We make plans and God laughs

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Have you ever heard this? We make plans and God laughs!!! Today is my birthday and I had a peaceful morning meditating, sitting outside on my swing, enjoying the sunshine, breeze, and ocean. I received many texts and calls from family and friends that delighted my heart. Larry sang happy birthday to me and we enjoyed banana bread with candles on our lanai.

We were looking forward to going to our favorite restaurant upcountry and enjoying chicken parmesan and the most delicious chocolate cake ever.

Right before we were ready to leave it started pouring rain. I put my raincoat on with my beautiful lei that a neighbor gave me for my birthday and off we went. We were only a couple of blocks away from our home when the windshield wiper on the driver’s side flew off into the road. We looked at one another and Larry said, “We cannot get on the highway with no windshield.”  I knew he was right and we turned around to go back home.

I was disappointed, but immediately accepted “what is.” I believe things happen for a reason and for our highest good. If we had gotten on the highway only a few blocks away, it would have been impossible to see the road with the pouring rain. A closed door is often for our protection. It would have been easy to complain, feel angry, and sorry for myself. I chose not to do that, but to go with the flow.

I came home and began to write this blog. Up until this moment, I wasn’t sure what Spirit wanted me to share. I wrote in my journal this morning. “Thank you for the gift of peace. Nothing can compare to this peace in my soul. Nothing anyone does or doesn’t do can rob me of this peace-unless I ALLOW it.”

I have come to a place within my soul where I KNOW it is my relationship with God, Love, Source, Spirit that is what’s important and what is real and true. My inner life is what is important as I go within for all of my answers, rather than looking outside for someone to tell me what to do or not to do.

During my prayer time this morning, I thought about how many years I gave my power away and suffered terribly because I looked outside of myself to get what I thought I needed to make me feel loved. If I had only known what I know today!

For many years before becoming conscious, my addiction was rushing and staying busy. I didn’t want to feel my feelings and go inside. I liked having long lists and crossing it off when it was completed. There was a sense of accomplishment and achievement. If I wasn’t busy and doing, I often felt guilty that I wasn’t doing enough and making a difference in the world.

Here is the message I received from Spirit:

“Release the past, it’s over. Come into the present moment where there is LOVE and LIGHT. Let there be no judgement, shame, or blame as you did the best you could and there is no right or wrong. Celebrate who and where you are today and how you have grown and transformed. You have been on the path for many years and have let go of old beliefs of not being good enough and separate from Source.”

Today, I LOVE and cherish being quiet and doing NO THING. Rather than being driven and motivated by egoic thinking of accomplishing, achieving, planning, competing, comparing, I am living a soul directed life where there is acceptance, presence, allowing, purpose, peace, pleasure, play, surrender, flow, joy and love.

I choose not to direct my life, but instead allow life to lead me. I choose love instead of fear. How about you? What are you choosing today?

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