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Saskia Roell is the Author of A Suitcase Full of Faith. A few months ago, she contacted Book Coach, List Tener. During their conversation, Lisa was led to tell her about me and my book, Simply a Woman of Faith. Lisa encouraged Saskia to call and connect me with me.

Saskia called me and we spoke for over an hour. There was an immediate connection and it felt like we were kindred spirits. We laughed and called ourselves “The Faith Ladies.” We both knew in our hearts that we were meant to do some work together. The morning after we spoke, I had the image of a fire and it was like God was saying that when the two of us came together – our combined energy would ignite and spread like fire. We both agreed to pray and see what unfolded.

After reading Saskia’s book (which I couldn’t put down) I invited Saskia to come on my radio show, “Finding The God of Your Understanding.” Saskia was thinking about starting her own radio show and I encouraged her to follow through. She started her radio show called “Your Soul Guidance” a couple of weeks ago.

Just recently, I did a special radio show to interview the upcoming guests for “What Women Really Want” series held at Water Street Cafe in Fall River and Saskia was one of the women I interviewed. I mentioned on my show that I had been selected to be a speaker on The Holistic Cruise to the Caribbean in January 2012. The next day Saskia called me and said, “I want to be with you and be a speaker on the cruise.” I immediately called my contact Lois and asked if they had completed the selection process for the speakers. She said, “No, but we plan on completing it in 2 days.” She agreed to speak with Saskia on the phone.

Saskia called Lois and the rest is history. While she waited to hear if she was accepted, Saskia and I prayed and visualized her being a speaker on the cruise and the both of us sitting on our balcony having a glass of white wine.

I truly believe God brings people together for a reason and when we trust and pray, miracles happen. We are all connected. Thank you Lisa for connecting us. I don’t know what God has in mind for the both of us, but I do know it will unfold in the perfect and right timing. And it all starts with the Caribbean Cruise to the Mayan Country. Let the fun begin.

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