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“I Have Wings to Fly”

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About a month ago I had a dream that I found a small dead bird on the ground. I picked it up and put it on my car seat. I later got out of my car and placed the bird on the sidewalk. To my surprise, the bird came alive and had huge beautiful purple wings. I pay attention to my dreams and really felt like God was giving me a message for my life. God was saying “What you thought was dead has been resurrected and you now have wings to fly.” I was so excited that when I went to yard sales the next day, I was looking for a picture or something with purple wings. I didn’t find anything, but kept the image of the purple wings close to my heart.

A few days ago, I met with Rev. Ian Taylor who is the leader of Concordia Center for Spiritual Living. I had a picture in my purse of me getting ready to go zip lining in Hawaii. As I was leaving, I pulled out the picture to show Ian. As he stared at the picture, it seemed like minutes before he said anything. In fact, I said, “Do you need your glasses, do you know that it’s me in the picture?” He smiled and said, “I know it’s you, but all I see are the wings.” “What wings, I exclaimed!” I was shocked and couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked at the picture again-beautiful purple tinged wings on my back. Why hadn’t I seen the wings before this moment, I wondered?

I thought about this and realized how often something is right in front of me and I don’t see it. When I focus on what’s missing, lack and not having enough, I miss the abundance and miracles that are right in front of me. Sometimes we need others to show us what is in front of us. We are all connected and are all one. I needed Rev. Ian to share with me what he saw so I could see it for myself. Not only did he show me my wings in the picture, but casually gave me the title for my next book. “I Know it’s GRACE.” I have received several messages from people over the past few years that God wanted me to write my next book. I have been putting the stories together in a word document, but it never felt like it was the right time to write the book. I know it’s time now and isn’t it wonderful to be going to Mother Maui to write my next book, “I Know it’s GRACE.”

Things are progressing for my trip to Maui and money keeps “showing up.” I received a small check from my doctor’s office and have no idea why they sent it to me. This has never happened before and I ask no questions, but just say “thank you God.” I have been receiving an annuity check every month for the last 10 years. The annuity checks were scheduled to stop in September of this year. For some reason, the checks keep coming and I just received a check for the month of December. Thank you God for you are my source.

My friend Eileen and her husband recently bought a retirement home on the Big Island of Hawaii (but they are not living there full time yet.) Eileen will be going there for 3 months in January and has invited me to stay with her in her new home. I plan on flying to the Big Island from Maui and spending 2 weeks with her. She has already contacted her church and told them about me. I will be speaking with the leader next week to schedule a date for a workshop and a book signing. It just keeps getting better and better. As I continue to have faith and trust in God’s perfect timing and provisions for my life, my heart rejoices to see the doors opening and golden opportunities coming my way.

Remember, we must step out in faith first and trust before the Universe opens doors and brings the right people and opportunities to us. I have learned that WHEN YOU LEAP, YOU REAP and God gives you wings to fly. And while you are leaping into the unknown and the mystery, Spirit takes over and all of your needs are provided for.

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