Vision is Having Faith in Your Dreams

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When I left Hawaii back in November 2011, my friend Ellen gave me a card that read “keep the vision of coming back.” I knew in my heart that I would be back, but I didn’t know how or when. I didn’t expect that I would be returning for a month in September of this year.

I’ve shared in my blogs that it was my dream to go to Hawaii for many years. My dream came true after I gave a presentation at a local church in RI. After the service, this lady by the name of Ellen approached me and told me how she was stepping out in faith and moving back to Hawaii. I told her about my dream to someday visit Hawaii. To my astonishment and delight, she invited me to stay with her- for as long as I wanted! Who could refuse an offer like that? I took her up on her offer and spent 2 weeks in Hawaii for Thanksgiving. Before I went, my prayer was to be open to receive more of God’s love.

Hawaii changed my life in many ways and I came back a different woman. As many have written, Hawaii is a magical, mystical place. I experienced God’s love in a deep profound way. It was like I drifted through the day feeling the peace and presence of God. I didn’t want to come home.

It took me awhile to come back to reality, if you will. Something inside had shifted. The “doer” in me was giving way to a new place of “being” and my capacity to receive was opening more and more. I didn’t feel the need to push and make things happen as I did most of my life. It was somewhat uncomfortable at first, but I liked the peace I experienced when I allowed myself to receive the good that I was attracting into my life.

I feel so blessed that I have been invited back to “house sit” when my friend Ellen goes out of the country. What I am learning is that when you believe and expect the best, you will receive the good that is rightfully yours as a child of God. Everything you do and experience in life is due to your conscious and subconscious thinking. Think good and good follows. Have faith in your dreams. Never give up, the miracle may be right around the corner. I kept the vison of returning to Hawaii and am counting the days until I set foot on the beautiful shores of Hawaii. I am wondering what God has in store for me this time.

What is your dream? Are you expecting the best to come? As Ellen said to me, “keep the vision of coming back.”

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