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“FEAR NOT Pat, I am with you”

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“If ever I fear I don’t have enough, I remember the story of the prophet Elisha and the poor widow. Elisha advised the widow to FEAR NOT, but to recognize what she had. He blessed the small amount of oil in her home and had her gather more vessels in PREPARATION FOR ITS INCREASE.  Oil flowed, every available vessel was filled, and the widow was able to provide for her family. Prosperity was demonstrated through the widow’s GRATITUDE, FAITH AND ACTION; THE GOOD SHE PREPARED FOR CAME TO HER. I demonstrate prosperity as I bless and appreciate all I have and MAKE ROOM FOR MORE. All I need flows freely to me. As I receive with faith the riches of God’s kingdom, abundance is mine.”  Daily Word


Today, I feel like the widow in the scripture. Like her, I am practicing gratitude, faith and action. God says, “FEAR NOT PAT. You have stepped out in faith and I am blessing you. You prepared for good and it will come to you. You have made room for more and it will come.”


I received a gift from my friend, Mary, this week. It was a beautiful cross with FAITH on it. We walk by Faith, not by sight. Mary didn’t know that I was inspired to name my new home “Faith House.” It is a confirmation that this house is God’s gift to me and to all who enter it. My intention is that everyone who enters this sacred, holy space feels energy, presence and power of God’s love and peace.


I have learned that whenever I go higher or deeper with God, climb a bigger mountain than I ever did before, jump off a bigger cliff than I ever did before, old fears, behaviors and beliefs rear their ugly head. It can be damn right scary and terrifying at times.


“The truth is when you are out there taking a big step,you will find that you fall down even more regularly than you did before. Each time you fall, you will be faced with a choice – either turn back, or gather new strength, renew your faith in yourself, and get back on track.” Faith – A.C. Ping


I am walking by Faith, not by sight. I’ve jumped off the biggest cliff I’ve ever jumped off. I have EXPANDED my faith like I’ve never done before and it feels like I’m getting my doctorate degree in faith.  I doubled my rent and tripled my living space. WOW.


I know I followed God’s will and God opened the door. I am living in the mystery and don’t know yet all the details of HOW my abundance will flow in.  All the “WHAT IF’S and HOW’S came flashing into my mind as I am in the “Free Fall” on the cliff. I’m choosing to TRUST, KEEP MY EYES ON GOD and enjoy the ride, knowing I am safe and in God’s loving protection.


I have a choice to live in fear or in love. I am choosing LOVE and trusting God because God has NEVER let me down before when I’ve followed my heart and stepped out in faith. I wouldn’t be living in Maui if I hadn’t followed my heart and said YES to God’s plan.


I could have said NO to my dream home on the ocean (God’s gift to me) and stayed in my “boat of comfortableness” because of fear or because I didn’t know how it would happen. But that is not what faith is all about. I stepped out of the boat and trusted God was leading and guiding me BEFORE I had all the answers.


Although most of us don’t like change, it is often when we are most uncomfortable that we have the opportunity to find the strength and courage to fulfill our dreams. You may wonder how I knew it was God leading me and not just what I wanted. I knew it was Spirit because of the deep peace I felt inside my heart. By the grace of God, I became willing to risk, take action and jump.


Faith allows us to move beyond what the past tells us is possible. Without faith, we would never create anything bold, grand, or seemingly impossible. Without faith we undermine our own ability to really get onto our life path and BE and DO what we want to DO. Instead, we put ourselves in a situation where our own fears and doubts consume our passions and kill our dreams.” Faith – A.C. Ping


If you are ready to step up to the plate, take a leap of faith and take responsibility for your life and dreams, I can help you change your internal story and embrace your divine nature. Are you ready?



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