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Do you ever feel crazy with people telling you what you should do in your life, whether it be how to find your soul mate, how to make 6 figures in your business or how to lose weight?  Just recently I listened to a Calling in the one soulmate seminar on the internet. One speaker said throw away your list of what you want in a mate and the next speaker said be very clear about what you want. One speaker said do the inner work and allow him to come to you, another said hire a dating coach and join  It certainly made me crazy and I felt overwhelmed at first.  Thankfully, I had done my inner work and knew what I needed to do for me.

I have come to the conclusion, neither answer is right nor wrong. It’s what’s right for me.  Instead of looking outside for someone to tell me what’s right or what to do with my life (and I did that most of my life) I have learned to go within and see what feels right for me. I ask myself the question – does it make me feel peaceful or stressful?  How do we discern what is right for ourselves?  Our feelings are not right or wrong and they are clues to what we need to do next. Our feelings are our gifts from God and come to give us messages.

You are invited to trust yourself and your intuition. I believe that your answers are within. If you have been looking outside for your answers, it takes practice and a conscious decision to go within. I teach  people the importance to spend time with themselves in quiet meditation and prayer.  By going within you get in touch with what you want and desire- and what you don’t want.

There are so many outside distractions and information coming in that it is easy to feel overwhelmed.  I am learning the importance of setting boundaries for myself so that I live in peace.  I am learning to say no when it doesn’t feel right.  It is my responsibility to keep myself in peace and to continually check in when I’m feeling overwhelmed, especially when I need to make a decision. If I am feeling pressured to make a decision or if I am asked to make a decision that I am not ready to make, I am learning to give myself the time I need to gain clarity and discern what is best for me.  I may even give myself the time not to decide, until it feels right.  In this space of quiet, I can go within and ask God for direction and guidance. When it feels right and there is peace in my heart, I trust myself and move forward.


  1. Wonderful and so power-FILLED! It is so important to remember who is in charge…who is leading the way. Trusting and believing in our God brings us to a deep clarity of who we are. Thank you for your wise wisdom, you are a beautiful and inspiring person. Love you.

    Comment by Linda Pestana — March 15, 2011 @ 2:22 pm

  2. A really blessing article.God bless you.

    Comment by lydia — March 30, 2011 @ 8:35 am

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