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As I sat down to write my monthly message for the newsletter, the word TRUST screamed out to me.  I saw in my mind’s eyes TRUST  TRUST  TRUST written across the sky.  It seems like many of us are being called to trust at a very deep level.  At least I know I am. What does it mean to trust? For me, it means trusting that regardless of how things may look like on the outside, that I am safe and in God’s care.  It means trusting in a power greater than myself and believing that there is higher plan for my life which is good. I may not know what’s ahead, and that can make it difficult to let go and surrender control of how I think my life should look.

Are you doing the best you can? Are you showing up for life ready to share your gifts and talents? Maybe things are still not going the way you want them to go. It may be a marriage that isn’t working, lack of finances, a job that you hate, grieving the loss of a loved one or being unemployed.  It is only in these difficult times of darkness and not knowing what’s going on that we learn to trust and our faith muscles grow stronger.  We do not grow on the mountaintop. Mountain top experiences come from being in the darkness and not giving up. 

We often give up right before the miracle because of fear. We say we trust but when the s…. hits the fan we often go into fear mode, and it can happen almost automatically without consciously realizing it.   Fear can cripple you and make you want to give up and run away.  It is in precisely these times that you are given the opportunity to trust in a loving God for your strength and sustenance.  You learn that God is all there is and God can be trusted. 

What I know about God in my heart of hearts, from my own life experience,  is that God is faithful and can be trusted. Are you ready to trust God with your life and surrender to the love in your heart?   All you need to do is say YES.

Light and Love, Pat

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