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I booked my Plane Ticket to Maui

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When I said YES to God calling me back to Maui 6 weeks ago, I had no idea of what the process of letting go of the old, releasing fear, trusting and “jumping in” would look or feel like.

While cleaning out my closets and drawers to prepare for my new perfect and right tenant (not easy because I love my “practically new yard sales treasures), I was led down memory lane. First, I found beautiful cards and letters that my grandmother sent me 40 years ago expressing her love for me and how I was her angel. I cried as I felt her love coming through the pages. I saved cards from my 4 children that they sent to me over the years that brought tears to my eyes too. How I treasure each and every card, some hand drawn and others with the perfect words to express their love for me. I wondered, does anyone else save their children’s cards? I cannot part with them because they are so special and mean so much to me. They will get boxed up and put in the closet.

Then, during my morning prayer, I picked a Goddess card called Abundantia (Prosperity.) It said “The universe is pouring its abundance out to you – be open to receiving. Expect unforeseen windmills and gifts. Your new venture will be financially successful.” I said, “Yes, I am open to receiving more good, thank you God.”

Later that afternoon, I received an unexpected escrow check from my mortgage company in the amount of $270 and I smiled and said, “Yea, thank you God.”  That same evening, while I was cleaning out my underwear drawer, I found a small brown envelope that was tucked away in the back. I didn’t remember putting it there and I literally gulped when I counted 15 crisp $100 bills. I racked my brains out trying to remember where it came from. And then the light bulb went off. Last summer, I sold my mothers sterling silverware set and tucked the money in the drawer because I was getting ready for my trip to Maui. That sure was a windfall and I love it when God surprises me like this! I also love that all of that money was there waiting for me to discover it. That is part of the journey of faith, trusting that you already have everything you need, and being willing to discover it inside of you, so that you can then receive it in the world outside of you.

I found the money at the “perfect time” because I needed to book a reservation with the airline, but was procrastinating about buying a ticket. I struggled with the “what if’s” like, what if I can’t rent my condo or what if I can’t find a free place to live in Maui? I got on my knees and prayed for courage, wisdom and guidance. Then I picked the dates for my departure and return, and called the travel agency to book the flight. That was definitely stepping into the unknown and trusting that God was in control. When I had called the first time, I was quoted a price of $1009.00, but when I called the very next day, it had gone up to $1450.00.  Then, my heart skipped a beat when the travel agent told me that there was one seat left on the plane at the price I had been originally quoted of $1009.00. I said a prayer of thanks because God is good. Then I called my daughter Mary and said,”I did it, I booked my flight and I am going to Maui!” She said “good for you, mom.”

Some people may think I’m rich or have a lot of money since I’m able to go to Maui for 6 months. Truthfully, I don’t have a lot of money, but what I do have is faith, vision, passion and trust, and I know that God is my source, and that God provides when I follow my heart and step out in faith.

The more I practice stepping out in faith and am open to receiving more of God’s goodness, the more miracles seem to occur in my life. My job is to stay peaceful & positive while letting go of the outcome, and it’s God’s job to work out the details.

Affirmation: Today and everyday, I expect the best. Everything I do turns into good for myself and others. I affirm oneness with the source of abundance within me that has no conception of lack. It is God’s good pleasure to give me the kingdom and it is my good pleasure to receive it. When you become ready to receive, you are prepared for the next step and open door. All you have to do is to turn the key and say YES and thank you.


Don’t Ever Give up on Prayer

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I will never forget the sacred moment as I stood with my ex-husband and daughter in her new kitchen. Tears welled up in my eyes as I watched her father hug her and tell her how proud he was of her.  We were all in tears as she hugged me and I also expressed how proud I was of her.  A little later, she looked at us both and said, “I want you to know how happy I am to have both of my parents helping me move into my new home.”

My ex-husband and I were divorced 11 years ago after being married for 30 years. It’s been an extremely difficult time for him accepting the divorce and he made it clear to me that he didn’t want any part of me. I prayed daily for him, asking God to heal him so we could be friends.  When I told my children that I wanted to reach out to him and call him, their response was always “Mom, don’t do it, he doesn’t want to talk to you and you have nothing in common.”  That hurt because he was the father of my children and I wanted for us to be able to be in each other’s presence without the tension and knot in my stomach.

About a month ago, I received a call from my ex-husband who lives in Florida that almost knocked me off my feet. I panicked and thought one of my children had died or something really bad happened. I don’t think he has ever called me since the divorce.  After he reassured me that nothing was wrong, I asked if I could call him back since I was at a friend’s house and couldn’t talk.

I prayed before I picked up the phone to call him back that we could connect in a peaceful manner. Shortly after our conversation began, he said, “I want to put the past behind me because life is too short to hold onto grudges.” I couldn’t’ help but wonder… “am I hearing him right?”  I had waited and prayed all these years and in that moment my prayers were being answered.

Our family shared the fourth of July together and I am so grateful.  My children were happy  to see their parents talking and interacting with one another. As I have shared in many of my emails, God answers prayers in the perfect and right timing. It takes patience, perseverance and an expectant faith.

Don’t ever give up on your prayers, miracles can and do happen when you believe.




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Isn’t it easy to be grateful when everything is flowing and you are manifesting easily and effortlessly? I love when I am in the state of grace and trusting everything is in perfect and right order.  This is what I strive for every day, but unfortunately; it’s not always like that.

What happens when things are not going the way you want them to go?  They may not be happening fast enough, you are not making the money you need or there are problems with your children or family members. You may have lost your job or hate your job and living in dread every day. This is life school and we are always learning and growing, right? The challenges or opportunities we encounter cause us to grow, ask for help and deepen our faith in a Power greater than ourselves.

I teach about faith and being in the hallway where one door has closed and the other hasn’t opened yet. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like being in the hallway. I may complain, kick, scream and try to get the door to open – to no avail.  I must surrender and accept “what is” if I want peace while I am waiting for the next door to open.   If I have asked for guidance and prayed to my higher power for help, I trust that everything is happening for a reason and I am exactly where I need to be.

It’s in the hallway that your faith muscles grow and get stronger. You cannot see what’s ahead and you have to trust what you cannot see and that’s scary sometimes.  Isn’t that what faith is all about? Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see.

Although many doors have opened for me, there are doors that haven’t opened yet (and I don’t understand why because I am doing everything I know to do) and I am in the hallway.  My faith muscles are getting stronger as I surrender to “what is”, trust the process, let go of anger, trust God and make a conscious effort to be grateful for everything in my life exactly the way it is.

Whoever said the spiritual life would be easy?  It’s a constant letting go, surrendering , accepting “what is” and remembering that you are one with God and are loved unconditionally just the way you are. 

Are you in the hallway of your life?  Today, I invite you to be grateful for exactly where you are and to trust that everything is happening for a reason and all is well.


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As I drove down the street after my Toastmasters meeting, I immediately noticed my car pulling to the right. And then I heard the thump, thump, thump and I knew I HAD A FLAT TIRE.  I turned my car around and went back to the Nursing Home facility where the meeting was held.  I explained the situation to the receptionist and asked to use the phone to call AAA.  I was quite surprised with the wait time – 4 hours.  I was still on the phone with AAA when my friend Gina, a fellow toastmaster was at my side asking, “How can I help you, Pat?”  She offered to drive me home so I didn’t have to wait 4 hours and bring me back in the morning before going to work to get my car and call AAA again.

I gladly accepted her offer and felt so grateful that I didn’t have to stand around for 4 hours. I told her I would call her in the morning if I needed her to bring me back (which was way out of her way.) When I got into her car, I thanked God for His protection – that I was safe and wasn’t on the highway which could have been a disaster.  I believe that everything happens for a reason and I trusted that God was in the mix. By the grace of God, I focused on what was working: my car was in a safe place, I had a ride home and I wasn’t on the highway alone and stranded.

I called my son and daughter in the morning to ask for a ride back to my car. My daughter was out of town and my son was working. I called another friend, but got her answering service.  “Well God, I trust you will work this out in your time and your way.” With that, the phone rang, “Pat, do you need a ride to get your car? I would be glad to pick you up before I go to work.” asked Gina. “Thank you God for taking care of me and putting it on Gina’s heart to call me and offer me a ride.”   

Gina dropped me off at the facility and I promptly called AAA.  This time it was a 2 hour wait. ”It’s getting better,” I thought to myself. The receptionist was so kind when she heard my dilemma and showed me where I could get some tea.  “Is there a place where I could sit and wait,” I asked. “Of course, follow me.” She escorted me to a beautiful sitting room surrounded with big windows looking out onto the courtyard with bird feeders everywhere.  There were all kinds of flowering plants, a fireplace and a waterfall. 

Again, I was grateful for the lovely surroundings and the peace in my heart. In the past, I might have complained that I was wasting time and not getting things done.  I focused on the present moment and the gifts that were available to me.

As I sat on the comfy chair in front of the fireplace, feeling relaxed and enjoying the moment, Ellie sat down on the chair across from me. We smiled at one another and immediately started to chat. There was a peaceful presence around her that I felt drawn to. “How long have you been here?” I asked.  She smiled and responded, “five days.” I was amazed at her positive attitude and how grateful she was. She was actually having fun in a nursing home and spreading cheer to the other patients.

I grabbed a tote bag before I left the house that had one copy of my book in it.  Loud and clear I heard God say “Give her your book.” I have learned to pay attention to that voice. “Okay, God, I will give her my book.”  She smiled when I gave her my book and said “I am also a woman of faith.” As she left to go to lunch, she smiled and said, “You made my day.”  Actually, she made my day! The message for me was to have fun and keep a positive attitude – wherever you find yourself.


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It’s been my dream to vacation in Hawaii for several years. Two years ago, I placed a beautiful picture of a sea turtle swimming in Maui, Hawaii in my intention book.  I pray with it daily and visualize my dreams manifesting.

My trip to visit my brother in New Jersey last month was delightful and relaxing, until I arrived at the airport for my return flight. “Why can’t I check in at the kiosk?”, I wondered. When I finally reached the desk, she politely said “Miss, you are a day early; your flight is tomorrow morning.”  “Well, can I get a flight out today and what will it cost?” I asked. I gulped when she informed me it would cost $170. That was more than what I paid for the whole flight. She could see my dilemma and informed me that she heard Southwest had cheaper flights. So off I went to Southwest. Yes, I could get a fight out that day and it was $30 cheaper.

I kept thanking God, trusting that all would turn out for the good.  I didn’t beat up on myself, which would have been so easy to do. While walking through the airport, a very nice young man caught my attention. He invited me to sign up for a Southwest credit card. I normally wouldn’t be bothered, but the deal was a free flight anywhere in the US. As I completed the application and walked away, I said to myself  “this is for my flight to Hawaii.”

I was invited to speak at a local church on faith a few weeks later.  Ellen approached me after the talk with a big smile on her face.  She said “I loved your talk and I am also stepping out in faith.” “Oh, what are you doing?” I asked. “I am going back to live in Hawaii.” My eyes lit up and I said, “it’s been my dream to vacation in Hawaii someday.”  She smiled and said, “You can stay with me.”  I could hardly speak.  She then whipped out a postcard from her pocketbook of the condo she owned – overlooking the ocean in Maui, Hawaii!  Not only did she invite me to stay with her, but she said I could stay as long as I wanted- and could use her car!  I have a beautiful place to stay, a new friend and a free round trip ticket to Hawaii. Whooo….it doesn’t get better than that. 

I will be vacationing in Maui, Hawaii for Thanksgiving.  More than a vacation, it will be a time for me to retreat with my God and enjoy the beauty around me.  I am so grateful for God’s love and the many blessings God has bestowed on me.  God is faithful when we believe, ask and trust in the perfect and divine timing for our dreams to manifest. I believe that everything happens for a reason for my highest good and the good of others. Dreams do come true when we believe.


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As I sat down to write my monthly message for the newsletter, the word TRUST screamed out to me.  I saw in my mind’s eyes TRUST  TRUST  TRUST written across the sky.  It seems like many of us are being called to trust at a very deep level.  At least I know I am. What does it mean to trust? For me, it means trusting that regardless of how things may look like on the outside, that I am safe and in God’s care.  It means trusting in a power greater than myself and believing that there is higher plan for my life which is good. I may not know what’s ahead, and that can make it difficult to let go and surrender control of how I think my life should look.

Are you doing the best you can? Are you showing up for life ready to share your gifts and talents? Maybe things are still not going the way you want them to go. It may be a marriage that isn’t working, lack of finances, a job that you hate, grieving the loss of a loved one or being unemployed.  It is only in these difficult times of darkness and not knowing what’s going on that we learn to trust and our faith muscles grow stronger.  We do not grow on the mountaintop. Mountain top experiences come from being in the darkness and not giving up. 

We often give up right before the miracle because of fear. We say we trust but when the s…. hits the fan we often go into fear mode, and it can happen almost automatically without consciously realizing it.   Fear can cripple you and make you want to give up and run away.  It is in precisely these times that you are given the opportunity to trust in a loving God for your strength and sustenance.  You learn that God is all there is and God can be trusted. 

What I know about God in my heart of hearts, from my own life experience,  is that God is faithful and can be trusted. Are you ready to trust God with your life and surrender to the love in your heart?   All you need to do is say YES.

Light and Love, Pat


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That voice may be referred to as God, Intuition, Spirit, Higher Self, Soul, Higher Power or Universe. People often ask me, “How do you know it’s God giving you messages and not just your own voice?” The answer is: “I don’t always know.  It’s only afterwards when people tell me it was exactly what they needed to hear.”

Sometimes it’s scary, my heart pounds and I want to walk the other way when I receive a message for someone. I could be totally off base. I need to let go of my ego and not worry about what others will think of me. I’ve learned to let go of the outcome.

It’s about trusting God has a Divine Assignment if I’m willing to listen and follow through when I receive a message for someone. It often seems like it comes out of nowhere and just pops into my head. I feel a quickening in my spirit and then I listen and am still.

Listening and following through are key elements. Usually, when I don’t want to do it, it’s a signal that it’s from Spirit. Sometimes I know what I’m going to say and other times, I have no idea and the message comes when I open my mouth. I trust it will come and it always does.

I usually don’t question anymore when I hear the small still voice of God within.  It may not make sense to me, but I do it anyway and then watch the miracles unfold. The following story is one of them.

Mary lived a few blocks away, but I had never just walked to her house to say hello. While taking my walk this one day, I felt a strong pull from Spirit to go to her house.  I had no idea why I was being led there, but found myself taking a right turn into her neighborhood.  I felt disappointed when I arrived because her car wasn’t there.  Did I not hear you right God? I thought you were leading me. 

When I arrived home, I called Mary and left a message that I had visited her. Is there a message you want me to give her God? And the words came. “Believe in yourself, your gifts and trust your journey.”  I hung up not knowing if the words meant anything to her. I didn’t hear from Mary for several days and quickly placed it out of my mind.

Mary called when she returned home, all excited. “Pat, you are not going to believe it.  I really needed to hear your message the day you called.  The timing was divine. You had no idea that I was away for a few days at a “Journey” workshop. 

During the workshop, the leader suggested I take a break and go outside for a walk because of my feelings of frustration with the process. Others in the group seemed to be getting it, but nothing seemed to be happening with me.

I listened to my telephone messages when I returned to the group.  And there you were with your anointed words from God.  I screamed and immediately gave the phone to my friend to listen too.  After that, everything shifted for me. I felt God’s love and presence and knew I was exactly where I needed to be.”              

The more you step out in faith, trust and listen to that small still voice within, the more you make yourself available for Divine Assignments.

Ask Spirit to lead you; trust you will be led; and then step out in faith. Start out small and test the waters. Your words could transform and change another’s life dramatically. Like the time I was led to give a message of God’s love to a woman who was about to commit suicide. God’s words saved her life.

It’s a joy to know I’m making a difference in someone’s life and helping them on their journey to healing and wholeness. It really is fun. Try it you might like it! You can do the same because you have the same Power within you.

God Answers Prayer

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I entered religious life when I turned 18 and right out of high school. I loved being a nun and being in the community.  I came home on weekends and had a friend who invited me to attend a prayer meeting at St. Patrick’s church. I was blown away by what I witnessed – here were people loving and hugging one another. I was skeptical and afraid at first because we were taught in the convent not to show emotions or affection.   

I continued to go to the meetings when I came home on the weekends and really began to love the community. I knew there was something there that I didn’t have. I can truly say that I met God at St. Patrick’s. I knew God in books and philosophy, but not in my heart.  Now God was in my heart and I had a personal relationship with him.

After awhile, I knew I had to be there-that this is where I was going to grow closer to God. I approached the provincial of my religious order and asked if I could work in this parish and still remain a nun.  This had never been done before so it was a huge leap of faith for me to even ask this. Much to my surprise, they said yes and I had their blessing.

I moved into Manna House (a group of dedicated women working for the parish) and worked as the Religious Education Coodinator for 7 years.  As I grew and changed, I knew in my heart that I could no longer stay in the religious life. After much discernment and prayer I decided to leave the order after 20 years.  Another step in faith because being in a religious order gave me safety and security.  I got a job as a waitress in the neighborhood.  I now needed to find a place of my own to live. I didn’t know what I was going to do and I had nothing to start a new life.  I was terrified and the flood gates opened up. I cried out to God, please help me. I have no place else to turn.  You have to help me.

The very next day, a woman approached me from the parish and told me that she heard I had left the convent. She proceeded to tell me that her father-in-law had just passed away and there was a house full of stuff that I could have it I wanted it. I went to the house that afternoon and couldn’t believe my eyes. A bedroom set, dining room set, kitchen stuff – everything I needed to start my new life.

What I learned in my heart that day was that God knew me better than I knew myself, that He wanted me to be happy and that he would provide for me in every aspect of my life. God has been faithful and He still provides for me and I am always in awe and gratitude for his faithfulness.

Evelyn Laurie

Our Loved Ones Do Communicate With Us

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My friend Ed and I were driving to Gregg’s restaurant for their famous desserts after a meditation service last week.  As the car on my left whizzed by me, I heard Ed exclaim, “Look at the 435 on that license plate” as a big smile came across his face.  I asked curiously, “What does that mean to you?” He then proceeded to tell me his story as I listened intently.

“The license plate on my family’s car was ET534.  My father’s name was Ed Tanzi.  After his transition 30 years ago, my mother began driving the family car. You can imagine being the only child and a boy of an Italian mother, we were very close.  She died 6 years ago and I still miss her so.  For whatever reason, that license plate was important to me and I kept it after her transition. 

I very much know she is with me and I feel her presence and energy all the time.  I am especially aware of her presence when she “shows up” by allowing me to see the number when I am going through a difficult time in my life or making an important life decision.  I see the number on license plates, on telephone numbers and the clock radio in my bedroom. I love it when I wake up and the clock radio is flashing  435. My day starts off on such a positive note and it is like I am carried through the day. I feel supported and loved. Even though she is no longer with me in physical form, her spirit and energy are with me.”

“I know exactly what you mean” I said. I also believe our loved ones want to communicate with us and let us know they are ok and still with us.  Sometimes, you may not recognize the subtle messages  because you are too busy.  When you slow down, meditate and practice staying in the moment, you will give yourself the opportunity for your loved one to communicate with you.

Ed Tanzi


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“I am calling you, I am calling you, I am calling you” is what I heard almost 3 years ago while meditating and listening to an instrumental CD. I wasn’t expecting to hear the man’s voice and the only words on the CD. “I am calling you.”

I knew in my spirit that it was God calling me to step out in faith and leave my job of 20 years as an Alcohol and Drug therapist to start my own business as a Spiritual Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Retreat/Workshop leader. This calling came one month after Simply a Woman of Faith was published. I prayed for 1 year and meditated to make sure it was God’s will and then took the leap in faith.  

A call is God’s invitation to use your gifts and talents for the good of all involved. 

  •  What is God calling you to do?
  •  What is God inviting you to do?
  •  What are your gifts and talents?

I believe God is calling each one of us to be His/Her hands, feet and mouth. The world needs you and your special gifts and talents. God has a plan for your life and for my life, but we must say YES.

 That calling may show up as a persistent nagging feeling that you need to do something and make a difference in the world.  It may be fighting for a cause, helping someone, working with children, animals, the elderly or writing a book about your life experiences. And the list goes on.

What I didn’t expect was God to shine his flashlight into my life and bring to light false unconscious beliefs that were limiting me and keeping me a prisoner. There was much inner work of changing my thinking that needed to be done. It was sometimes painful looking at myself and the story I created (that was not true.) I didn’t always like what I saw and kicked and screamed at times. During this pruning process of old beliefs, I have learned to ask for help, be vulnerable and be authentic and real.

It has been almost 2 years since I left my job.  It has been exciting, fulfilling, scary, challenging, growth provoking and a time to trust myself and God deeper.  Doors have opened that I never expected to open and many people have helped me along the way.

We must be willing to allow the work of Spirit, no matter how painful or overwhelming.  Saying YES to God’s calling means showing up daily and plugging into the power and trusting the process. It’s following God wherever you are led and using your gifts for the good of others. It’s the only way to live a joyful, fulfilling life. Face your fears and walk tall in your own truth.

Will you say YES to God and use your gifts for the world?  The world needs you and your talents. It is time! Are you ready?

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