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While vacationing with my son in Florida last week, I visited with my friend June. We had a lively conversation about spirituality, prayer, faith and forgiveness.  We wondered why some prayers are answered almost immediately and other times we have to wait for our prayers to be answered. Neither one of us had the answer. We both agreed it’s about trust and God’s perfect plan and timing.

She shared a powerful story with me that happened to her many years ago.  She remembers exactly where she stood in her dining room when she prayed to God.  “God, I need $5,000 and this is what I need it for. My 2 daughters need this money and I want to help them.”

That night, she went to her weekly bingo game.  When she arrived, she went to the rest room, only to find it was closed for repairs. Right next to the bingo hall was a casino. She decided to walk into the casino and find the restroom.  She was drawn to a dollar slot machine and decided to play $10.

“I was shocked when all the whistles and lights went off and I won $5,000. When I went to cash in for my money, the teller shared that what happened was very unusual.  The person right before me had just gotten up from that machine and had also won $5,000. She said that never happened before.”

I remember another time in my life that God provided.  I was down to my last dollar. I went to the mailbox and found an envelope with a $600 check in it from Walgreens. No letter or explanation –just the check. I thought it must be a mistake and called Walgreens to inquire about it.  They couldn’t explain what it was for, but it was legal. They thought perhaps it was a rebate for medications I had purchased over the year. I asked if that ever happened and they said no. The check was mine to spend. Of course, I thanked God for how he provided for me. We must be clear about what we want and ask for.  We must trust God will answer the prayer in the perfect and right time – and the perfect way!

June Barrow

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