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Now the Divine Inspiration You’ve Been Seeking can be Experienced on a CD

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 Introducing Simply a Woman of Faith:  How to Pray and Get Results

10 Secrets To Having Your Prayers Answered and Getting The Results You Want.

This Powerful CD Will Unlock The Mystery In 10 Easy Steps and Increase Your Power To Easily Manifest What You Ask For

If you’ve ever prayed and perhaps didn’t get the answer you were expecting, or if you’re not sure how to pray, then this is a CD that you should definitely have handy.

  • In your car
  • In your clock radio
  • In your kitchen
  • In your living room
  • In your office
Wherever you have a CD player or computer with a disc player, you can get inspiration.Hearing Pat’s voice, inflections and heartfelt authenticity will touch your soul in a new way. You’ll be pulled in by the textures of the messages on this disc, and spiritually renewed with each listen, as you are bound to pick up a new way of thinking about your life, because every time you open your ears, you’ll open your heart.

This CD is the perfect companion to the Simply a Woman of Faith book because it’s not just the author reading the book. Pat is actually giving you much more here.

It’s actually new material being presented as a complement to the amazing discoveries you’ll make in the book. It gives you practical ways to incorporate the book’s lessons into your everyday life.

“I recently met Pat at a workshop she presented to the staff at the VA hospital in NH. I really needed to hear what she had to say and knew that I was meant to be there. I bought her book, Simply a Woman of Faith and her CD How to pray and Get Resutls: 10 Tip To Have Your Prayers Answered. The CD is incredible. I have listened to it at least 10 times and every time I listen, I hear something new that applies to my life. I especially relate to the tip on forgiving ourselves. For much of my life, I have beaten up on myself for past mistakes and not living my God given potential. The CD is directing me in so many ways and I will continue to listen and apply the tips to my life.” Diane P. McConnon“Each morning I listen to the gentle and inspiring words from Pat Hastings tape….SAWOF – 10 tips to have your prayers answered! Her soothing message and reflective tone brings calm and peace to my heart and soul. It invites me to daily gently visit my sacred place within and to partner the beginning of my day with God. Each time I listen to Pat’s words my heart feels renewed and refreshed. Awesome, powerful..check it out, it will change your life! I know…because I have been changed.” Linda Pestana

“I have listened to Pat’s CD repeatedly for the past year and purchased a copy for many of my friends. Listening to her soothing voice and message has helped me to focus and feel peace in my heart. Every time I listen to it, I hear something new that I can apply to my life. Her message is motivating, empowering and sincere, thank you to Pat for sharing the gift of her great insight and heart.” Gail Alofsin

Start your day off with a fresh perspective, put a new positive outlook on a day that’s not going so well, or end the day with a spiritual energy that will help you to sleep with peace of mind and sustenance, knowing that whatever may be troubling you, the answers are only a prayer away.

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