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We are being SHAKEN UP to WAKEN UP

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When I spoke to my grandson, Josh, this week he said, “Grandma, you are in the valley” now with your broken shoulder and all you have been through. I kept thinking about his words and what it means to be “in the valley.” I don’t know about you, but I prefer mountain top experiences where there is sunshine, peace and birds singing. I have had many mountain top experiences when I felt deep love, peace and freedom. I have also had many valleys in my life, when I felt alone, confused, angry and abandoned.

I believe we will always have peaks and valleys in our lives. They are important and necessary if we want to reach the mountain tops. It’s in the valley where I learn to trust God and my faith muscles are strengthened. I learn valuable lessons in the valley and there are many gifts, if we are open to receive. It’s in the valley that I am shown areas in my life where I need to change and grow.

It’s often after we have gone through the valley, that we recognize our growth and the gifts we received.  I have received many gifts in my present valley; learning to ask for what I needed, receiving love and kindness from friends and family, feeling worthy and deserving, learning to make new recipes and eating healthier and becoming more aware of my surroundings (which will prevent future falls).  

Perhaps your “valley” was when unexpected circumstances suddenly came crashing down on you. It might be physical suffering, chronic pain, loss, death, sorrow, loss of employment, bankruptcy, divorce or emotional pain. What are the lessons you learned in your valley? Are you still in the valley?

Would you agree that the world is being SHAKEN UP TO WAKEN UP? I believe the world pandemic could be considered the “Great Awakening.” It has been predicted and what we have been waiting for. Everything that has been hidden is coming into the light to be healed and transformed.  It is an extremely difficult time for many people who are not AWAKE. We are waking up and remembering that this is all a dream and we are not separate from God.

The whole world is in the VALLEY now, as we are living in an unprecedented time of uncertainty, unrest, confusion, disillusionment, and fear. We have never experienced anything like this before and have no idea what is next or who to believe. We are going through the VALLEY together and hopefully we will learn our lessons and our world will be a better place to live.

We will get to the mountain top again if we persevere, accept, trust and keep our eyes on God. Love will provide, guide and protect us. I believe we signed up for this and have everything we need inside of us.

Here is what I’m practicing to keep myself peaceful and safe during this uncertain time in history.

  • I am REMEMBERING how God has always taken care of me
  • I am SURRENDERING to “what is” and letting go of my control
  • I am TRUSTING God is in control and there is a purpose of what’s going on
  • I am taking RESPONSIBILTY for myself and my actions
  • I am praying and MEDITATING daily
  • I am DETACHING from media and news
  • I am living in GRATITUDE and focusing on the positive
  • I am SURROUNDING myself with like- minded people who support me
  • I am keeping my VIBRATION high by choosing LOVE & GRATITUDE
  • I am sending LIGHT AND LOVE to the world
  • I am GROUNDING myself daily into mother earth
  • I am nourishing myself by EATING WELL and getting enough REST
  • I am FEELING all of my feelings and not judging them
  • I am GOING WITHIN for my answers and trusting my intuition

Message from Holy Spirit

Rest in me. All is under my control. Nothing that is happening in the world is by mistake. When fear or doubt arises, feel it and let it go. It is not real. The world is awakening from the dream of separation. Yes, there is much fear and confusion. You must stand firm in the truth of who you are and who I am in your life. You know the truth deep within. Let your light shine for the world to see. It is time. I am with you and will provide, protect and guide you.

I was being shaken up to waken up

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Happy New Year. My prayer for you is that 2019 be the best year ever and that you experience miracles and abundance in all areas of your life. May you go from pleasure to pleasure and enjoy your life to the fullest. We are not promised tomorrow so let’s make the best out of each day by appreciating what we have and being grateful.

What I know about the spiritual life is that there is always more and we will never have arrived. We are invited to go deeper to heal and release baggage and beliefs that no longer serve us, but in fact, hurt us.  It’s like peeling the onion and peeling an onion can make us cry.

We can either go kicking and screaming and resist “what is” happening in our lives or we can go with the flow in peace, ease and grace. Sometimes it’s easy to go with the flow and accept “what is” and other times it’s really difficult.

We may resist until we can’t stand the pain anymore and have to let go and surrender. I wish it was easier and not so painful. I’m grateful that I did some letting go and surrendering this past week. I want to be the best me I can be so I am willing to do the inner work of releasing and healing.

In order to release our subconscious beliefs, we must know what they are. They may be running our lives and we don’t even know it because they are so deep. We must allow them to come to the surface to be healed and released.

Do you remember the Christmas snowball that we used to shake up as kids? While in meditation this week, the Christmas snow ball came to mind and it felt like I was being shaken up. I was being shaken up to awaken. The snow on the bottom was coming to the top and it wasn’t pretty. When I’m triggered with something in the present, it is often about something in my past (a false belief) that is calling for attention, love and healing. It is not the time to beat up on myself for being triggered, but a call for self-love and compassion.

When I’m resentful, judgmental or blaming someone for what they did or didn’t do to make me happy, I’m not taking responsibility for my stuff or my “shit.” I was triggered and my shit was coming up and it was time to look at me and change my false beliefs. Spirit was showing me that what I thought was important and that I had to have to make me happy was false.

I am responsible for my own happiness and it doesn’t serve me to look outside for others to give me what I already have inside of me. The truth is that I have all the love I need inside of me. Looking to others for validation is futile and doesn’t serve me. Of course, we all want to give and feel loved by our friends and family. The problem comes when we expect others to love us in a certain way and when they don’t, we don’t feel loved.

I am grateful for my courage and willingness to use the tools I have been given to release beliefs that no longer serve me; meditation, journaling, prayer, self-love, Emotional Freedom Technique.

I had a major breakthrough and have set myself free of behaviors that have robbed me for years of knowing the truth of who I am. I am a woman giving birth to myself. I am love and I am loved and so are YOU.




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