Whose voice do you listen to?

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Whose voice do you listen to? The voice of Spirit or your ego voice? Do you know the difference? For many years, I didn’t know it was my ego that was running the show behind the scenes.

When I’m listening to my ego voice, I feel like a victim and am focused on what’s missing, rather than what I have in my life. I’m judgmental, fearful, guilty, stuck, discouraged, shameful, and don’t feel good enough.

When I’m listening to Spirit, I feel peaceful, love, expansion, and joyful. My ego voice was working hard to rob me of my peace with fear, doubt, and shame this week.

We received the galley of our book and it will be going to the printers this week. We both fell in love with the cover and I couldn’t stop looking at it. When I held the book in my hands for the first time, it was surreal. I could feel the energy of love emanating from the pages. Our baby is finally being birthed. I felt excited and on top of the world. I joked and said to Larry, “I better be aware because the ego will probably “act up” and try to rob me of my peace.”

I felt peaceful because I had surrendered the book to God and was detached from the outcome, or so I thought! Whenever we are bringing our authentic gifts into the world, the ego can become vicious.

Sure enough, a few days later (out of nowhere) I experienced a “fear attack” that felt very real. All of the “what if’s” screamed in my head: “What if people don’t like the book? What if it doesn’t sell? What if people are disappointed? Maybe we shouldn’t order 100 books.” And so on.

I allowed myself to feel the fear, shame and doubts.  I wrote a gratitude list, prayed, and asked God for help. This is what the voice of Spirit said:

  • Your light has never been brighter. The world needs to hear your story.
  • Your book will touch many hearts to awaken them to the power of Love.
  • Do not be afraid as you are divinely guided and protected.
  • Everything has already been planned in the mind of God.
  • No need to worry about anything. Relax and enjoy the process.
  • I chose you and Larry to write the book to inspire and give people hope.

Listening to the voice of Spirit feels so much better.  As I look back over the years, I see my growth. It only took a few hours for me to see the truth and the lies of the ego.  I didn’t know it was my ego that caused me to drop out of college for a year because of fear that I couldn’t write a 20-page paper or to stop writing Simply a Woman of Faith for a year because I was full of fear.

Spirit is giving me the opportunity to trust and surrender daily and to always choose Love. I’m back on the path as I was guided to course correct and recalibrate through gratitude and asking for help. 

We are excited that our book has been sent to the printers and the launch day on Amazon to purchase the book will be next week. Details to follow in next week’s blog.  Several of you have requested an autographed copy. Please respond to this email with your address.

Thank you in advance for helping us spread the word about our book. We so appreciate your love and support.

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