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This summer has been a significant one for me. I have been brought together with several new people who have enriched my life on many levels. Pat is one of those people.

I went to a conference and saw Pat’s name listed as a speaker on the pamphlet. I recognized her book “Simply a Woman of Faith” as one that I had read and enjoyed. I walked over and introduced myself. We chatted awhile then she gave me her business card.

The following week I was taking a walk on my lunch hour and called Pat to say hello. When she answered we laughed because she was just leaving the house to go walking herself. As if that wasn’t enough of a coincidence, we discovered that she lived just a few blocks away.

In the meantime, I had been trying to find an internship for a certificate program I was taking at Harvard University.  I couldn’t seem to find a company that I felt was the perfect match for me. I had finally turned it over to God, trusting that He would find me the ideal company.

Pat walked into my office one day and I told her about the internship. I knew it was no coincidence when Pat told me she was praying for an intern and knew someone would show up.

The creative ideas just fly when Pat and I talk about growing “Simply a Woman of Faith.” Pat is a great person to be around because she is so deeply grounded in her faith and prayer life. She lives what she teaches. She is truly a woman in touch with her God Power.

I have recently reread “Simply a Woman of Faith” and it has come alive for me even more, now that I know Pat personally.

In a short span of time, Pat has become a colleague, spiritual guide and most importantly my friend. I have no doubt that our meeting was a divine appointment.

– Sandra Bisceglio

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