The Power of Proactive Thanksgiving

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Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night and your mind was like a blender? That happened to me recently when I woke up at 4:30 a.m. and my mind wouldn’t shut off. This surprised me because I had been so peaceful about my move to Maui. I still hadn’t rented my condo yet nor did I have a place to stay in Hawaii and it was only a month away. I prayed and just kept repeating “I let go and let God” and focused on being grateful. I finally got back to sleep and when I woke up a few hours later, my peace had returned.

Let me share what has enfolded and the miracles that have happened. I met Carrie Ann a few weeks ago at Concordia Center for Spiritual Living when I participated in a ceremony called “Proactive Thanksgiving.”  We were invited to bring up to the altar a symbol of what we were visioning for ourselves.  “Proactive Thanksgiving” is thanking God for what you want before it happens, which to me, is faith. I shared I was being called to Hawaii for 6 months to teach, speak and write my new book, “I Know it’s Grace.” I said “I am thanking God for the right and perfect person to rent my condo and the right and perfect place to live in Hawaii.”

After the service, Carrie Ann walked up to me and inquired about my condo. She said, “I just moved here from California 6 weeks ago and am living with friends and starting a new job tomorrow. I’m not sure if I’m emotionally ready to leave my friends and if I can afford your place.”  I invited her to come to dinner to see my place and we both agreed to pray that it would be for the highest good for the both of us.

She came to dinner the next week and loved the place. I felt excited about the possibility of her moving in because I trusted her. My spirit knew that she was the woman that I had been praying for and that my home would be a sacred and holy place for her. She fit exactly what I had envisioned for the right and perfect person to rent my condo. I screamed with joy when she sent me an email saying “Yes, I want to rent your condo.” She was the only person who looked at my condo, but you only need one person to rent it!

On the same day I received the email from Carrie Ann saying she was renting my condo, I received a call from Pat inviting me to stay with her and her husband in the condo they had just rented in Maui. Let me explain: Pat is Ellen’s daughter, my “Earth Angel” who I stayed with in Hawaii for the month of September. Pat and her husband Bob just moved to Hawaii 3 weeks ago and were staying with Ellen until they found a place to rent. When Pat called she said, “We will be renting a condo in the same complex as mom and you are invited to share it with us and have your own bedroom and bath.” I knew this was a gift from God. The condo is beautiful and overlooks the ocean!

God is faithful and when we trust God’s plan, let go and let God and step out in faith, miracles happen. I can hardly believe that my condo was rented and I found a place to live in Hawaii on the very same day. Now that is GOD!!!!  If I hadn’t gone up to the altar that Sunday to share that I was leaving and thanking God for the perfect and right person to rent my condo and the perfect and right place to live in Maui, Carri Ann would not have known about it.  God’s timing is perfect and God has me covered!

My desire is to INSPIRE. Don’t wait another minute longer to follow your dream and step out in faith.God has you covered too!

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