What are you choosing: Love or fear

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My friend, Sandy, and I met at the beach this week. One of the first things she said was, “I read your blog last week.” I said, “Yes, what about it?” She said, “It’s hard to believe what you experienced with your mother and came out the way you have.” I smiled and said, “Yes, and more than that, I’m THRIVING and not just surviving.”

Despite all of the turmoil and stress that is going on in the world, today my life is filled with love, peace, light, gratitude, kindness, joy, relaxation, and enjoyment. I have chosen to “rise above” the battleground and trust in the divine presence within.

Instead of always DOING, I am learning to BE. I listen to my body and don’t push myself or stay busy to avoid unresolved feelings from my childhood. Busyness was my addiction. The busier I was, the better I felt about myself and more successful. I looked good on the outside, but inside I struggled with not feeling good enough and comparing myself to others.  

To THRIVE, I did shadow work, deep inner child work of releasing all the beliefs that didn’t serve my highest good. I recognized the egoic voice that always tried to rob me of my peace. The ego is the part of us that tries to control everything so that we feel safe. The ego makes us feel separate from each other and God. When we see others as different from ourselves, it creates an illusion of separation, creating a sense of lack and scarcity. It leads to competition rather than cooperation; it leads to judgment rather than acceptance; it leads to fear rather than love; it leads to hate rather than forgiveness.

Growing up my father’s favorite saying was, “FIND YOURSELF.” Although it was important to him, I don’t think he had any idea what it meant and neither did I. Unfortunately, he was lost in his alcoholism and died before finding himself.

FINDING MYSELF means finding the God/Love/Source within and knowing I am ONE with God and ONE with my brothers and sisters. My journey has been about finding myself, knowing myself, and BEING myself.  

KNOWING MYSELF means knowing what I want and don’t want. It’s knowing what brings me peace and happiness. It’s knowing my strengths and weaknesses. It’s knowing what motivates me and brings me joy. It’s knowing I am love and a divine spark in the world.  It’s knowing my purpose to keep my vibration high in love and gratitude and shine my light into the world. When I’m not in alignment with my true self, I suffer. I feel disconnected and as if something is missing.

BEING MYSELF means that I stand in my own truth and follow my heart. It means being authentic, vulnerable, and honest. When I follow my heart, things begin to align and come together. I find my true self and start to live from that place.

One of my greatest joys (other than spending time with family and friends) is walking the ocean path every morning and greeting people as they pass by. I feel my LIGHT shining as I smile and look in their eyes and say, “Good morning.” As I shine my light, I invite others to shine their light. People feel the energy of Maui which I believe is LOVE.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is to TRUST and SURRENDER to God’s will. I am learning to go “within” for all of my answers, rather than looking outside for someone to tell me what to do or how to live my life. Trusting Spirit means letting go of control and how I think things should go or not go.

I remember that everything is already planned in the mind of God. I relax and let go of fear because I know God has my back. When I feel afraid about something in the future, instead of staying in fear, I CHOOSE LOVE. The truth is there is only this present moment, there is no past or future.

Worrying is an illusion and a waste of precious time and energy. It takes more life force energy to stay in the vibration of worry/fear (low vibe) than it does to believe in the power of possibility and miracles (high vibe). Worrying doesn’t change anything, but trusting in God changes EVERYTHING.

What are you choosing today? Love or fear. It’s your choice. If not NOW, when?

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