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Stepping out in Faith

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As I stepped on the winding path overlooking the ocean and felt the ocean breeze and sun on my face, I gasped as my heart expanded into sheer gratitude. With tears in my eyes, I said, “OMG I live here, HOW and WHY did I get here?”

The “HOW” was God’s doing, much bigger than what I could have ever imagined. I had no idea HOW to make it happen. The “WHY” was my doing. For as long as I can remember, it was my dream and desire of my heart to live on the water, but never did I expect that I would be living in a house overlooking the ocean on Maui. I believe it is God who places the desires in our hearts.

At the ripe young age of 65, I stepped out in faith to follow my heart and moved 5,000 miles away to Maui, despite family thinking I was crazy. I had never done anything that radical.

Stepping out in faith is stepping into the unknown and the mystery. Very difficult for those of us who want control and answers before we make a move. We like to know what’s ahead so we can feel safe.

Was it easy to leave my family, friends, community, and work? Hell no! I struggled and prayed A LOT. There were so many questions I had. Could I afford it? What would my family think? What if I got sick, who would take care of me?  

As I meditated, it became clear that I didn’t feel deserving to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I had to work through old beliefs and messages to get to the truth of who I was and God’s plan for my life.

Does being a woman of faith mean that I didn’t have fear? Hell no! I was riddled with fear. While writing my book, “Simply a Woman of Faith” in 2007, I cried myself to sleep because I was so afraid of writing a book. I felt inadequate and in over my head. At one point, I said to God, “I’m not doing it, you have chosen the wrong person.” I didn’t write for one year. I’m so grateful God was patient with me until I was ready to face my fear and ask for help.

With the grace of God, and my willingness to trust I was being guided, I took action and moved forward, instead of staying stuck and paralyzed in fear.

Don Basham, author of “How Guides Us”, states, “Guidance comes when we move in faith, not sit in doubt-even in the face of closed doors. Where God guides, He provides. God reveals each part of the plan as we walk in faith one step at a time.”

If I hadn’t had the courage to face my fears, my dream would have died inside of me and I wouldn’t be living this amazing life of LOVE. God’s plan was already in place, I just needed the courage to say YES. God always has bigger and better plans than we could ever imagine.

Here is what my faith walk looked like:

I didn’t have a place to live until two weeks before I arrived on Maui. It was my trust and faith that assured me I would be provided for. I rented a bedroom overlooking the ocean for $300 a month with another couple (whom I had just met) for 6 months. Everything I owned was in that one bedroom and I was in my glory. 

After six months, I moved to the other side of the island to rent a new ohana. It was small, but it was mine and I loved it. I lived there for one year until the landlord renovated and I was asked to leave.

I was “homeless” for one month until the ohana I have been living in for the past eight years was available. During that time, friends opened their homes and hearts for me to stay with them. Another friend allowed me to store all of my “stuff” in a bedroom she wasn’t using.

I stepped out in faith and trusted God would provide financially. My rent went from $1200 a month to $2500. I rented one of the bedrooms to friends in our home and every month the money showed up. Now Larry and I share the rent and it works out perfectly.

How often do WE block our own good and God’s plan for us because we are afraid, don’t feel deserving, or don’t have any idea HOW to do it?  Remember the HOW is not up to us, but up to God.

Spirit may be inviting you to start a new business or career, leave an unhealthy relationship or job, start a creative project or move to Maui!

God only wants our highest good and for us to be happy. What is the desire of your heart? God placed that desire in your heart. It’s up to you to say YES and to trust you will be provided for and guided. Take that first step and watch the miracles unfold.

It takes courage to step out in faith

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I listened to an interview with Oprah Winfrey this week that was interesting and enlightening. She states, “I am the master of my fate and the captain of my soul.” It is from a poem written by William Ernest Henley.

This means that I solely have control over determining my feelings and my destiny despite the circumstance. Put yourself in the driver’s seat of your own life and give yourself the control to choose your final destination

This is a reminder to believe in yourself, your dreams, and your life’s purpose. It is an invitation to be strong, have the courage to stand up when you fall, take action, and keep moving forward. We all have a purpose on this earth to fulfill. Do you know what your purpose is?

Have you put yourself in the driver’s seat of your life or do you suffer from a “victim mentality” believing that things happen TO you rather than FOR you?  When I believe that everything is happening FOR me and my highest good, I am surrendered and am peaceful because I know Spirit is guiding and protecting me.

When I believe things are happening TO me, I worry, obsess, try to control the outcome, live in fear, blame others, hold resentments, feel sorry for myself, and complain about my life. What are you choosing today?

You can choose to trust God and take responsibility for yourself in body, mind and, Spirit. You can choose to believe in yourself, your dreams, and your life’s purpose. Oprah says, “God has a bigger dream for me and you.” She encourages us to surrender to God’s dream for us by getting still, listening, going within, and taking action when we hear the still, small voice of God within.

For as long as I can remember my dream was to live on the water. I didn’t care if it was a pond, stream, or watering hole. When I moved to Maui 10 years ago, I said to my son, “How did I get here?” He said, “Mom, you have been talking about living on the water forever.” What you think about you bring about – both positive and negative. God’s dream for me was so much bigger than mine. My heart is full of gratitude as I gaze at the ocean from our lanai every day. I will never tire of watching the beautiful sunsets every night.  

It was always my dream to VISIT Hawaii someday. I would look at magazines with beautiful flowers and drool. Never in a million years did I think I would live here. God’s dream for me was so much bigger than my dream.

We all have dreams within us, something we want to DO or HAVE or BE.

  • What are your dreams?
  • Do you trust your dreams?
  • Are you willing to follow your dreams?

What keeps you from following your dreams?

  • Fear
  • Not believing in yourself
  • Not feeling deserving to receive

It takes courage to step out in faith and follow your God-given dreams. I battled with fear and felt like I didn’t deserve it for a long time. Our thoughts are powerful and I had to choose Love instead of fear. In the end, with the grace of God, I listened to my soul and said YES to my dreams. I have never been happier.

I believe that Spirit always wants to give us MORE! More love, peace, joy, abundance, prosperity. We must be WILLING to receive and accept God’s dream for us and it will be bigger and better than we could have ever imagined.

Stepping out in Faith

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What does it mean to “step out in faith? I stepped out in faith and wrote my first book called, “Simply a Woman of Faith” 12 years ago. It took me 7 years to write it because I was paralyzed with fear and didn’t trust or believe in myself.

Stepping out in faith and writing a book meant taking a risk, getting out of my comfort zone, facing my fears, and following my heart when my head said, “IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE; Your crazy; play it safe; who do you think you are? Nobody will read it; you are wasting your time; I’m not a writer or smart enough. What will people think and what if it fails?”

I’m so grateful I listened to my heart and not my head and the ego voice of not being good enough or smart enough. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t stepped out in faith and trusted God was guiding me.

I have learned to trust myself and to trust the “still, small voice of God within.” It takes lots of practice to discern the ego voice from God’s voice.  As I look back over the years when I have stepped out in faith after hearing God’s voice I am amazed at the miracles and how my life was altered, sometimes dramatically. Here are a few examples.

IT DIDN’T MAKE SENSE for me to buy the blouse forty years ago when my ex-husband was out of work and we were on welfare. The blouse was $10 and I only had $10 in my pocketbook for milk and bread for our 4 children. But I heard the “still, small voice of God” say, “Buy it and I will provide.” I listened to that voice and bought the blouse, although it DIDN’T MAKE SENSE to buy myself a blouse when milk and bread were needed for my family.

One hour later when I returned home from buying the blouse, I found an envelope in the mail with a note that read, “From the son of a carpenter” and a crisp $10 bill.  I’m grateful for the person who heard Spirit tell them to write the note and give me the $10 bill. I’m sure IT DIDN’T MAKE SENSE to them either, but they followed Spirit and changed my life forever.

IT DIDN’T MAKE SENSE to move to Maui 10 years ago to follow my heart to meet my soulmate and to leave family, friends, community, and my business. I didn’t have a lot of money and sold everything of value to make the move.

IT DIDN’T MAKE SENSE that I didn’t have a place to live until 2 weeks before I arrived in Maui. I trusted I was being led and the place would “show up” and it did. I shared a condo with friends overlooking the ocean and paid $300 a month for 6 months.

When I moved to the other side of Maui a year later, IT DIDN’T MAKE SENSE that when I found my “dream house” overlooking the ocean, I stepped out in faith and followed my heart. I trusted that I would be provided for every month and I would be able to pay the rent which went from $1200 to $2500. 

It truly was the grace of God and my willingness to TRUST & SURRENDER to God’s plan and will. For one year, every month I rented one part of the house to different people before Larry and I became a couple and he moved in with me. I prayed EVERY STEP OF THE WAY and knew I was being guided. I waited for the answers and then stepped out in faith.

It is my practice to ask Spirit for guidance in all my decisions every day. I trust I am always guided and protected. I continue to take risks, face my fears, and step out in faith. When have you stepped out in faith and your life changed dramatically?

Is there an area of your life where you are being called to step out in faith or move in a new direction, but IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE?

If I hadn’t trusted myself and the God within, I would not be living my dream life. If I can do it, so can YOU. If not now, when?

Let Your Light SHINE

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“My faith feeds me like the rain and the sun nourishing flowers. I call on faith in all my life experiences and yield a beautiful bouquet of experiences. I dig into my faith by looking beyond appearances that may seem limiting. My faith leads me to explore new possibilities. I plant positive thoughts in my mind, then let go. I leave the “when” and “how” up to God, and trust in divine order. I nourish my garden of faith by connecting with God in this moment. I envision myself growing in the light of Spirit. I adapt to life’s changes with ease. Just as the gardener reaps a bountiful harvest, I receive abundant blessings. I trust in God and see beauty everywhere.”  Daily Word June 11, 2015

My faith is a gift from God that I cherish and am grateful for. It is my faith that allowed me to move 5,000 miles away from my family and friends to live on Maui. It is my faith that has carried me through many trials and made me the woman I am today. It is my faith that gave me the courage to write and publish my book.  I stepped out in faith and followed my heart knowing I would meet my soulmate on Maui. Faith will continue to lead me on to new possibilities and adventures, for this I am certain.

I shared in my blog last week about meeting Dana at the Fairmont Hotel pool and our “Divine Connection.” Since then we have been in daily communication either by phone or text. She’s shared some of her experiences since returning home that I would like to share with you. We never know what the impact will be when we “shine our light” in another person’s life. It could just be a conversation, a smile or a kind deed that has lasting effects.

I just got off the phone with Dana and she shared her personal experience of reading “Simply a Woman of Faith” with me. When she read Chapter 5 Messages from Heaven – How God speaks through Songs she was blown away and said she almost felt giddy.  For those of you who haven’t read my book, this chapter is about my mother “Honey” and her death when I was 20 years old. My mother died in front of me in the church on my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary.

Dana wrote, “Pat, I didn’t want to put your book down when I read this chapter. Although the yard sale stories in the first chapter were fun and I enjoyed them, this chapter really spoke to me and I thought this woman has had hardships and tragedy and she is REAL. I saw you living your faith through difficult times. My best girlfriend (since kindergarten) is also named “Honey.” What is even more interesting is that her mother’s name was “Honey” too. She was like a mother to me and she was a big part of my faith journey. As a teenager (when my friends were in the basement having a party), I was in the kitchen talking to her mother about God. What I remember is that she shared her faith and she shined her light. She is just like you Pat. Her eyes sparkled, she was full of joy and she laughed a lot.” After hearing this, I knew it was destiny that Dana and I met at the pool.

When I asked Dana what she liked best about reading my book she said, “It was your ongoing, natural dialogue with God. It showed me a different kind of relationship with God that I could have if I wanted one, and I do. It was the simplicity of your relationship with God that I was particularly drawn to because you talk to God about everything. It’s like you know you have God on your side. I need to practice what I have just learned because I don’t know how to talk to God on a regular basis like you do. Since meeting you only a week ago, I have a different mindset about my spiritual growth and I am open to allowing myself to be guided by God in what to do next in my life.” She also enjoyed the moped story in Chapter IX  God is my Travel Agent – A Calling to Bermuda. She said,When you screamed FU God and threw your moped to the ground, I knew you were real.”

Probably like most of you, I don’t always know what kind of an impact my presence and sharing my life and light has on people’s lives and how far-reaching it may go to impact others’ lives. Probably just as well because I might get a big head! So I am grateful to Dana for sharing how her life is changing and how she is now being used to share her light with her clients and students in her yoga classes.  It delights me that she is paying it forward.

I met Dana for a beach walk on the day she left to go back home. She bought another one of my books and didn’t know who she was going to give it to. We laughed and both knew she would be led to give it to the right and perfect person. It didn’t take her long to know who that was. For example, she shared with me about a recent therapy session she had with one of her clients.

“My client is a young woman with a strong desire to find her soulmate, just like you did. She considers herself to be a person of very strong faith, but felt anxious.  Remembering your book, I encouraged her to use her faith as her guide when trying to find this man. In fact, I was led to give her your book!  I told her that I met the author who deepened her own relationship with God on her journey to find a life partner.  Little does the reader know that you actually did find your soulmate after writing the book, Pat.  You’ve got a sequel!”  The woman was so excited about the book when Dana gave it to her and said, “My mother would love this book also and I’m going to buy her one.” Upon leaving the client commented, “You look different, Dana, you seem very spiritually inspired.”  She was right!

In several of her yoga classes this week, Dana told her students about meeting me and reading my book. She laughed and said, “I shared with my students that I had been praying for a “guru” to inspire me spiritually. I thought that I had met him at a conference that I attended last month. But no he’s not the one. Pat is the REAL one that I know God brought into my life. The theme of our classes was about God/Divine being inside of us.”

This whole experience has been exciting for me and has shown me how important it is to just BE me and SHINE. I have a small plaque in my bedroom that I have had since moving to Maui.

“SHINE – You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead, they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before men and women, that they may see your good works and praise our Father in heaven.”

“I had many nights of not sleeping”

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There is major construction work going on in the house I am living in and there is major construction work going on in me too! This morning as I sat to do my daily prayer and meditation, I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and a man asked, “Could you please move your car out of the driveway so we can begin our roof work.” I replied, “No problem.” I moved my car and then came back into the house to pray. After about 5 minutes I knew that it was going to be impossible to meditate with the loud machinery right outside my front door.

I picked up my journal and spiritual books and decided to drive to the ocean which is only a few minutes away, in the hopes that I could sit and meditate there. I had just sat down and gotten settled when I heard loud noises in the back of me. I turned around and saw a couple of men sawing down a large tree trunk.  I thought to myself, “You have to be kidding me, I just left that noise.” Then I asked God, “What is the message?” This is what I heard, “You cannot allow outside distractions to disturb your peace. You must learn to always go inside of you where there is perfect peace and love.”

I realized in that moment that I had a choice. I could complain about the noise or I could be grateful for “what is.” I chose to be grateful for everything around me and before I knew it, I didn’t hear the loud sawing anymore and I was able to pray. I think there will always be some kind of distraction in our lives and we have to be vigilant about what we think about and what we allow in, so we can stay in peace and BE the instrument of love and peace that the world so desperately needs.

There are universal laws that operate in our world and one such law is that what we focus on we manifest. In a Science of Mind magazine (Nov. pg 52) it states, “When we experience a situation that we don’t like, it is important that we don’t complain or gripe about what has happened. Accepting “what” is, is different from resisting or fighting “what is.” Acceptance lifts us to a higher plane allowing us to see the solution to the problem. Acceptance places us in a vibration of peace.”

A few minutes later, I read in today’s Daily Word that….
“Spiritual growth is an ongoing process and a very personal one. I open myself to insights every day and my lessons come in many ways. From the moment I wake to the time I go to sleep, I have opportunities to learn and grow. An important part of my spiritual development is learning to make wise choices. I can choose to have a positive attitude or a negative one. I can choose to make healthy or unhealthy decisions for my mind and body. I can choose to enhance my relationships, treating others in kind and respectful.  Spiritual lessons are always available. I embrace them and rise to a higher level of understanding each day.” Daily Word, Jan. 30

As you all know, I chose to move to Maui in September. There are times that I still cannot believe that I am here and I am constantly saying,”Thank you God that I am living in Maui.” I sometimes, ask “How did I get here and how (I know the HOW is none of my business) did I manifest living in paradise?” I don’t know the answer except that it was God’s plan for my life and I said, “YES.”  I also ask, “What I am to learn and how do you want me to serve you best?”  Maui has opened me up and made me willing to look at every area of my life that needs to change so that I can make wise choices regarding my body, my mind and spirit. I walk almost an hour a day on the beach, practice yoga, dance, swim, and I’m starting a painting class next week and going to a Tai Chi class today!
For years, I have had problems sleeping and have been prescribed medications to sleep. I started to feel uncomfortable with the chemicals that I was putting into my body and wanted to explore more natural ways of healing and sleeping. My daughter, Mary, is an herbalist and has been encouraging me for a long time to get off the medication, (thank you Mary for your patience with me), but I wasn’t willing and ready. I first had to admit to myself that I was making unhealthy choices for my body.

I shared with my friend, Kati, about my sleeping problems and she invited me to an energy healing class that she attended. I decided to check it out and have been attending weekly classes ever since. Although I am still learning and exploring, I find this energy healing fascinating and powerful. I have made changes – big changes, but not without resistance to change.  I started slowly weaning myself from the medication that I have taken for years to sleep and started natural remedies.

It has not been without challenges that required me to practice what I believe, and I have had many nights of not sleeping, and have been willing to try different remedies of herbs and homeopathic remedies. God showed me how I wanted a “quick fix” and how impatient I was. I knew the medication that I had taken for years worked, but I also knew it wasn’t good for me.  I prayed and asked God for guidance and clarity on what was the best choice for my body.  To be honest with you, I didn’t want to be patient, I wanted to sleep!

As I was working through some of this, I received two emails from my friends, Trudy and Sandy, who had researched different websites with natural health remedies to sleep for me. I had not asked them to do this for me and was so grateful that they took it upon themselves to provide me with this information and new options. It was an answer to my prayer and my mind was being opened to healthier ways of sleeping.

Then, a few days later, I met Katherine at Unity Church. We both felt a connection to one another and decided to take a walk together the next day. We talked non-stop, sharing our stories and what brought us to Maui. During the conversation, I told her about my sleep problem and she shared she also had a sleep problem, but had found something that worked for her. She gave me the name of the homeopathic remedy and I went to the natural health store that day to get some! I used it the last few nights and although not perfect, I am hopeful that my natural sleep patterns will return.

What I have learned is that I CAN be patient and not give up because I want to be healthy in all areas of my life. When we ask God for clarity and guidance, we get it if we listen and are open to the signs. God sent me three women to help me make the right decision for my life in regards to the medication.

I have also found that being a part of the weekly energy classes has awakened me to new ways of healing and taking responsibility for my health and well- being. I feel so blessed that my friend Kati introduced me to Okada Purifying Therapy (OPT). OPT is a Japanese healing technique that was founded by Mokicha Okada in the early 20th century. This energy healing method uses Johrei to support the body’s own immune system and stimulate the self-healing forces. Johrei is a Japanese word, with the simpliest translation of which is purifying spirit or “golden light energy”. It works by removing impurities from the spiritual body by channeling light energy, thereby causing reaction of purification of the spiritual, mental and physical body.

As I walk in faith, love my God-self, trust and let go, I know from experience that I am always given everything I need at the perfect and right time. There is no need for me to worry or fret about anything. God is as close to me as my breath. I continue to open my heart to RECEIVE more good from God, knowing that I am deserving and worthy.  As I receive from Spirit, I can give to others.  As my son, Tim, says on his answering machine, “Life is good!”

Let Go, Let God –  Daily Word pg. 54
“Some say worry is the most common – although unintentional – form of prayer. It is a habit of focusing on negative possibilities, and it drains one’s energy and blocks effective action. Rather than worry, I choose to focus on positive possibilities and trust God for right outcomes. Becoming still in prayer, I see beyond any seeming setback to the activity of God within the situation. I know all those involved are enfolded in God’s love and guided in every way. In the silence, I release any need for a specific outcome and open to spiritual solutions. As I transform my thoughts, I am relieved of any worry. I trust God in all things, and I am free mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”

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