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I appreciate how the Universe desires not only to support and love me, but to surprise and delight me. I’ve had several experiences this week that I would like to share with you. They may be small things, but I’m grateful because I know Spirit was behind the scenes protecting and providing for me.

Every day, I strive to live in gratitude because it’s my belief that what I focus on, expands and grows. If I focus on what’s missing in my life and what I don’t want, I get more of the same. It seems like when I complain and grumble, I may block my blessings.  If I focus on my blessings and what I have in my life, I open my heart to more love, miracles and abundance.

Rather than asking for what we want from God, Larry and I are practicing being grateful before something manifests. There is nothing wrong with asking for what we want, but we are trying this on and seeing how it feels.

For example, when we are looking for a parking spot, we say, “Thank you God for the perfect and right parking spot or thank you God for how everything is flowing with peace, ease and grace.”

I’m in the process of creating a workshop for women called “Awaken to Self-Love & Unleash your Potential.” I will be leading the workshop on Maui on March 16th at our home and again when I come to Rhode Island in July. More details to follow.

I presented this workshop a couple of months ago. It was very powerful and the women loved the workshop. I’m really excited about the workshop and have spent many hours putting it together.

I created a flyer that I really liked and wanted to put a border around it to make it look more professional. I tried everything on the computer, but couldn’t figure out how to do it, so I just gave up.

When I printed the flyer a few days later, guess what was around it? Yes, a lovely border! This has never happened before and I’m trusting that when I print more flyers, the border will show up miraculously again.

Another example of God showing up is when I sent a text of encouragement to a friend who has been ill and in pain for a long time. She was tired and wanted to give up and die. For some reason after I sent my text, I read it over again. There was a whole paragraph in the text that I didn’t write. It was perfect and exactly what she needed to hear.

I order from Amazon quite often because of the free shipping, prices and service. I received 2 emails this week that they had given me a refund on two of the products that I ordered. They said they weren’t delivered to me, but indeed, I did receive them.

I wanted to be honest and contacted Amazon to inform them that I did receive the 2 products and the refund back on my credit card. Joanne was quite pleasant and said, “I acknowledge your honesty and wish all of our customers were like you. We would like you to keep the refunds.” What a nice surprise that was.

Do you see how Spirit works in your life and do you give thanks? Perhaps it’s through synchronicities, meeting the right person at the right time or things just falling into place. The more we give thanks for our blessings, the more we will receive miracles and abundance. It’s just the way it is.

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