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One of my treasures is a poem that my grandmother gave me at least 45 years ago. She glued this little poem on a piece of cardboard for me. The poem sits in front of a picture she gave me on my dresser. It may sound strange, but I couldn’t remember when I read it last or even what the poem said.   Here is the poem.

If you’re feeling low and worthless,

There seems nothing you can do

Just take courage and remember

There is someone needing you

Someone needs your faith and courage

Someone needs your love and prayer

Someone needs your inspiration, thus to help their cross to bear

Do not think your work is ended; there is much that you can do

And as long as you’re on earth, There is someone needing you.

You may wonder why I am sharing this poem with you. This little poem touched my soul deeply and I felt my grandmother’s presence when I needed it the most. As I laid on my bed with tears rolling down my cheeks, I looked up and the poem was literally “calling me.” I jumped out of bed and read the poem. Wow, I couldn’t believe the words that went straight to my heart.

Right before reading the poem, I asked God for guidance regarding my work. I was being called to let go of control and surrender my business to my Higher Power. Several things had happened that week and I felt discouraged and low; one of them being a women’s retreat I had been leading for 11 years that was cancelled due to low attendance. I wondered if I was to continue doing what I was doing.

Between allowing the words of the poem to heal and wash over me and letting go and surrendering the direction of my business, things shifted inside of me on a very deep level. And then the miracles began to happen.

A few days later, I gave a presentation called “Transforming Fear through a Power Greater Than Yourself” at the What Woman Want series in Fall River, MA. It was a powerful and inspirational night for all of the women. One of the women commented to my friend as she walked out, “Pat’s faith and love has changed my life.” I have been invited back to give another presentation in two weeks. Three days later, I gave a women’s retreat in my home, that was equally powerful and inspirational. The love the women shared with one another blew me away. I saw God in action. In the inspirational story that follows, you will read about Sandy and the love she experienced when she found herself at What Women Want and the retreat at my home.

If I can inspire and change one person’s life by sharing my story, it is worth it. I know now, more than ever there is someone needing me and my work is not ended. If you are feeling low and discouraged, there is someone needing your faith and inspiration today. Your work is not done.

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