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 My daughter Mary called and invited me to her two night Herbal class at her shop “Farmacy Herbs.” Mom, “I think you will want to attend because the women who are coming are spiritual.” “Hmm, spiritual women – that’s my kind of women,” I thought. I had been wanting to attend one of Mary’s classes for a long time & agreed to attend.  Mary invited me to share my story and book after the workshop.  A woman named Diane bought two of my books. “I am going to give one of the books to my 84 year old woman,” she said.  

The next night Diane brought her mother to the workshop. Jeanne (Diane’s mom) came up to me immediately and said “I have to tell you what happened to me last night. I was at my rosary group and I had a vision of angels all around me. It was very powerful. When the meeting was over, my daughter gave me your book. I was so excited because of the angel on the cover –it was a confirmation of my experience. I also read 12 pages of your book and I have already learned something. Your 1st chapter on yard sales made me realize that I don’t ask God for what I want and I don’t expect an answer.” I thanked her and asked her to please let me know when she finished the book.

Jeanne called a week later and said, “Pat, your book is amazing – how you receive from God! You have so much courage and so much trust to follow God and your dreams. When I went into prayer this morning, God said, “Everyone who reads Pat’s book will receive love.” Your heart is pure and full of love. You are very close to God and God has blessed you with many gifts. 

Last night at the rosary group, I shared your book with the women. I just opened to a page and read from it. The rest of the night all we talked about was God’s love. This is new for me to trust my inner voice and step out. Since reading your book, I am learning to trust myself and what God is saying to me – and not worry about what others think of me or if I look stupid. I made a resolution to listen to my inner voice and follow it.” Thank you Pat

The message – it’s never to late to change. Do you trust and listen to God’s voice, your intuition or are you afraid of what others will think of you?  Trust yourself that you are a spark of the Divine and God in action.


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As many of you know who have read my book, the first chapter is about how God provides at yard sales.  I LOVE to share about answered prayer and the treasures that come my way.  When I receive a compliment on something I’m wearing, my friends smile and say “yard sale?”  “Yes, God dresses me,” I reply.  It is so much fun and I am always so grateful!

It’s not only clothes that God provides for – it’s gifts, books, air conditioners, beach chairs, and much more.  Recently, my friend Amy asked if I had a particular book that she needed for her new job.  I checked by bookcase and I didn’t have it. So, I do what I always do. I prayed and asked God to provide it at a yard sale. This was not your usual book that you would find at a yard sale, but an expensive Clinicians DSM diagnostic book for mental disorders. 

The first yard sale I stopped at had lots of books. The woman recognized me from the church we both attended and we started to chat. She asked if there was something special I was looking for. I told her about the DSM book. No, she didn’t have it. The next weekend while at a yard sale, the woman from my church was at the same yard sale.  She said, “You were looking for the DSM book, right?” I said, “Yes.” She said, “I found it today at another yard sale and I have it in my truck for you.”  I couldn’t believe it.  Not only did she find it, but she gave it to me for free.

As I packed to go on vacation last week, I remembered that my cover-up for my bathing suit had shrunk.  I needed something to wear over my bathing suit and I was leaving in 2 days and it was October. Hmmm, maybe I could find something at a yard sale, I thought.  Sure enough, the first yard sale I went to had lots of clothes.  The woman asked “is there something you are looking for? “  “Yes, a cover-up for my bathing suit.”  She then led me to the blanket with the cover-ups!  Now, really who would believe me that there were 3 cover-ups.  I found one that not only matched my new black bathing suit, but fit perfectly, and it was only $1.

Is it all about just asking and believing? I encourage you to ask for what you want from God. It may not come immediately, but it will come in the perfect and right timing. Trust, trust and trust some more.

Blessings Pat


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Are you stuck in a relationship or career that is unfulfilling? Are you struggling to feel passionate about what you are doing and have it feel more meaningful?  Many women today are seeking to understand God’s will in their lives and to discover their true purpose and passion.

Connecting to your passion and purpose is really about saying YES to your inner calling. It is saying YES to God’s dream for you, then stepping courageously into the unknown, moving through and beyond your self-doubt, anxiety, inertia and fear. It is saying YES to mystery and possibility, while letting go of false beliefs and limitations.

Would you like to discover your God given gifts and use them to make a difference in the lives of others?   In this workshop, you will learn how to go within and find the answers you have been seeking about who you are, and the unique gifts you have to offer the world. The first step in this process of discovering who you are and what you want is learning to love and forgive yourself. You will live an empowered life when you step into your Divine Purpose.

Join Pat in this safe and loving environment where there will be time for quiet, prayer and meditation as well as group sharing and fun!

WHEN: June 3-5 2011

TIME:  Friday @ 7 until Sunday @ 1p.m.

WHERE:  Lasalette Retreat House, Attleboro, MA

PRICE: $175 pp includes room and board

REGISTER:   508-222-8530

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