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One of my treasures is a poem that my grandmother gave me at least 45 years ago. She glued this little poem on a piece of cardboard for me. The poem sits in front of a picture she gave me on my dresser. It may sound strange, but I couldn’t remember when I read it last or even what the poem said.   Here is the poem.

If you’re feeling low and worthless,

There seems nothing you can do

Just take courage and remember

There is someone needing you

Someone needs your faith and courage

Someone needs your love and prayer

Someone needs your inspiration, thus to help their cross to bear

Do not think your work is ended; there is much that you can do

And as long as you’re on earth, There is someone needing you.

You may wonder why I am sharing this poem with you. This little poem touched my soul deeply and I felt my grandmother’s presence when I needed it the most. As I laid on my bed with tears rolling down my cheeks, I looked up and the poem was literally “calling me.” I jumped out of bed and read the poem. Wow, I couldn’t believe the words that went straight to my heart.

Right before reading the poem, I asked God for guidance regarding my work. I was being called to let go of control and surrender my business to my Higher Power. Several things had happened that week and I felt discouraged and low; one of them being a women’s retreat I had been leading for 11 years that was cancelled due to low attendance. I wondered if I was to continue doing what I was doing.

Between allowing the words of the poem to heal and wash over me and letting go and surrendering the direction of my business, things shifted inside of me on a very deep level. And then the miracles began to happen.

A few days later, I gave a presentation called “Transforming Fear through a Power Greater Than Yourself” at the What Woman Want series in Fall River, MA. It was a powerful and inspirational night for all of the women. One of the women commented to my friend as she walked out, “Pat’s faith and love has changed my life.” I have been invited back to give another presentation in two weeks. Three days later, I gave a women’s retreat in my home, that was equally powerful and inspirational. The love the women shared with one another blew me away. I saw God in action. In the inspirational story that follows, you will read about Sandy and the love she experienced when she found herself at What Women Want and the retreat at my home.

If I can inspire and change one person’s life by sharing my story, it is worth it. I know now, more than ever there is someone needing me and my work is not ended. If you are feeling low and discouraged, there is someone needing your faith and inspiration today. Your work is not done.

Come Home To Yourself & the Divine Power Within

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Would you like to discover your God given gifts and use them to make a difference in the lives of others? In this retreat, you will learn how to go within and find the answers you have been seeking about who you are, and the unique gifts you have to offer the world. The first step in this process of discovering who you are and what you want is learning to love and forgive yourself. You will live an empowered life when you step into your Divine Purpose.

Join Pat Hastings in a safe sacred environment for a powerful day of transformation and healing.

DATE: July 30, 2011

TIME: 12:30-5:00 p.m.

WHERE:  113 Wyndham Ave. Providence, RI

REGISTER: 401-521-6783

PRICE: $60



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That voice may be referred to as God, Intuition, Spirit, Higher Self, Soul, Higher Power or Universe. People often ask me, “How do you know it’s God giving you messages and not just your own voice?” The answer is: “I don’t always know.  It’s only afterwards when people tell me it was exactly what they needed to hear.”

Sometimes it’s scary, my heart pounds and I want to walk the other way when I receive a message for someone. I could be totally off base. I need to let go of my ego and not worry about what others will think of me. I’ve learned to let go of the outcome.

It’s about trusting God has a Divine Assignment if I’m willing to listen and follow through when I receive a message for someone. It often seems like it comes out of nowhere and just pops into my head. I feel a quickening in my spirit and then I listen and am still.

Listening and following through are key elements. Usually, when I don’t want to do it, it’s a signal that it’s from Spirit. Sometimes I know what I’m going to say and other times, I have no idea and the message comes when I open my mouth. I trust it will come and it always does.

I usually don’t question anymore when I hear the small still voice of God within.  It may not make sense to me, but I do it anyway and then watch the miracles unfold. The following story is one of them.

Mary lived a few blocks away, but I had never just walked to her house to say hello. While taking my walk this one day, I felt a strong pull from Spirit to go to her house.  I had no idea why I was being led there, but found myself taking a right turn into her neighborhood.  I felt disappointed when I arrived because her car wasn’t there.  Did I not hear you right God? I thought you were leading me. 

When I arrived home, I called Mary and left a message that I had visited her. Is there a message you want me to give her God? And the words came. “Believe in yourself, your gifts and trust your journey.”  I hung up not knowing if the words meant anything to her. I didn’t hear from Mary for several days and quickly placed it out of my mind.

Mary called when she returned home, all excited. “Pat, you are not going to believe it.  I really needed to hear your message the day you called.  The timing was divine. You had no idea that I was away for a few days at a “Journey” workshop. 

During the workshop, the leader suggested I take a break and go outside for a walk because of my feelings of frustration with the process. Others in the group seemed to be getting it, but nothing seemed to be happening with me.

I listened to my telephone messages when I returned to the group.  And there you were with your anointed words from God.  I screamed and immediately gave the phone to my friend to listen too.  After that, everything shifted for me. I felt God’s love and presence and knew I was exactly where I needed to be.”              

The more you step out in faith, trust and listen to that small still voice within, the more you make yourself available for Divine Assignments.

Ask Spirit to lead you; trust you will be led; and then step out in faith. Start out small and test the waters. Your words could transform and change another’s life dramatically. Like the time I was led to give a message of God’s love to a woman who was about to commit suicide. God’s words saved her life.

It’s a joy to know I’m making a difference in someone’s life and helping them on their journey to healing and wholeness. It really is fun. Try it you might like it! You can do the same because you have the same Power within you.

Addiction: Deficit of the Spirit

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Addiction is a family disease that affects the person abusing as well as family members. Often likened to having “a hole in the soul,” it is a spiritual deprivation that requires the development of an inner spirituality for full recovery.

Spirituality is a connectedness with self, others and a greater power, referred to sometimes as God, or higher power, Source or Universe. Spirituality may be practiced through organized religion or not.

Those who are addicted are disconnected from themselves, from others and from

their Source. They are lonely, scared and confused. Often their lives are out of control and they’ve lost family members, jobs or homes due to their addiction.

The stress of living with someone who is addicted can have numerous effects. Physical problems such as headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia, colitis or heart disease. Emotional problems include anger, irritability, loneliness, guilt, resentment and depression. A person may find themselves withdrawn, isolated, embarrassed, aggressive and controlling. Hopelessness and lack of faith may also befall a person living with an addict.

Spiritual coaching can help both the addict and those living with one. The goal is to support the movement from a place of dis-ease to a place of happiness and peace. All problems are spiritual problems in the sense that they arise when we feel disconnected from the Source of our being. Spiritual coaching supports a movement from an experience of disconnect to one of deep connection. The effects of coaching is to experience more peace and joy, a deepening of relationships, a stronger connection to God and others, finding true purpose and being present in a way that reflects inner love.

Pat Hastings is a licensed Chemical Dependency Professional with more than 20 years of experience. She is a spiritual coach, retreat and workshop leader and inspirational speaker. She is author of the book “Simply a Woman of Faith,” and the recently released CD: “How to Pray and Get Results: 10 Tips to Have Your Prayers Answered.” Contact her at  or call 401-521-6783.

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