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Simply a Woman of FaithIf you’ve been struggling to figure out the meaning of it all, dealing with relationship, financial or health issues, then you know what it’s like to carry burdens that sometimes seem too heavy.

Even if things are going well on the surface, maybe there’s an underlying need for more. More guidance to a truer path, more divine wisdom in your daily life, more of a sense of inner peace and harmony in the little things that happen to you moment by moment.

It’s important for you as a woman to know that there is a plan, that the things you do are leading you toward something bigger, something beyond the here and now. There are forces at work that transcend words, actions and emotions. It’s these divine influences that, regardless of denomination, can be an instrument of real change in your life.

That’s the message found in Simply a Woman of Faith.

The book follows the personal story of the author, Spiritual Coach Pat Hastings, as she continues to seek to live the life she imagines, fulfilling her dreams and following God’s Divine Plan. While she is escorted through a journey to find meaning and peace, she faces near bankruptcy, the loss of her home and business and at one very critical point, the near loss of her faith in God. Yet, she manages to overcome her fears and doubts by putting her trust in God and His ability to provide her with signs to guide her. Through her writing, she helps the reader find meaning in everyday life through prayer, dreams and angelic forces.

Simply a Woman of Faith should be on every woman’s nightstand as a reminder that there is something bigger at work. It’s a practical guide with step by step suggestions and even spaces right in the book for spiritual reflection and journal-writing. You’ll find it hard to put this book down, but will be eager to pick it up again and again as you start to recognize serendipitous moments in your day to day activities. You’ll begin to look at things differently, finding meaning in things that seemed just matter-of-fact before.

When you begin to take the advice and heed the wisdom in the pages of Simply a Woman of Faith, you’ll start to feel lighter, as if a weight starts to lift from your shoulders. This is the weight of the material world being carried for you by God, as you put more trust in His ability to step in and guide you like never before.

Official Apex Reviews Rating:*****

Throughout the course of our lives, we are destined to encounter various challenges that darken our days and threaten to disrupt our peace of mind. No matter what adversity may come, though, it’s important to remember that a benign spiritual force is always at work behind the scenes, orchestrating every step of our lives in an effort to help us fulfill our true divine purpose.

Such is the central message of  memoir by author Pat Hastings. Rife with invaluable life lessons, Hastings’ inspiring new offering takes the reader on a compelling journey through the grievous lows and joyful highs of her eventful sojourn, through life, highlighting the myriad difficulties that she’s faced along the way. Despite having suffered a series of grueling losses, Hastings never abandoned her faith – and the richly rewarding life she now lives is a direct result of her unyielding determination. As such, her powerful life story serves as an uplifting guide for anyone currently struggling to hold out the hope that things will eventually get better; if nothing, else, Hastings is a shining example of the blessings that await us all if we simply learn to persevere through the darkest of times. A highly recommended read.

Read this book and discover how to:

  • Connect with the Divine
  • Transform your fears, and live in Divine-spiritual power
  • Hear God communicate with you
  • Learn to listen for God’s small, still voice within
  • Strengthen your faith in God
  • Let go of problems and place them in God’s loving hands
  • Trust the unfolding of a Divine Plan
  • Build a relationship with God through prayer and meditation
  • Recognize and be open to GODincidences in your life

Can one book really do all this? Just read these inspirational testimonials:

“I can honestly say that your book is unlike anything I have ever read. All your experiences give me hope. I started reading the book soon after I bought it and had great difficulty setting it down. I just wanted to keep reading and reading. I truly felt like God was sitting beside me, like a trusted friend encouraging me to keep going. In fact, God could have been talking to me, rather than Pat, in many instances as the story continued to unfold.” – Jane

“I can’t believe how much this book speaks directly to my heart. I have been using it as part of my own prayer time and the simple honesty of God’s love pours out of every page. Pat’s book has miraculously appeared in my life as a reminder and an inspiration to reconnect with the spiritual help that has always been there.” – Linda

“Pat’s book is a remarkable and inspiring journey that takes the reader into the joy and the mystery of synchronicity. I would recommend this book for anyone exploring their spirituality and their limitless potential for divine guidance.” –Rockele Lerner

“This book made a profound impact on my life. Anyone searching for proof that God loves us – and that God is truly in the details – will find inspiration, laughter, love and hope in this beautiful book.” – Lisa

“Pat beautifully lets us walk with her, feeling God’s presence every step of the way. This book is a great reminder that if we simplify our busy lives, we too can turn His messages into great actions.” – Donna

“Pat’s spirituality is such that she lives under the veil of unconditional trust. Her book is a testimony of that faith and trust. With the turn of each page, the miracles in her life unfold.” – Joanne

“Your book is an anchor to me right now. I keep it with me and when I am anxious or sad, I reread a chapter. God places various people in our lives at various times of life, and I believe HE placed you in my life and the life of everyone I give your book to for a special purpose.” – Gayle

“Simply a Woman of Faith is Pat’s story of personal growth, and as you read you’ll become more aware of yourself as you draw parallels of your own experiences.  There will be “a-ha” moments, tears of laughter and tears of joy as you start to realize the amazing power of the divine.” Mary

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Simply A Woman of Faith

Pat’s book, Simply A Woman of Faith, is available for only $16.45 (incl. S&H).
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