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I was dumbfounded when the first thing my 3-year-old grandson said on the phone was, “Why did you move away grandma?” I have no idea what I said.

Since the phone call, I have pondered this question for myself. I moved away:

  • To follow my heart and to do God’s will
  • To be an inspiration for others to follow their heart
  • To come home to myself and to the God within
  • To experience peace that passes all understanding
  • To know the truth of who I am. I am LOVE
  • To experience profound and true love with my husband
  • To heal and transform childhood trauma and abuse
  • To experience daily miracles and deeper forgiveness

Although my grandson could never understand this at his age, I’m living proof to my children and grandchildren that following your heart always brings you home to yourself and to the God within. Someday, they will remember that their grandmother had the courage, strength, and grace to live her dream and a life that was purposeful and fulfilling. There is not a better legacy that I could leave them.

As I think about all that has transpired these past 14 years since I wrote my first book, “Simply a Woman of Faith“, I am amazed and grateful at how far I have come. I remember a dream that I had while in the process of writing the book (which took me 7 years to write because I didn’t believe anyone would read it). I went to bed crying hysterically with fear about writing a book. I kept saying to God, “I can’t do it, I don’t know what I’m doing, you’ve chosen the wrong person.”  

I had a vivid dream that night that touched me deeply. I was walking up a staircase that was leading to heaven. When I reached the top, there was a beautiful star. I reached out my hand to touch the star and I became the star. An affirmation was born that I still repeat to myself. “I am a star that shines brightly to lead others to the God within.”

A couple of weeks ago, I met a mother and daughter while swimming at the Marriott pool. As we started to talk, Linda and Elizabeth shared they were together to grieve the death of their mother and grandmother a few months prior. It was so beautiful seeing them together and the love they had for one another.  

Elizabeth (the granddaughter) turned to me and said, “What is your story?” I love to share my story with whoever will listen. Of course, I started with how I moved to Maui by myself and knew that I would meet my soulmate. I also shared that we had just published our book, “It’s Never Too Late for Love.” They asked, “How can we get your books?” I met them the next day and they each bought a copy of both books.  

I received a text this week from Elizabeth. Here is what she wrote:

“I am currently on page 35 of your book “Simply a Woman of Faith” and I am just blown away by the work that God has done in your life. It’s incredible how God opens doors just when we think adversity has won. You have truly inspired me to listen more to God’s voice and lean more on Him rather than my own understanding, just as it says in proverbs. I am making more time now to read your book as part of my morning routine and I love how it makes me feel to make God a priority first thing in the morning. Your light shined when we met you and it continues to do so. Linda wants to order 6 books for her church group friends. May God continue to use you and bless you.”

I’m grateful and my heart sings that God has used me as His instrument to help and inspire others to go within and deepen their relationship to Spirit. I’m grateful I had the courage to face my fears and didn’t allow fear to rob me and keep me stuck.

“I am a star that shines brightly to lead others to the God within.”

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