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Moving to a higher level of consciousness

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I want to thank all of you for responding to my last blog and sharing your experiences and what’s going on in your life. Please know I hold you in my heart and prayers. I trust that what Spirit has revealed to me this week will benefit you and help you understand what you may be going through. It has helped me tremendously to move forward.  I am grateful that I was guided to surrender and trust Spirit when I had no idea what was going on.

My friend, Mary, who is a healer and author of “Divinely Touched” called me after reading my blog last week and said, “Pat, what’s going on?” I replied, “I don’t know.” She said, “You are definitely going through the Ascension Process. I had heard of the Ascension Process, but didn’t know what it meant. I was curious to learn about it in hopes I could make some sense of my recent experience of emotional upset and exhaustion.

What I have learned through my research is that Ascension is the process of a “spiritual awakening” that moves you into a higher level of consciousness. The more we grow spiritually, the more our energy increases, and the more we will understand how perfectly everything is orchestrated. The individual is becoming more heart centered, compassionate and creative, and is also opening to greater cosmic consciousness. We are all moving through a transformative process whether we are aware of it or not. It could be a health challenge, grief, relationship problems, emotional upset or loss of job.

During the ascension process changes are occurring on all levels of your being. The changes you will go through on your ascension path will not always be easy. Spiritual growth and ascension although incredibly positive, may have chaotic, uncomfortable, and challenging symptoms that appear on the path.. Your energy and your vibration state is higher. The more positive your energy is (high vibration), the more you will attract positive circumstances in your life.

Your system is rebooting, being ‘tuned up’ or upgraded. Old patterns begin to fall away as one starts to embody much more light. Things that no longer serve your highest and greatest good will crumble fall away and dissolve to make way for what will ultimately serve you in the highest possible vibration for your life. During this process, our consciousness rises, our vibration elevates, and we expand becoming increasingly more connected to each other until there is only the One unifying consciousness of All That Is.

Ascension and awakening are all part of the soul awakening and expanding from this little light that ignites within our heart. ALL are emerging to become ONE. Awakening is the process of remembering who we truly are. When we incarnated on Earth, we voluntarily contracted spiritual amnesia; however, humanity has collectively chosen to awaken from this dream. We must expand our conscious awareness to encompass a much wider reality. During this process, it’s not uncommon to experience awakening symptoms, commonly known as “ascension flu.”

The ascension process purges so much of the darker and denser energies from us that we find ourselves in them for quite some time. We may feel like things are simply never going to get better. And to add insult to injury, the outer world is no longer in alignment with the new, higher vibrating you. Our emotions are what carry the energy. When we are falling apart (and we are doing just that), we can get pretty emotional. When we are releasing, we can cry at the drop of a hat. We can cry when we feel relief or cry when we see any kind of suffering. These tears are a great cleanser and releaser.

As I think about and process the past 3 or 4 weeks and my experience, I knew deep down that something powerful energetically was happening but as I shared, I had no idea of what was going on.  I was willing to release and let go of everything from the past (including thoughts and beliefs) which no longer served me.  All I knew was that I needed to have faith and trust and surrender to the process, which I did. I look forward to new blessings in my life.

That was confirmed when I read one of the online articles. It said , “When you go with the flow, trust in the process of life, allow and surrender your ascension path to unfold and change you in every way according to Divine will, you will experience incredible soul growth and immense blessings on your ascension path and in your life. The fully ascended state is one of vibrant health, radiant joy, divine love, blissful serenity, peace, abundance, awareness, and oneness.

I hope this has helped you understand what you may be experiencing in your life. If you would like more information on the symptoms of the ascension and awakening process, google ascension and awakening process.

I say YES to it all.


Giving myself what I need

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With all the tragedies, fires, hurricanes, shootings that we are witnessing, both personally and collectively in the world, there is a general heightened sensitivity demanding more self- care and self- love than ever before.  My friend, Kati, said, “Consciousness has taken a huge leap and unconsciousness is even more unconscious creating an even greater gap. It requires a very astute presence and self-care now for us on the spiritual path.”

It could be easy to go into fear and panic and think the world is going to hell in a handbag.  It is. But the good news is that this time in history is a powerful time of  AWAKENING for the world to become conscious and for us to remember who we are. We are LOVE and we are all connected.  Spirit is alive and well and doing its job. People are being “shaken up to waken up.”

We are the light that people seek out in traumatic times like we are experiencing. People see our light, love and peace and want it for themselves. When we are aligned with Spirit and living in gratitude, our vibration is high. It is not a time for FEAR, but empowerment and remembering who we are. We need to be able to share the tools and guide others within to their SOURCE, rather than to the outside world for answers. We have the answers within and this is a huge paradigm shift.

We must be willing to do our “inner work” and go deeper than ever before. It is a time for brutal self honesty in our relationships, especially with family and our adult children. Many of my friends are suffering with health challenges, relationship problems, grief, confusion and more.

The last two weeks have been very difficult for me as I had an unexpected emotional experience that knocked me off my feet and shook my faith.  I thought it would never end. One day, it felt like I was back in the land of the living, and the next day or hours later, I was crying and feeling pain in my heart. I stayed with it and didn’t PUSH myself to go faster. I trusted that when the feelings were done moving through me, I would know it. Pushing was a way of life for me at one time, but I cannot do that to my body anymore. I am listening to my body and what it needs.

I don’t know what’s going on and I am living in the mystery and trusting and surrendering to Spirit.  As I keep surrendering and trusting the process, I am letting go of the need to understand what’s going on and what lies ahead.  The past is gone and the future is not here. All I have is this present moment, where there is love and peace.

When I started to write this blog, I thought, “I would not have chosen these weeks of emotional pain and exhaustion.” But then I realized I did choose it because my soul is wise and knows what it needs to grow.

Larry and my friends were concerned because they had never seen me down for so long. My friends called, texted, emailed and asked me if there was anything they could do for me.  They were there for me 100%. I needed to go through this alone, which is new territory for me.

It became very clear to me that I needed to be there for me and give myself 100% self- love and self- care, which I did. I needed to listen to my body and what it needed. I knew thatwhat I was experiencing was deep and powerful and different from anything else I had ever experienced.

I have been practicing trusting, loving myself, saying no, setting boundaries, speaking up for decades.  Through this experience and I can’t explain how, but it feels like something has moved from my head  to my heart and I am more aligned with the truth of who I am. 

Here are some of the gifts that I have received.

  1. I know and trust what I need to do for myself on a deep level.
  2. I am listening to my body and giving it what it needs.
  3. I am not afraid to take care of myself, despite the possibility of hurting someone I love.
  4. I am listening to Spirit for guidance in every decision I make.
  5. I will not do anything that doesn’t feel right and is not aligned with my spirit.
  6. So much of what used to matter, doesn’t matter anymore, like what someone does or doesn’t do.

.What I really appreciated from my friends and especially, Larry, is that I never felt judged or pushed to move through my stuff more quickly. It was always rest and take it easy. I know it was not easy for them to watch me exhausted and physically sick.

They trusted me although they didn’t understand what was going on (and neither did I). I am sure they were tempted to give me advice or what worked for them. I am wondering if the energy of TRUSTING MYSELF was so strong, that they didn’t need to step in and try to rescue or fix me.

My invitation to you, my friends, is to allow yourself to feel your feelings, rather than denying them, avoiding them and thinking they will go away. The world needs YOU more than ever. Are you willing to be honest with yourself and feel your pain so you can move through it and be more aligned with yourself and Spirit than ever before?

We are the LOVE that the world needs,

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