What does it mean to be a QUEEN?

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I’m grateful for how Spirit guides me and gives me what I need every day, every moment of my life when I am willing to be QUIET and listen. I have been reflecting on what it means to be a QUEEN, especially after the man asked me, “Are you a QUEEN?” last week on my walk.

Our culture rejects our majesty and sovereignty. The truth is our sovereignty comes from no longer looking outside ourselves for validation, praise, and affirmation. I spent many years looking outside of myself to be loved and to fill the HOLE in my soul, while all along everything I needed was INSIDE of me. With the grace of God, I have moved from feeling like a victim to being co-creator of my life.

In essence, a Queen authors her own life and inspires others to do the same. A Queen owns her story but doesn’t wallow in it, but is transformed by it. A Queen is dedicated to transforming and healing her wounds and trauma. A Queen serves by showing others how to find the light and love in themselves.

Do you believe you are a QUEEN and a powerful being that can create anything you desire? I haven’t always felt or acted like a QUEEN, but I practiced “acting as if” I were a QUEEN by standing tall in my own truth as a spiritual being.

A couple of days after the above incident, a friend sent me a card and a crown for St. Patrick’s Day that said, “Wear your crown as you sit on your throne.”

The next day, I was sharing with a friend on the phone (who I had just reconnected with after 10 years) about the comment the man made about me being a QUEEN. I asked her, “What does it mean for you to be a QUEEN?” I had forgotten that my friend, Amy, wrote a book called, “SAY YES TO YOUR MAJESTY” and it had been collecting dust on my bookshelf for the past 10 years.

I immediately sat down and read the book in one sitting. She writes, “Every woman, no matter who you are or the circumstances you were born into, has a beautiful majestic QUEEN inside of you, who is longing to reign in your life. All of you have this greatness within you and it is part of your life’s purpose to say YES TO YOUR MAJESTY and be the QUEEN you were born to be. You were born into a time and place that needs your power and your light.”

As a QUEEN, I’m NOT responsible for changing the world, my family, or my friends.

·        I’m responsible for changing myself and knowing the truth of who I am as a child of the DIVINE, worthy and deserving of love.

·        I’m responsible to REMEMBER that I have everything I need inside of me: love, peace, joy, abundance, and happiness.

·        I’m responsible for my ongoing relationship with Spirit/God/Goddess.

·        I’m responsible for my peace by living in the present moment and letting go of the past and the future.

·        I’m responsible to send peace and love out to the world.

·        I’m responsible to stand in my POWER within and to use it wisely.

·        I’m responsible to live my life fearlessly and turn my dreams into reality.

·        I’m responsible to focus on what’s working, rather than what’s missing.

·        I’m responsible to “show up” and learn my lessons with acceptance.

·        I’m responsible to become the QUEEN and author of my own life.

·        I’m responsible to know my strengths & weaknesses, as well as my shadow.

·        I’m responsible to set boundaries and communicate what I need.

·        I’m responsible for loving myself and knowing I am LOVE and LIGHT.

·        I’m responsible for what I’m attracting into my life.

I am Embracing, Reclaiming, and Celebrating the DIVINE QUEEN I am

I am:

Trusting, Surrendered, Gentle, Relaxed, Grateful, Graceful, Positive, Humble, Generous, Honest, Accepting, Authentic, Courageous, Appreciative, Free, Flowing, Fulfilled, Passionate, Cherished, Blessed, Prosperous, Happy, Contented, Present, Intuitive, Beautiful, Hopeful, Detached, Faithful, Loving, Limitless, Brilliant, Aligned, Powerful, Heart-centered, Magnificent, Aware, Wise, Worthy, Deserving, Forgiving, Giving, and Aware of the beauty in nature, myself and others.

Will you join me and BE the QUEEN of your own life?  Will you sit on your throne and know that no matter what you’re going through, or where you’re going, you are and always have been the QUEEN of your own life?

It’s time to say YES to your life, to your Majesty, and to being a QUEEN to all of the possibilities that lie ahead. It is time to listen to your heart, to your soul, step into your QUEENDOM, and be the QUEEN you were born to be.

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