You Are Loved

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I sat down and cried when I opened the card and read the words, “You are Loved.”  Pat had no idea that the words in a song saved my life several years ago at a very dark time in my life.  I had reached my bottom and was ready to give up. Those three words, ‘You are Loved” touched me deeply and my spiritual journey of healing began.

It’s been a wonderful healing journey as I slowly found  myself, my gifts and the God Power within. The love of God never ceases to amaze me and it continues to get better as I open myself to everyday miracles and God’s guidance.

The same day I received Pat’s card, I started my day by reading God’s message, “Always there for you.” I know very deeply God is always there for me by the miracles that happen in my life. Iam learning to let miracles find me.

Let me tell you my story and what happened the rest of the day. Several years ago, I tried to remortgage my home, but was denied by the banks because of bad credit.  Last year, out of the clear blue, I received a letter in the mail from Wells Fargo bank offering me a lower mortgage rate. I applied and was accepted.  Although it was a much better rate than I had, the only drawback was that it was an adjustable mortgage rate.  Last week, I received a call from Well Fargo bank stating I was eligible for a 4.75% mortgage rate for a 30 year mortgage and it was a fixed rate. I couldn’t believe my ears when I sat down with the agent and he told me that I would not only have a fixed rate, but I would save $400 a month.

I felt so blessed and loved that God brought this to me.  I wouldn’t have known this was possible if they hadn’t contacted me and offered me the deal. I left the bank flying high and feeling totally loved by God.  And then to come home and find the card in the mailbox from Pat with the words, “You are loved.”  I want to shout it from the rooftop, especially to those suffering or not feeling God’s love at this moment.  “You are Loved, God is always there for you, just believe.”

– Mary DiSano

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