmation that “I really am moving back here.” To my surprise, a few days later, Ester called and said, “I am really sorry but my daughter decided not to sell her car, after all.” I got off the phone a little stunned and disappointed, but very quickly said, “Thank you God for closing the door.”
Then my next thought was that “I will get a car for free.” I really liked that idea and it will be interesting to see how that manifests. I asked myself, “Did I only feel deserving of an old Maui Cruiser?” Perhaps God wants more for me and now I see myself driving a shiny convertible red car!


As I sat on the beach looking into the ocean and feeling very peaceful, I overheard a few words in a conversation behind me. All I heard was “RELAX, it will come to you.” I believe those words were meant for me. I have used this affirmation for years and it seems to apply here, “Everything I need is streaming toward me, I open my hands and receive.”  I believe my soul mate will come to me, the car will come to me, the right place to live when I move back to Maui will come to me, and the right person to buy my house in Rhode Island will come to me. My job is to “show up” do my part and leave the HOW up to God. It works every time.

Daily Word Magazine
I am part of and immersed in the order of life. My breathing is orderly and rhythmic, as is my heartbeat; neither requires my control or direction. I relax into the flow of divine order and allow God to express in and through me, guiding my unfolding. As each new day begins, divine order manifests in all I think and do. Divine order is established in my life, and I am grateful.

Like the eagle, I am meant to soar. I am meant to let go of fear and limitations, to apply the strength and abilities God has given me. I place my faith in God and my spirit soars.

“I Am Wide Open To Receive”

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It occurred to me that God often communicates with me through my thoughts and feelings or through the signs I see while I am taking my daily walks along the ocean. Sometimes, I see weddings on the beach, see signs on cars and buildings or hear music playing. In other words, I try to be present and pay attention to everything that is all around me because I want to experience more of God in my life. I practice living in the now by feeling the gentle breeze on my face, hearing the cardinal sing its song to me, seeing the palm trees sway back and forth, watching the crashing waves and the turtles bobbing up and down in turtle cove, smelling the aroma of the lily bush and feeling the peace and energy of Maui which pulsates within my being. Am I always in the now and the present moment? No, I’m not, but it is a practice and a discipline that I am cultivating one day at a time.

Today, as I was walking to the Ritz-Carlton I noticed a truck go by with a sign on the back window that read “WIDE OPEN.” I thought about it for a minute and even said to myself “I am wide open.” I was on my way back from my walk and spotted the truck for the second time. Now I really needed to pay attention and go within and see what it meant for me. “Where am I WIDE OPEN,” I asked myself.

The first thing that came to mind was: I am WIDE OPEN to receive more of God’s love, abundance, prosperity, happiness, joy, peace, fun, faith, healing, my soul mate, the right and perfect place to live when I move back to Hawaii in September and the right and perfect person to buy my house in Rhode Island. I have come to love proactive thanksgiving – thanking God for what I want before I receive it. Being WIDE OPEN is a choice, a decision to receive more of the Divine in my life. It is knowing that I am deserving and worthy to receive. When I open my eyes in the morning, I thank God for the blessings that will come my way that day. I consciously choose to be WIDE OPEN to spirit and the day’s unfolding. Before coming to Hawaii two years ago, I wrote out a daily affirmation that allowed me to receive this blessing of Hawaii. It was simply “I am open to receive more of God.”

As the week went on, God continued to reveal to me what being WIDE OPEN really meant to me. Being WIDE OPEN puts me in a state of vulnerability and possibility. When I am open, I am letting go of old ways of seeing and doing things, of old patterns that have blocked my growth and dreams-and that can be scary.  Being WIDE OPEN also means that I accept change, especially when I am transitioning into something new in my life and the old is no longer serving me. It is in this sacred place of “waiting” that my trust in God is deepened and strengthened. I believe that nothing leaves my life unless it is time for it and I am ready and open for new possibilities to come into my life. I am learning to embrace the mystery of “not knowing” what’s next and trusting in God’s love and guidance. Daring to be open to change and being courageous is one way to live the adventure of my life and to live my life to the fullest.

Being WIDE OPEN means that I believe that I attract everything into my life for my highest good – and that includes challenges and problems with other people, especially when it is with someone I love and care about. My initial reaction may be to judge or blame the other person for hurting me. But after processing the situation and taking a big gulp, I choose to trust that the experience is for my highest good and that of the other person. Then the peace comes because I am letting go of blaming, judging and making the other person wrong. In other words, I free myself from Victim Land because I lived there for too many years. I know that whenever I judge/blame someone or make them wrong, I am a victim. Now I choose to live in Freedom Land where there is love and forgiveness and peace.

BEING OPEN means I act “as if” I am prosperous, abundant, happy by going to places that I enjoy, wearing things that make me feel good, treating myself to small gifts, pampering myself, getting a massage and spending time in nature. I smile at people and say Aloha and that makes me happy. I “see myself” dancing to Earth Angel with my soul mate and that always makes my heart skip a beat. Several times in prayer this week, I received this Goddess card: “I am dancing my own dance.” I guess I am learning to dance my own dance first before I dance it with another. Most importantly, I watch my thoughts vigilantly and if thoughts of “not good enough” or unworthiness come up, I immediately change them to the truth of who I am as a child of God. I remember that God is my source and that I am one with God.

Are you WIDE OPEN? If not, why not? Do you feel deserving to receive more of God’s love? You are a beloved child of the universe and the kingdom of God is in you and all around you. You are invited to say YES to all that is your spiritual inheritance and Divine birthright. Step into the sunshine of your life, be WIDE OPEN and LIVE.

I AM IN THE RHYTHM WITH THE FLOW OF LIFE – Julia Cameron, Author of the Artists Way

“I accept divine timing in my life. I surrender control of the tempo of my good’s unfolding. I am both eager and patient as my heart is prepared to receive God’s gifts of love, friendship, creativity, and abundance. I trust good is coming to pass for me in perfect timing for my highest good.”

Affirmation a friend sent me this week:

“I am standing in GRACE in the pure bliss of “not knowing” and the sheer JOY of trusting the Universe.”


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God wants to help you and give you what you need, but you must ask.  If you believe, God will lead you to the right person or situation at the right and perfect time that will help you. Sometimes, you will be the person or the answer that someone has been praying for. I have had several experiences of this recently. 

For example, I was invited to be a guest on Deb Ruggiero’s Amazing Women Radio Show, which I really enjoyed. It was aired last June and to my surprise and delight, it was aired again the day after Christmas. The very next day, I received an email from a woman who had never heard the show before. She was sitting on the floor and turning the channels when she heard my voice on the radio. In her email, she wrote “I have been praying for a long time for someone who could help me with my life. Can I meet with you this week?”

A couple of days later, I received another email from a woman who had also listened to the show for the first time. She explained that she was driving home from work and had just prayed and asked God to send her someone she could talk to. She needed to get clarity about whether to divorce her husband of 37 years. We met the following week for coaching.

My next email was from a woman who had said a pray before she went to bed, asking God for a sign. She was very troubled and needed God’s help. When her alarm clock went off – she woke up to the sound to my voice on the radio. I am meeting with her this week for coaching.

Most recently, I had a workshop at All That Matters Yoga Center that was cancelled due to the snow. I decided to offer each of the women who signed up a complimentary ½ hour coaching session with me. One of the women contacted me to make an appointment after she received my email, a few hours after she prayed and asked God to send her someone who could help her. 

Part of being  Simply a Woman of Faith means recognizing that God wants to help YOU and give you what you need, but you must first be wiling to ask, and then trust that help is on the way- when you PRAY.

How may I serve YOU on your journey?


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Do you feel deserving of the good that is coming into your life? Are you able to receive all that God wants to give you?  So many women feel unworthy/undeserving to receive and because of this limiting belief, they actually block the flow of good coming into their lives. You may ask yourself, why would I do that?  For many, it is an unconscious belief and you may not be aware it is there.  Once the belief is brought to the light, you can change it and God can transform it.

On January 1, I received a message from God. “I have set before you an open door which no one is able to shut.”  One of my intentions for the year was to travel. And I did! I gave a retreat on a cruise ship to Bermuda, visited my brother in New Jersey, visited a friend in New Hampshire, visited my family in Florida and have a trip planned to Hawaii next month.  Truly, God opened the doors and provided the money each step of the way. For this, I am grateful.

I have been on the spiritual path for over 35 years and have experienced powerful healings and transformation. God continues to reveal the limiting beliefs that are unconscious that block the flow of divine supply.

I recently visited my son and grandchildren in Florida. I started to journal while on the plane and was surprised when the feelings of anxiety and guilt surfaced.  This is what came to the light when I dialogued with God.  

Pat: I am feeling anxious and guilty God, what is this all about? I thought I was done with guilt.  I feel guilty leaving my business and I am scared. I am sorry for not trusting you. I know I am doing the best I can to change. Is it worthiness issues that are coming up?

God: You know what I say about guilt and what you teach others.

Pat: Yes, I do.  So why am I feeling guilty and where is this coming from?

God: All your life, you have thought you had to work hard, achieve, do more, be more and it’s time to shift, really shift and ALLOW me to do the work.

Pat: What do you mean God? How do I shift this? I want so much for my business to be successful so I can help others to heal and transform like I have.  

God: I know and I want this for you to. Remember, I called you to this ministry and it is your mission to help others to heal their fear and believe in themselves.  You heard my voice and you said, yes. Remember the “blouse story” and how I provided the $10 miraculously and how that story has blessed so many people.

Pat: Yes, God I remember. I get mixed up sometimes with how much money I am making as a measure for my success and worthiness.

God: I know and so do many other women and that is why they feel so bad about themselves and have a hard time receiving the good that I want to give them.  They too equate their job, what they do with who they really are, their essence and the spark of the divine they are.

Pat: Do I need to just let go, surrender, trust you are working in my life and love myself into wholeness and health?  Can I believe this trip is a gift from you and there is no need to feel guilty?  I don’t usually feel guilty and I think I am “shoulding” on myself. Please help me God.

God: I am helping you. You must go in and change your thinking, like changing the channel of the TV when you don’t like something. You are in control of your thoughts and it’s up to you to change them. I cannot do that for you.

Pat: What shall I change them to? “I deserve to go away, rest, be, spend time with my family. I am following you God. I trust myself and you God that you opened the door.  I have everything I need in this moment and you are providing. Miracles are coming to me right now.  I open my heart to receive all that you have for me. I am worthy and deserving to receive.”

God: I see your heart Pat and I know how you want to do my will and serve me. I want you to expect a powerful, peaceful week of surprises. Just keep trusting yourself and your intuition. I am blessing you in this moment. You are my beloved whom I am well pleased.

Pat: Thank you God. I stand tall in this truth of who I am and who you are. I now believe I am worthy and deserving to receive.

After this prayer and dialogue with God and before getting off the plane, something had truly shifted and I felt renewed, changed and free.  I expected miracles and was ready to receive and felt deserving.  

What happened during the week was truly amazing. I received so many gifts and miracles. In fact, the week was so powerful that my next book has been born. Whooo…..

I read this in prayer this morning. “The only reason any person does not have the life they want is that somewhere in the back of their mind – they don’t believe they deserve it. They don’t believe they are worthy – which is why they will not take responsibility for making it happen”


“I open my heart to receive. I am worthy, I am deserving because of who I am, not what I do.  I am a spark of the divine. It is my inheritance to receive only good and abundance. I open my heart and allow God to come to me today.”

There is More Joy in Giving Than Receiving

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My cat, JOY snuggled up next to me in my bed as I settled down to take a mid-afternoon nap. I felt joy in my heart.  Joy is a deep feeling of contentment within and it is at the core of everyone. It is the peaceful and serene center of Being from which we create every moment as a celebration of love, harmony and fulfillment.

When I am in the present moment, I feel joy – a carefree feeling and knowingness that all is well on the spiritual level. It is difficult to be in the present moment when my mind jumps to the future or the past, therefore missing the joy that it holds. When I am centered in the moment, I am grateful, calm, peaceful  and protected.

There are so many things that bring me joy; holding a newborn baby, watching children play, planting flowers in my garden, dancing, sitting at the ocean watching the waves go in and out, spending time with family and friends, helping someone in need, being loved unconditionally, taking time for prayer and meditation. 

How do we lose our joy or give it away? It is a choice. We are responsible for our own happiness and joy. We lose our joy when we:

  • Compare ourselves to others
  • Complain and blame others for our problems
  • Beat up on ourselves and don’t feel good enough
  • Do not trust a power greater than ourselves to help us
  • See ourselves as victims and have a “poor me” mentality
  • Hold onto resentment and are unable to forgive ourselves or others
  • Believe there is lack and scarcity
  • Obsess and worry about the future or the past
  • Try to please everyone at the expense of ourselves
  • Focus on what’s missing rather than be grateful now 


Where does joy come from? I believe it comes from within. When we are connected to our Source, the God within, we experience joy. When we are connected to others, serving others, we experience joy. When we give, without any expectations in return we experience joy.

Most recently, I experienced joy when I “got out of my own way” and reached out to another who was in need.  My two sons and grandchildren live out of state. My parents are both deceased and I don’t have any siblings or family in the area. I felt lonely and felt sorry for myself on Easter Sunday. As I was driving home from my friend Carol’s house, I decided to buy a plant for a woman in a nursing home that I had just met at Christmas. Mary told me that she was all alone and didn’t have any friends or relatives in the area. She had a stroke a year ago that paralyzed her and she couldn’t walk anymore.

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