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 My daughter Mary called and invited me to her two night Herbal class at her shop “Farmacy Herbs.” Mom, “I think you will want to attend because the women who are coming are spiritual.” “Hmm, spiritual women – that’s my kind of women,” I thought. I had been wanting to attend one of Mary’s classes for a long time & agreed to attend.  Mary invited me to share my story and book after the workshop.  A woman named Diane bought two of my books. “I am going to give one of the books to my 84 year old woman,” she said.  

The next night Diane brought her mother to the workshop. Jeanne (Diane’s mom) came up to me immediately and said “I have to tell you what happened to me last night. I was at my rosary group and I had a vision of angels all around me. It was very powerful. When the meeting was over, my daughter gave me your book. I was so excited because of the angel on the cover –it was a confirmation of my experience. I also read 12 pages of your book and I have already learned something. Your 1st chapter on yard sales made me realize that I don’t ask God for what I want and I don’t expect an answer.” I thanked her and asked her to please let me know when she finished the book.

Jeanne called a week later and said, “Pat, your book is amazing – how you receive from God! You have so much courage and so much trust to follow God and your dreams. When I went into prayer this morning, God said, “Everyone who reads Pat’s book will receive love.” Your heart is pure and full of love. You are very close to God and God has blessed you with many gifts. 

Last night at the rosary group, I shared your book with the women. I just opened to a page and read from it. The rest of the night all we talked about was God’s love. This is new for me to trust my inner voice and step out. Since reading your book, I am learning to trust myself and what God is saying to me – and not worry about what others think of me or if I look stupid. I made a resolution to listen to my inner voice and follow it.” Thank you Pat

The message – it’s never to late to change. Do you trust and listen to God’s voice, your intuition or are you afraid of what others will think of you?  Trust yourself that you are a spark of the Divine and God in action.


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I was going through a difficult time in my life and recently asked my friend Lisa for a CD on How to Pray the Rosary. Something interesting happened that night. When I opened my eyes in bed, I noticed dark shadows on the wall and told my friend Joanne about it the next day at lunch. She gave me her rosary beads from Jerusalem and suggested I pray the rosary. She also told me she would get me a crucifix.

The next week I went to church and prayed the rosary. Something powerful happened and I knew God was touching my heart deeply. I felt so peaceful after I prayed. I asked God for a sign before I left the church. As I walked to my car, I spotted a royal blue pouch with rosaries beads in it in front of my car door. They were gorgeous rosary beads with a locket and a picture of 2 little boys. I knew someone had lost the beads and I wanted to find the owner. I left a note in the church with my telephone number. A few people called who had lost beads, but they weren’t the beads that I found.

I received a call on Christmas Eve and the woman described them perfectly to me. I returned them to her all wrapped up with a bow. She told me she had no idea how they got in front of my car. She was elated that the beads were found and sent me a package to thank me for returning the beads. Inside the package were some prayer cards and the CD I wanted on How to pray the rosary. There is no way she could have known that I asked my friend for the CD the week before.

On New Year’s day I received a call from a woman named Kelly asking me about the rosary beads. I told her that the beads were with their owner. She sounded so sick on the phone that I asked her,“Are you drinking tea and eating chicken soup”? She said, I’m drinking tea, but I don’t cook, I’m eating Kust Progresso canned soup.” I decided to make her a pot of chicken soup and delivered it to her home. She was so appreciative and gave me a gift. She said, “I know I am supposed to give you this.” I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the box. In it was a beautiful crucifix (that my friend Joanne said she was going to give to me).

Something deeply profound has happened in my life and I am so grateful to God for hearing my prayers and healing me. My eyes are opened and miracles are happening all around me. All I had to do was ask and be willing to receive. In Pat’s book, Simply a Woman of Faith, she calls them GODincidences. And so do I.

Lana Drew

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