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When Larry asked me to marry him 8 weeks ago, he quietly whispered to me, “We don’t have to do it right away.” Doesn’t he know who he is dealing with? After waiting for him to pop the question for almost 3 years of our relationship, I was ready and willing and didn’t want to wait. I have to admit waiting is not my strongest asset! We don’t like stress in our lives and we made an intention that everything would flow with peace, ease and grace. And it has so far! Everything is almost done and it is only February.

I am very happy to say that we are getting married on May 13, 2017. I wanted to be married in May because the month of May has been a very powerful spiritual month for me for many years. May is the month of Mary, the divine feminine. I didn’t know it at the time but May 13th is the 100th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima’s appearance to the children and it is also Mother’s Day weekend.

We are getting married in a beautiful little Hawaiian church called Keawala’a Congregational Church. It was founded in 1832 and it overlooks the ocean. The pink and white Pulmeria trees that surround the church will be in full bloom to grace the beginning of our life as a married couple. We met with the minister for 2 ½ hours and shared many personal things about our lives and story of how we met. It will be interesting what he shares on the day of our wedding. I have a feeling we may get a few chuckles from the congregation.

When I shared with my daughter, Mary, how excited I was about getting married on Mother’s Day weekend, she said, “I want to come and I will bring Herbie if I can get a cheap flight, we will come.” She immediately opened her computer and, of course, found a great price for the both of them. She booked the flight right then. Can you imagine my joy that my daughter will be walking me down the aisle (tears in my eyes now) and, Herbie, my grandson will be the ring bearer. God is good.

Larry and I are going to Rhode Island to celebrate our marriage with our family and friends on the East Coast in July. It is an expensive and long trip for our families to come here so we will go there. My son, Tim, will officiate a special service at Mary and Glen’s farm as we renew our vows with our family and friends. Mary wants to have a square dance band because she knows how much we love to dance.

Since I don’t have any family members here to help with the wedding plans, my girlfriends have stepped up to the plate and offered all kinds of support and help. Believe me, I am taking them up on their offers. My plan is to make the flower arrangements for the reception to be held at the Dunes Golf Course after the ceremony. Several of my friends are creative and offered to help with the flowers both making them and delivering them on the day of the wedding.

I was surprised when my girlfriend, Kat, asked me, “Would you like a bridal shower? It’s been 50 years since my first marriage so I hadn’t even thought about a shower. At first I said, “No, I don’t want a shower.” She told me her idea and then said, “Think about it, you are getting married… in love…for the rest of your life here on earth. Your journey, your womanhood has brought you to this place in time. It might be an extraordinary sacred ceremony to surround yourself with loving Goddess love and energy. The women you love know much about love, perhaps it would bless you to let us encircle you with wisdom, prayer and love as you prepare to enter into and publicly declare your marriage with your beloved Larry. We could each bring you a pearl (symbol of the Maui sea) of prayer – each prayer linked and knotted to the next leaving your enriched with an exquisite strand of spiritual pearls. Of course, after that explanation I happily said, “Yes, I would love to have a celebration like this.”

If you are inspired to send a prayer to me for our marriage, I would be delighted to receive it and will not read it until the shower when I read the others. My address is 621 Laniolu Pl. Kihei. Hi 96753. The shower is April 7th.

Here is the song Larry and I chose to dance to for our first dance as a married couple:

When You Tell Me That You Love Me – Albert Hammond/John Bettis sung by Uluewhi Guerrero

I want to call the stars down from the sky. I want to live a day that never dies. I want to change the world only for you. All the impossible, I want to do. I want to hold you close under the sun. I want to kiss your smile and feel the pain. I know what’s beautiful, looking at you. In a world of lies, you are the truth.

Chorus: And my love, every time you touch me I become a hero. I will make you safe, no matter where you are. And bring you everything you ask for, nothing is above me. I am shining like a candle in the dark when you tell me that you love me.

I want to make you see just what I was, show you the loneliness and what it does You walked into my life to stop my tears. Everything is easy now, I have you near. In a world without you, I will always hunger. All I need is your love to make me stronger.

I don’t think either one of us will make it through in one piece. But it will be beautiful as we waltz around the floor together.

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